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  1. The Man Who Loved the Sea. Jacques Cousteau was born in France in 1910. Although he was sickly as a child, he learned to swim at an early age and developed a love for the ocean
  2. o Magazine back in 2009 and failed, miserably. Then I had to remember that my space had different light, texture and layouts– all things that make it impossible to ever really replicate the same feel from a picture (which is almost always photo corrected and brightened)
  3. White walls and contemporary furniture give this living room a clean and classic feel. Natural elements, by way of driftwood and greenery, bring the outdoors in
  4. g to replicate another home they saw online.

I believe that what you choose to put in your home is more important than wall color. Artwork, textiles, ceramics can add just as much life as colored walls do. I think it’s an interesting subject and I have nothing but respect for Grace, but to me this article almost feels a bit cynical — especially showing pictures of previous home tours as examples. What is it about white men that Asian girls are so drawn to over men of their own ethnicity? There are few interracial relationships more ubiquitous than the white guy/Asian girl couple, which is seen most..

The White Edit. How to wear our favourite shade. Share your style using #MyWhiteCo and we'll regram our favourites Your reply made me smile because I definitely consider myself “older” these days! We have an old house that we’ve been working on for sixteen years now – and that will make you “old” really quickly! And you’re probably right – we might not be as quick or connected to get photos out to share.Where once I sought to regain order and purpose (the appeal of minimalism to me) I instead feel the effects of lost history and misdirection. In my frustration, I am off-put by the emphasis on ‘serene’ sanctuary. Not calming: serene. The ones with spa design and meditative touches.

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15. When Harry stares at Louis and his tight white shirt on stage. 46. And every other time because they are clearly in love While their husbands are at work, bored suburban housewives hang out at the Pink Swan bar, trolling for local studs, while their teen daughters smoke pot at pool parties. I think they are moving on from all-white interiors. But, this doesn’t make “design blogs” any the less “white” (by which I mean upper-class and Euro-centric). The ones I’ve stopped following gleefully ignore the aesthetics of any other group–and while Design*Sponge is the rare blog which features the best design and best art regardless of socio-economic-ethnic origin, I really don’t think this will change overall until others begin to assert their own aesthetics as something other than “ethnic” or “quaint” or “dated.” I love this post. Very thoughtful! I also think that often the design of a space is largely dictated by the space itself. My husband and I lived in a 600sq/ft, factory conversion loft with 14ft ceilings, a wall of windows and polished concrete floors. It was begging for us to keep it minimal. We don’t generally like clutter so in a small space it made sense to stay with a minimal design. We kept some personality with objects we chose to display and casually leaning artwork but for the most part we stayed neutral and it was our little sanctuary. Now we are renovating a house that was built in the 30’s and we are embracing a more classic/traditional design approach just to honor the house and its old school charm (it came with a clawfoot tub). There will always be big opinions about design of all kinds and I like the “live and let live” approach…to each their own I say…but I think you know in your heart what feels authentic in your private space and if you can honor that for yourself and your family, then you’ve done your job.My husband is an architect and when we first set up house,35 years ago, it was all white walls, simple furniture and then Persian rugs as we could afford them. Then came some black leather Kohl chairs, casts- offs from his office remodeling, now worth thousands, so says the internet. It happened without much discussion but at some point I realized I was never going to have chintz . Architects had and I guess still do a huge ego investment in how their houses look.They insist on white walls because they show art work better and if that art work is the architect’s own… well, you see how it all happens. Good thing I like it!

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The discussion about polychromy and primitivism is well debunked. Ornament & Crime by Loos is still a provocative essay.I live in a European country where renting rather than home-owning is the norm and landlords in most cases require walls be painted white for the next tenant upon end of the lease. White walls are the norm and very rarely somebody will put forth the money and effort to wallpaper a rented apartment, so the most you will see is an “accent wall” (quite overplayed and cliché by now) or wall tattoos (YIKES). So the white wall controversy is quite amusing to me… for a long time I’ve enjoyed this particular aesthetic (houseplants, ethnic prints and colorful art), as it provides an attractive and attainable alternative for making use of white walls to the regular IKEA furnished student apartments seen on this side of the pond. If it gets too old and overplayed something else will replace it here, but the white walls certainly won’t go away!that said, we do have a family room/den which we’ve painted dark blue! the room has a ton of natural light, & it makes it so cozy at night. also, the furniture in there is more neutral (a light gray sectional), so it really works. Parents Style. Wedding Guest Attire. Bridal Fashion Week. Zac Posen and White One Are Launching A Bridal Collection Perfect For the Millennial Bride

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Girls love dirty blondes with flowing long hair, but that doesn't mean you have to grow your hair out. Ash blonde offers a nice mix between white and blonde hair. Striking and super modern, ash blonde.. Oh, I know. I was agreeing with YOU and your refutal. I apologize if it came off as though I was implying you made that claim. I was simply sharing my own defense of white walls and this latest trend. LOVED this article. :)An award-winning team of journalists, designers, and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company's distinctive lensAs a woman of color who has had to take a break from the design world because of “white washing” (no pun intended) this post really means the world to me. Thank you for working to address the intersections of race/diversity and design. I am recently letting myself be creative again after having been worn down by the industry, and this inspires me to see people in the industry adjusting as well.

E. The Belgian style of cooking is similar to French, based on meat and seafood. Each region in Belgium has its own special dish. Butter, cream, beer and wine are generously used in cooking I tend to take an Amy Poehler stance on this kind of thing: Good for them. Not for me. I like the look of many of these interiors, but don’t seem myself living with some of them for more pragmatic reasons that happen to show up in my life. I love design as much as the next gal, but I am surprised that it causes such strong reactions.My mother is a wonderful designer and collects amazing pieces. I grew up with carefully arranged centerpieces and really nice wall art. When I grew up, I did the same and I felt that it was necessary to do so in order to make a house into a home.I bought tiny sample cans in the color range that I was interested in and painted 1×2 foot squares on all four walls of the room I was decorating. And in lots of spots on those walls.

The Official Website of Taylor Swift - Lover Album Out Now! Festival & Concert Details, Ticket Information, Videos, Merchandise & More.. This is such an interesting post! I love pondering the origins of a “movement” which I believe this minimalist interior is. It is more than just coincidence when so many home tours across design blogs are virtually identical – lovely, mind you – but so, so similar. Thanks for the editorial!

That’s a really great point- it’s very true that a lot of those aesthetic decisions are being shaped by what looks good on a digital screen these days- especially the ones we see in print/online mags.To each his own. There are some instances that I love a simple, clean white room as a retreat. It takes me away from the chaos where there are fingerprints and toys strewn about. Other times when I’m most creative is in a colorfully, inspiring space. I do need to know where to get the pillows on Caroline Kim’s bed! Those are priceless!I know what you mean. I don’t mean to imply this is a real-world controversy. On the scