• I love finding things I’ve never seen before, like this set of 1983 NFL Sticker Trading Wallets, decked out with the “A” or “N” conference logo.This will be a two-day raffle. To enter, send an email to the raffle address by 8pm Eastern tomorrow, May 12. I’ll announce the three winners on Wednesday, and then those three winners will have to claim their prizes on Sunday or next Monday. If they snooze, they lose! O Centro de Saúde da Comunidade (Cecom) da Unicamp está lançando a série de vídeos Cuidando da saúde na quarentena. São dicas práticas de como manter hábitos saudáveis em época de.. Hockey News: Flyers G Neil Little’s mask was stolen between Games Three and Four of the 1997 Stanley Cup Finals. For practice before Game Four, he borrowed a mask from Red Wings G Chris Osgood, a good friend of his. “The idea that opposing goalies during the Cup Final would borrow gear is incredible almost unthinkable, even among backup goaltenders,” says John Muir. … A Canadian infectious disease specialist says that if the NHL resumes play during the pandemic, all players should wear full face shields and fighting should be banned, among several other recommendations. Don Cherry could not be reached for comment (from Wade Heidt). … Also from Wade: Here are some of the names that have been suggested for the NWHL’s new Toronto expansion team. … The New England Senior Hockey League is shutting down after 40 years (from @nhjuangator).• Just hypothetically, wouldn’t it be fun if this Bratwurst shirt actually existed? You know, just theoretically? If you agree, let me know.

Uni-span trusts its employees who have the capacity, commitment, passion and versatility Uni-span's integrity is apparent in our dedication to safety, the environment, in the quality we deliver and in our.. NFL News: Rams WR Cooper Kupp will change his number from No. 18 to No. 10, the number he wore during his college career at Eastern Washington (from @fv_rob). … The Titans were originally supposed to be called the Pioneers. But when the name leaked, then-owner Bud Adams scrapped the idea (from Kary Klismet). … On Monday night, the NFL Network rebroadcast the 1994 Week 1 game between the Dolphins and Patriots. Pats WR Michael Timpson’s jersey had his Flying Elvis logo facing the wrong direction on his left sleeve. … In the 1968 AFL Championship Game between the Jets and the Raiders, Raiders RB/TE Billy Cannon had a “bonus” Raiders logo on his helmet! (From our own Scott M.X. Turner.) … The Eagles had some font-inconsistency issues in 1973. … Also in 1973, the Rams changed their unis. The team was offered two different shades of royal blue for their helmets, with one of them being identical to the Broncos. The team decided the Broncos’ royal was too light, so they went with the dark royal instead. Here are the blues side to side.

Sign in to see reasons why you may or may not like this based on your games, friends, and curators you follow. • Wouldn’t it be fun, just hypothetically, if this Bratwurst T-shirt actually existed? You know, just theoretically? If you agree, let me know.

O que é uni: Termo de composição que exprime a ideia de um, único e entra na formação de muitas Uni é um Verbo, pretérito perfeito do indicativo 1a pessoa singular de unir; Uni é um Verbo.. Discover why 33,192 students from more than 30 countries around the world choose UNITEN - Universiti Tenaga Nasional UNI-1 BOOTH: A120. UNI-1 BOOTH: B220. Integer entum, leo can laci ullam, dolor libero euis arcu vel mollis mi libero eu quam

https://uni.su/api/?url=ссылка&password=пароль Hockey News: In this picture from 1979-80, Jets goalie Gary Smith is wearing a mask/helmet combo, but his helmet is both red and blue instead of the solid blue that was worn with the team’s away uniforms (from Wade Heidt).

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UniCredit - European financial leading Group in banking services with thousands of branches distributed in 17 countries and 50 markets De Rijksuniversiteit Groningen is een internationale universiteit met hoog aangeschreven onderwijs en onderzoek. Op vrijwel ieder vakgebied zijn er opleidingen voor bachelor-, master-, en PhD studenten

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It’s a whole new ball(game): Yahoo Sports broke the news yesterday that Spalding will soon stop making the NBA’s official basketball. Beginning with the 2021-22 season, the contract will revert to Wilson (which had previously made the NBA ball for several decades before Spalding got the contract in 1983).Similarly, the blue jersey has a modified horn treatment on the shoulders (ironically, it looks more like St. Louis’s Gateway Arch than a horn, because it doesn’t do the full wraparound) while the dishwater jersey has a weird little sunburst stripe snaking its way through the number — here’s a closer look at that:

• Speaking of bumper stickers, this 1976 Seahawks bumper sticker was brought your way by KIRO Newsradio 71.(As an aside: Lots and lots of people yesterday — including some in the Uni Watch comments section — responded to these patches by saying, “These are obviously placeholders for the inevitable addition of ad patches!” That is almost certainly not the case. I’ll have more to say about it in the next section of today’s post. For now, let’s keep looking at the Rams’ new uni set.)

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• If they’re claiming that the color is based on a ram’s horn, why aren’t the horns on the helmet rendered in that color? Why isn’t the horn on the logo rendered in that color? Makes no sense.The second thing was that it almost seemed like the sales reps were using similar talking points to pitch their wares. I don’t remember the exact phrasing, but the sentiment was something along the lines of, “This is a new and exciting way to be part of every [TEAM NAME HERE] game for at least the next few years,” while suggesting that we could be something like “advertising pioneers.” They also pointed out that category advertising exclusivity on the league level didn’t apply to the individual teams’ abilities to make deals with companies offering competing products/services, implying this was also a great way to clap back at our competition. (As I’ve learned over the years, that is true in all four leagues, albeit with some caveats attached.)

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Uni - A unisex pronoun for God, Our Creator or Supreme being. Replacement for gender He/She pronouns; supports the ideology that God has both a female and a male side unified as one Benvenuti in Uni.C.A. - UniCredit Cassa Assistenza. In questo sito, pubblico, ma dedicato in particolare agli iscritti all'Associazione, potrai trovare tutte le informazioni relative ad Uni.C.A., la..

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• I’ve also been told that there is no designated home or road look, and that any of those basic combos could conceivably be worn at home. k-uni gilt heute als anerkannter Partner der europäischen WDVS Systemhersteller. k-uni verfügt über das gesamte spezifische Know-How und bildet die Wertschöpfungskette komplett im eigenen Haus ab The dishwater jerseys have TV numbers and the blue ones don’t — bizarre! Again, it’s like they couldn’t decide which dessert to order, so they went ahead and ordered both.

Tattoos that simulate embroidered texture are not new — they’ve been around for at least a year or two (and I suspect a lot longer than that). But I only learned about them when Uni Watch reader Patrick Bourque recently told me about them. I was instantly hooked by the faux-texture effect: La Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, especializada en ingeniería y arquitectura de Nicaragua.. Our company frequently gets sponsorship solicitations from pro teams and college athletics departments. Some of them are absurd (Sponsor the tailgate section of our parking lot! Sponsor our concession stands!), and some of them are much more reasonable. We’ve partaken of a few of these opportunities over the years, including being a radio advertising partner, having in-stadium signage, and having one of our brands be the presenting sponsor of a now-defunct sports league. Studienführer, Studentenjobs, Unijobs, Termine, News, Ratgeber und vieles mehr, findest du auf UNI.at, dem Serviceportal für Studierende in Österreich • What’s the over/under on how many “boner” jokes there will be when the Rams wear this color?

Uni Watch Hit Parade: My friend Todd-O-Phonic Todd played a new tune on his WFMU radio show last Saturday. The tune was “Sacre Bleu” by a punk/glam band I’d never heard of called Wyldlife, and it completely blew me away. So I tracked down Wyldlife’s album, Year of the Snake, and discovered that most of it is pretty meh. But “Sacre Bleu” is still a massive, addictive tune. — to hear it, skip ahead to track No. 7 on the player embedded above. Magnifique!• On the field, this color will have the same visual effect as the Seahawks’ grey alternates: It’ll look like unwashed laundry. Uni-Shop. Services. Web-Optimierung. Uni unterstützt Klinikum Onlineabfrage für Corona-Tests & Visiere. Raus aus der sozialen Isolation Buddy-Programm jetzt online We begin Collector’s Corner’s second decade with Great Moments in Cubs Baseball, a 1971 album of the team’s greatest hits from the 1930s up to the 1970s, narrated by WGN announcer Jack Brickhouse. As the album jacket says, it’s like “having a box seat to over 40 years of Cubs history!” This is a custom recording by “Major Official Productions,” by the way.Baseball News: MLB players have approved the use of a DH for all games this season (assuming there is a season). Paul Panganiban points out that this means we won’t be seeing pitchers wearing jackets on the basepaths in 2020 (or maybe ever). … Let’s hear it for the MLB Draft, which finally fixed the apostrophe catastrophe in its logo! Hey, Orioles: If the draft can do it, so can you! … A Cardinals blogger has sleuthed out that Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby, who supposedly never wore a number as a Cardinal, actually wore No. 6 (from Perry Sailor).

Visit UNI virtually. UNI bands together in wake of COVID-19. UNI's virtual campus tour. Experience campus, even if you can't join us in person ITEM! Another Purp Walk raffle: Earlier this week I raffled off three memberships for people who can redeem them this coming Sunday or Monday — that’s Purple Amnesty Day and Purple Amnesty Day (Observed) — for purple-inclusive membership cards. Today, thanks to a generous contribution from longtime reader Judy Adams, we have two more purple cards to raffle.NBA News: Last Friday we Ticker-linked to a bunch of NBA-themed logos for Australian Football League teams. Now the same designer who produced those logos has come up with basketball uniform concepts for those same NBA/AFL team combos (from Kary Klismet).

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  1. (General American, Received Pronunciation) IPA(key): /ˈjuː.niː/. uni (plural unis). (colloquial, chiefly Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada) University. I'm going to uni after I leave school. Turn left when you reach the uni
  2. Grab Bag: Designer Jay Miller has remade 60 sports logos to reflect the wild times we’re living in. … A couple of notes from Kary Klismet: Southern University has new esports uniforms, and Proviso East High School in Illinois is getting new marching band uniforms.
  3. Soccer News: Here’s the fan vote winner for Scottish side Dumbarton’s new shirt (from Ed Zelaski). … Today is the 40th anniversary of the wearing of one of England’s most famous shirts (from our own Jamie Rathjen). … New kits for Dutch side AZ Alkmaar (from Josh Hinton). … For the latest in kit news from around the world, be sure to follow Josh’s Twitter feed.
  4. • Take a look at the artwork on this 1970 Mets baseball card game from Ed-U-Cards. “Try to beat the Mets!” “All the thrills of a real baseball game!”

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College Football News: Past is prologue: Here’s a great shot of fans wearing masks at a Georgia Tech game during the 1918 flu pandemic (from Michael Rich). … Here’s an infographic that breaks down Arizona State’s helmet, jersey, and pants colors since 2011 (graphic by @JediASU, sent my way by @_mikeylikes_). • • Impressum. Contact. • uni-assist Website. • Application One more fascinating point, at least to me, was the randomness of the teams that reached out to us. We’re headquartered in the Southeast; the four teams we heard from are in the West, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast. They’re also not from particularly big markets, so maybe their sales teams were forced to cast a wider net for potential corporate sponsors. The team from the Midwest was the one that sent the life-sized player cutout. It was pretty absurd, and it had to have been fairly pricey to send. Waste of postage, really.

unicc,uniccshop,uniccshop.bazar,unicc.cm,uniccshop.mn,uni-cc.biz,unicc review,unicc real domain,how to activate unicc account,how to buy cc from unicc,unicc free account,unicc support,unicc cm review.. Uni Air Estude ainda este semestre na melhor universidade de São Paulo | Mais de 80 cursos de graduação presencial e EAD. Vestibular e ENEM. Inscreva-se hoje Soccer News: You may remember that when the NWSL announced a Louisville expansion team last year they trademarked the name “Proof Louisville,” which is or was a fairly nonsensical idea that was apparently confirmed to be the team’s name, only for “Racing Louisville” to now be trademarked instead. “Racing” or “Racing Club” does have a history as a team name prefix in several countries, including France, Spain, and Argentina. … Both tiers of South Korea’s K League, which were supposed to start in February, did start this weekend without fans and featured messages written in the stands and instances of recorded crowd noise. … Scottish League Two team Elgin City became the latest to turn their pitch into a thank-you note to the National Health Service. … Arsenal managed to wear a specific gold shirt as second choice in 2001-02 and third choice the next season that featured two different ads and two different crests, as well as no defeats in the 12 times it was worn.

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  1. Basketball News: Longtime reader Jeff Ash was going through some old stuff and found some 1980s ticket stub for a Harlem Globetrotters game at the Mecca in Milwaukee. The ticket was patterned after the arena’s famous court design. Have any other fields, courts, or playing surfaces served as the basis for a ticket design?
  2. Membership update: I have to say, I really love that new MLS font — looks great on a membership card, as seen on Ryan Gray’s new Philadelphia Union treatment. Ryan’s card is part of a new batch that has been added to the membership card gallery (which now has over 2,700 designs!).
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I think the reason so many people tried to connect the dots between the Rams’ patches and uniform ads is that these new Rams patches already look like uniform ads — and I agree, they do! But that’s not the same as them being part of some secret plot — they aren’t.It even works well for team logos that wouldn’t normally appear in an embroidered context, as seen in these Cowboys and Golden Knights tats: New address, same Unity3d. Unity real-time development platform. Create 3D, 2D VR & AR visualizations for Games, Auto, Transportation, Film, Animation, Architecture, Engineering & more Kölner Universitätsmagazin. Neue ProfessorInnen. Uni auf einen Blick. Pressemeldungen. 11.05.2020 Pflege in Zeiten von Corona: Kölner Institut für Pflegewissenschaften entwickelt Leitlinie

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On the other hand, tattoos tend to lose their fine detail over time — and the finer the detail, the faster it tends to be lost — so I wonder how much of that faux-embroidered texture endures over time. Anyone know more about how these tats hold up? UNI-Thread 8/0 72 denier Royal Blue. 8/0 UNI-Thread is the favorite fine fly-tying thread of fly -tiers all over the world. Noted for being exceedingly strong for its diameter LAST CALL for the Purp Walk raffle: In case you missed it yesterday, reader Matthew (who prefers that his surname not be used) has generously donated three memberships for me to raffle off, but with one caveat — the three winners must choose purple-inclusive membership cards as their prizes, and that means they must order them during this year’s 48-hour window. (As I mentioned earlier, since Purple Amnesty Day’s usual date — May 17 — falls on a Sunday this year, we will also have Purple Amnesty Day (Observed) on the Monday the 18th, and I will accept purple card orders on both days.)Hockey News: The Avalanche may wear Quebec Nordiques throwbacks for some games in 2020-21 (from Phil). … The Bad Beaches, an all-female hockey team from Detroit, take their team name pretty seriously. They play in bikini-themed jerseys (from Michael Blake Raymer). … Hockey blog Bar Down is calling on these seven retro NHL sweaters to make a comeback as alternates (from Wade Heidt). … The Topeka Pilots of the NAHL will begin playing in Kansas City and rebrand as the Scouts — just like the NHL team that played there in the ’70s (also from Wade Heidt). … In a related item, the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights are moving to Connecticut and will become the Danbury Jr. Hat Tricks (from Steve Forni). … The Caps are running a bracket on social media to determine the team’s best all-time jersey (from Jamie Rathjen). … The AHL has cancelled the remainder of its season. Bei Fragen und Anregungen wenden Sie sich an campussupport@uni-goettingen.de oder persönlich an die Chipkartenstelle im ZHG

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  1. Soccer News: Watford is changing outfitters, moving from Adidas to Kelme. “Provided the Hornets can avoid relegation, this will be the first Premier League side Kelme has outfitted,” says Josh Hinton. … Do you want to vote on the greatest soccer shirt of all time? Sure you do (from Rob Matuga). … The NWSL’s Portland Thorns will release their new shirts next Wednesday. “But they’ve already leaked, and the graphics used here line up with the leak,” notes our own Jamie Rathjen.
  2. From a visual standpoint, I really miss the curlicue. But as you can see, one advantage of not having the curlicue is that the tip of the horn doesn’t get tangled up in the mask and/or chinstrap sockets. Depending on the helmet model, the Rams sometimes had to cut the tip of the horn into a separate piece. That won’t be a problem with the new horn design, so let’s give them some points for form following function.
  3. o — are dead. Little Richard’s passing leaves Jerry Lee Lewis, who’s now 84, as the last man standing.
  4. Uni or UNI may refer to: Uni, a commonly used abbreviation for university. Uni Records, a division of MCA, formally called Universal City Records. U.N.I., a song by Ed Sheeran from + (Plus)
  5. Перевод слова uni, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания
  6. Is it basically okay? Yeah. But is it as good as the previous version? I’d say no. I like the shell color but I think the horn is a downgrade — not because of the segmentation (which I don’t love but can live with) but because it doesn’t have the curlicue at the end. Here’s a side-by-side comparison:
  7. Big thanks to Judy for sponsoring this one. We’ll have another Purp Walk raffle — but not for membership cards — tomorrow.

• More great artwork on this World Series Souvenir Ticket from 1968, between the Cards and the Tigers. Just the fun. Catch Dodge Fever!• Speaking of which, that same checkout code will get you a 15% discount on anything and everything in the Uni Watch Shop and the Naming Wrongs Shop. • One more for the Cubbies: this great-looking set of Cubs ceramic coasters depicting 1960s game programs. Buy them individually or as a set. Absolutely love that kinda art.And of course the visual effect works just as well on non-sports logos, or just to simulate the look of a cloth patch, as you can see in the following examples:

Update: The Rams have now officially released their new uniforms, and it turns out that the leak was accurate: В профиле UNI.T 유니티 в Instagram 249 фото и видео Uni definition, university. See more. uni-. a combining form occurring in loanwords from Latin (universe), used, with the meaning one, in the formation of compound words (unicycle) People on Twitter (and Reddit, and elsewhere) make all sorts of uni-related claims, of course. I didn’t pay much mind to this one.Today is the last day to enter this raffle. To enter, send an email to the raffle address by 8pm Eastern tonight. I’ll announce the three winners tomorrow, and then those three winners will have to claim their prizes on Sunday or next Monday. If they snooze, they lose!

Richard’s music, like that of those other seminal rock and rollers I just mentioned, was a fusion of white and black, urban and rural, secular and sacred. But unlike those other artists, Richard added another element to the mix: He was highly gender-fluid at a time when that was difficult and even dangerous, especially for a black man from Georgia. He variously described himself as gay, bi, and “omnisexual” (but also married a woman and had other female partners), wore lots of lipstick, eyeliner, and pancake makeup (and, later in his life, wigs), was gaudily effeminate even while belting out songs about heterosexual lust (“Good golly Miss Molly / Sure likes to ball”), and famously said that if Elvis was the king of rock and roll, he himself was the queen. His first hit, 1955’s “Tutti Frutti,” was originally a throwaway novelty song about anal sex that he played for laughs on the club circuit before an enterprising producer saw its commercial potential and commissioned “safe” lyrics for it. In short, he prefigured the notion of the performative gay male diva decades before that became a cliché. (There’s more info on all of this, and a lot more, in this outstanding obituary.)’Skins Watch: Two items from Kary Klismet: A student at Sanborn Regional High School in New Hampshire has gathered over 400 signatures on a petition to change the school’s “Indians” team name, and a columnist for The Middletown Press in Connecticut has challenged his newspaper’s parent company to stop using the Native-themed names of local high school teams.Hockey News: A Twitter user has noted that the Flyers use two different primary logos: One for media and one for their sweaters (from Scott Ledered). … New mask for Canucks G Jacob Markstrom (from Wade Heidt). … Flyers G Ron Hextall was wearing a Canadiens base-layer shirt during the 1987 Canada Cup (from Bryan Palmer). … A YouTuber tried to find the ugliest jersey for each NHL team (from Scott Whitt). Grab Bag: The New Zealand Warriors of Australia’s National Rugby League are staying in quarantine in Tamworth, New South Wales, while preparing for the NRL’s resumption May 28 and in recognition added Tamworth’s postcode, 2340, to their shirts. … Missouri’s Monett High School is deciding on a new logo (from Kary Klismet). … Under Armour, which has been experiencing financial difficulties in recent years but was hoping to turn things around, had a brutal first quarter (from Tommy Turner).

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Again with the split personality. The blue jersey just has the team name while the dishwater jersey has the team and city names. Even stranger, the patch on the blue jersey is blue, so it matches the background color, but the patch on the dishwater jersey is white, so it sticks out like a sore thumb, as you can see more clearly here: Cursos de Graduação, Pós Graduação, Mestrado, Doutorado para você se destacar no mercado! Estude na melhor opção de Universidade de Belo Horizonte Now we get to the really weird stuff. Most NFL teams try to have fairly consistent design themes running through their uniform set, but this Rams set has a split personality, with certain elements appearing on the blue uniforms and others on the dishwater uniforms. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s definitely an uncommon thing. Let’s start with…Membership update: In 2016, Uni Watch reader Clark Ruhland designed this Virginia Tech NASCAR car for the Wood Brothers racing team. He recently asked for a membership card based on that design — turned out great!Good morning! Greetings from Uni Watch HQ, where all three inhabitants continue to be healthy, safe, and mostly sane (although one inhabitant still has the annoying habit of howling at 4:15am). Hope everything’s okay in your household as well.

Aktuelle Informationen zum Coronavirus (Uni Wien). DIGITALES PRÜFEN für LEHRENDE - NEU! - Allgemeine Informationen - Schriftliche Prüfungen in Moodle - Mündliche Prüfungen in Moodle Define uni. uni synonyms, uni pronunciation, uni translation, English dictionary definition of uni. one, single Examples of words with the root uni-: unicycle, unique, unit n informal short for university

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No plans for any other mixing and matching of the jerseys and pants. Also, as you can see in that graphic, they will apparently be adding a new uniform in 2021, and another in 2022. Il 12 maggio si celebra ovunque nel mondo la Giornata Internazionale dell'Infermiere e mai come quest'anno l'iniziativa assume un carattere particolare che unisce tutta Modena e/o Reggio Emilia Just give me all your money already: In case you missed it earlier this week, all colors of Uni Watch seam rippers are now back in stock (although green is already going fast). They’re available here. Redirect to uni-hohenheim.de Последние твиты от ultrAslan UNI (@ultrAslanUNI). Gençliğiz, geleceğiz, Galatasaray'ın olduğu her yerdeyiz! #KampüslerinTekEfendisi #ultrAslanUNI iletisim@ultraslanuni.com

On some level, faux-embroidery tats make a certain kind of sense, at least to me: Embroidery is done with a needle; tattooing is done with a needle. Most of us have had stitches at one time or another. And from Frankenstein to Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs, sewn skin has had a transgressive presence in our popular culture, so why not?Meanwhile, here’s a thought: Although embroidery is still the most common choice for uniform patches, we’ve also seen an increasing number of patches rendered in plastic. Would anyone want a tattoo of that? If so, could it even be effectively rendered? I corsi di laurea 2020-2021 all'Università di Padova. Sono in pubblicazione gli avvisi di ammissione ai corsi di laurea, che contengono tutte le informazioni più utili: numero di posti disponibili, scadenze e.. I asked the team for more information on this and was told that they used an application called Framis, which creates reflection and pop in the numbers (and also on the pant striping). I’d never heard of Framis before, so I googled it and found myself at the Framis website, which says, “Framis Italia is the market leader in polyurethane heat-bonding applications for the clothing industry.” You can get a better sense of what that entails here. Definitely new to me, and presumably an NFL uniform first. I asked the Rams if they had any photos or video showing how this reflective effect would look under the lights at a night game but was told that no visuals of that sort are yet available.

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UNI 精選. 特別優惠. UNI 服務. 在這裡尋找需要的服務 I never saw Little Richard, although I had plenty of opportunities — he was still touring and performing when I moved to New York in 1987. But by that time he had settled into the role of being a professional celebrity and hadn’t recorded anything of consequence in decades (somewhat incredibly, almost all of his important work came from a two-year period — 1955 through 1957 — although he continued to record up through 1992). I sensed that he’d essentially become a self-parody onstage and thought I’d be disappointed to see him so far past his prime. Some friends, including longtime Uni Watch reader Jeff Ash, have since told me they saw him during this period and that he still delivered the goods, while others have basically confirmed my suspicions, so it may have been more a matter of perspective or expectations.

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uni-potsdam.de. Sie verwenden einen veralteten Browser mit Sicherheitsschwachstellen und können die Funktionen dieser Webseite nicht nutzen. Hier erfahren Sie, wie einfach Sie Ihren Browser.. Good morning! I had a post all ready to go for today, but then I woke up and discovered that an apparent Rams leak began circulating overnight, so we’re going to talk about that instead.• If you have a very large or very small head, we still have Uni Watch caps available in sizes 7 and 7-7-8. All other sizes and adjustables are currently sold out, although I’m told that our factory will be opening soon-ish, so we may be restocked by mid-June.So: Could these be legit? Sure. Could they be the work of a Photoshopper looking to kill some time while under pandemic lockdown? Also sure. We don’t yet know enough to be certain either way, but I expect we’ll be learning more soon. UNI-Prep Institute - A pioneer in TESOL, Business & Management online certification courses. Fully accredited, and internationally recognized. Join our network today

Login • Here’s a set of 1990s NFL bumper stickers with three college ones tossed in. This is one of those cases where they use the same template over and over for different teams.(As an aside to this aside, there’s also been a lot of chatter this week about how leagues can get themselves up and running again and make up for lost revenue by adopting uniform ad programs like the NBA’s. That too does not hold up well to scrutiny. I’ll have more to say about that tomorrow.)

This will be a one-day raffle. To enter, send an email to the raffle address. One entry per person. I’ll announce the two winners tomorrow. Those winners will only be able to redeem their prizes by ordering purple membership cards this Sunday or Monday. If you snooze, you lose! Manche Kurse finden Sie aber auch auf dieser Instanz (moodle.uni-mainz.de) - Informationen zu Ihren Lehrveranstaltungen erhalten Sie von Ihren Lehrenden über Jogustine und per E-Mail Al via il progetto UNI.T.I. - UNIversità Toscane per l'Infanzia. 04 Maggio 2020

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College and High School Football News: Check out this Wisconsin prototype helmet from 1990— the same year the Badgers adopted the Action W. Coach Barry Alvarez ultimately determined the design “too Pac-10” for Wisconsin. … A TCU blog is taking votes on Twitter to determine the school’s best uniform — it’s down to the finals, 2011 Rose Bowl vs. 2014 Peach Bowl (from Clint Foster). … Fisher High School in Illinois won a bracket-style tournament on Twitter for the best football helmets in the state.I’ve already seen the uniforms and I will say this:– Gradient Numbers (home jersey only)– Bone color away jerseys– The horns remain on the helmet, but a modernized version (like you see it on the new logo)– I think it looks really cool imo• After all the talk about how they held up the release of these uniforms to coincide with opening of the new stadium, I’m surprised there isn’t an inaugural-season patch or decal. Toute l'actualité sur le sujet Royaume-Uni. Consultez l'ensemble des articles, reportages, directs, photos et vidéos de la rubrique Royaume-Uni publiés le jeudi 7 mai 2020

• Although a ram’s horn has bone at the core, the exterior — the part that we see, and the part whose color the Rams are supposedly matching — is not bone. It’s actually keratin, which is the same stuff human fingernails and toenails are made of. So this “bone” color name is not only silly, but the stated rationale for it is inaccurate.We had some cursory calls with the teams — due diligence, if you will — but nothing ever came from it. The cost was high — $10 million-plus. As a point of comparison, a few teams and organizations approached us over the years with sports venue naming rights opportunities, which would have cost less per year than the NBA ad patches. (We passed on those, too. It’s not the type of thing that’s really in our corporate DNA.)


Basketball News: Early logo creep: Here’s a 1984 shot of then-Maryland coach Lefty Driesell with a Nike logo embroidered onto his jacket (from Josh Kail). … Bulls SG Denzel Valentine wears No. 45 because his father wore it at Michigan State, but it has extra significance in Chicago for being Michael Jordan’s “other number” worn in 1995 (from our own Brinke Guthrie). … Staying with the Bulls, Mike Chamernik tells us that the book Blood on the Horns, about the team’s 1997-98 season, includes a quotation on the back cover about the design of the team’s logo.1. Plenty of NFL teams have put a team logo or wordmark in that same exact spot in recent years, including the Steelers (who’ve had it there since 1997), Seahawks (since 2012), Jaguars (since 2013), and Jets (1998-2018), plus that’s also the spot where the Chiefs wear their Lamar Hunt perma-memorial (since 2007). In all of those cases, the logo or wordmark or patch hasn’t been a “placeholder” for anything — it’s just been a team logo or wordmark or patch. Now the Rams have put a team wordmark in that same spot — big deal. There’s zero evidence to think it indicates anything more than what it is, which is a team wordmark. >Vos commentaires sur le site. >Nous sommes très intéressés à recevoir des commentaires qui peuvent nous aider à améliorer ce site Web. Merci de prendre un moment pour nous dire ce que vous.. Grab Bag: The Bristol Bears of Premiership Rugby released a video with their new kit manufacturer, Umbro (from German Cabrejo). … A sportswriter in Iowa made a bracket of all the defunct Iowa high school mascots (from Aaron Telecky). … … New logo for the city of Fayetteville, Ga. (from Timmy Donahue). … Also from Timmy: The police department in Delano, Calif., debuted new badges and patches that honor past officers. … The remaining items in this section are from Kary Klismet: Here’s how some mascots are dealing with the pandemic. … Businesses have started ordering branded masks and face shields with their company logos on them for their employees to wear as they start returning to work from the coronavirus lockdown. … Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Kansas State’s “digital brand.” … New logo for Central Baptist College athletics.We already knew the shades of blue and yellow that the Rams would be using (those were revealed back in March). What we didn’t know was that their white uniform would actually be off-white. They’re calling this new color bone, and the “storytelling” rationale for it is that it’s supposedly the same color as a ram’s horn.


• Don’t forget that we also have beautiful chain-stitched patches, pennants, and stickers and magnets.Due to the state of the world, the latter phases of Mary’s studies have often been bittersweet at best. So I wasn’t sure what sort of mood she’d be in and was happily surprised when she pulled out a bottle of champagne for us to share on the porch. We toasted her new status as a Master, did the raisin trick, said hi to Judy the wiener dog as she walked by, marveled at how red the cardinal in a nearby tree was, and then ordered a pizza. A good day.


webredaktion@uni-due.de UNI.T Members Profile 2018: UNI.T Facts UNI.T (유니티) is a 9-member South Korean girl group under The Unit Culture Industry Company. The group currently consists of Woohee, Jiwon, Yoonjo, ZN..

Baseball and Softball News: The CPBL — that’s the top pro league in Taiwan — will celebrate International Nurses Day tomorrow by using a commemorative baseball for its games (from Jeremy Brahm). … Illinois’s student newspaper has been ranking the combos worn by each of the school’s teams in their last completed season. Here are the results for softball, which are from the 2019 season (from Kary Klismet).Obviously, we’re going to need a new name for this color going forward, because there’s no way I’m going to write “bone” over and over again. Since we’re talking about L.A., I was thinking maybe we should call it smog. But then I saw in yesterday’s comments that Uni Watch reader/commenter Justin Hicks was referring to it as “dishwater,” which sounds about right. Dishwater it is! Willkommen bei CommuniGate Pro, dem Kommunikationsserver von uni-bonn.de

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Soccer News: Scottish club Celtic FC among the teams asking fans to pick their favorite uniform on social media (from Ed Żelaski). … Speaking of kit brackets, Devin Mathias is holding a tournament for USMNT.I don’t remember every detail of the conversations, but there are a few things that have stayed with me over the years. The first was the similar way all four teams came to reach out to us. We do a good amount of national advertising among our six key nameplates, and one of the brands in particular is pretty heavily invested in NBA programming on ESPN/ABC and TNT. So when I asked the teams about why they chose to approach us, the the answer was the same each time: “We saw your ads during the national NBA games and thought it might be worth reaching out to you.”

Uni Mail / Bibliothèque Uni Mail, entrée Pont d'Arve, salle M2220 (étage supérieur). Séminaire 11.05.2020 15:15 - 16:15. Mean-Field Quantum Spin Glasses(Simone Warzel, TU Munich) • A couple of CFL items from reader Will Scheibler — a Montreal Alouettes rain poncho and a postcard that shows their jersey history. Mit Familie an der Uni. Verwaltung von A bis Z You can use this widget-maker to generate a bit of HTML that can be embedded in your website to easily allow customers to purchase this game on Steam.

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• Supplies of the Uni Watch Pin Club’s design for May are dwindling, but you can still get yours here. It’s a super-cool auto racing design created by me and the great Todd Radom, produced in a limited/numbered edition of 250, and you can save 15% by using the checkout code COMMUNITY.I like team logos, I like texture (or at least the appearance of texture), and I like tattoos. So it makes sense that I’d love embroidery tattoos, an interesting sub-niche that I just found out about. La UNI tiene un compromiso con el desarrollo de nuestro país, primero con sus jóvenes y con su comunidad y luego con proyectos creativos e innovadores para la sociedad College Hoops News: Florida has repainted its basketball floor, which it just renamed in honor of former coach Billy Donovan back in February, to make Donovan’s signature larger and put it at center court (from Kary Klismet).Meanwhile, the proportions of the TV numbers bear no resemblance to the front and back numbers. It all feels like something created in an web-based team-builder app.

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UNI contro la diffusione del Coronavirus - Aggiornamento. Il Governo italiano ha emesso nuove e stringenti misure di contenimento del contagio da coronavirus, su tutto il territorio nazionale.. • A team spokesperson tells me that the only uni combos in the mix for now are mono-blue, blue over yellow, and mono-dishwater, the latter of which can be paired with either matching socks or blue socks:Who is that masked man? A few people have asked me to make and sell Uni Watch masks, and I’ve respectfully declined because I have too many projects going on as it is. So Uni Watch reader Bob Andrews decided to take matters into his own hands — tremendous! Uni- definition, a combining form occurring in loanwords from Latin (universe), used, with the meaning one, in the formation of compound words (unicycle). See more Okay, so the blue ones have a gradation, the other two don’t, the stripe widths feel inconsistent — whatever. The pants seem mainly like an afterthought here, which is probably for the best. Also, remember that the pant stripes are supposed to be reflective, so they’ll probably look different on the field than they do here.

For reasons that aren’t clear (at least to me), the Red Sox logo appears to be particularly popular for this type of treatment, with lots of distinct versions floating around out there:Richard was clearly a complicated cat. Aside from the sex/gender issues, he continually flip-flopped back and forth between rock and roll and gospel, and between his famous life of hedonism (he routinely hosted orgies after his live shows) and various attempts at being a preacher. Like a lot of black artists from his era, he was ripped off by unscrupulous white label owners and never stopped being bitter about it. Amidst all that bitterness and the obvious push/pull of the various conflicting influences inside of him, I hope he had some fun along the way, because he and his artistry sure provided a lot of fun for me and countless others. R.I.P.Just like the CEO whose story I shared on Friday, this exec is very into uniforms and a longtime Uni Watch reader. I asked if we could publish his story here on the site and he agreed, as long as I didn’t identify him or his company. So here’s our latest peek behind the curtain of the NBA’s uni advertising program.From Proto-Finnic *uni, from Proto-Finno-Permic *une, cognate to Finnish uni, Votic uni, Ludian uńi, and Erzya он (on, “dream”).

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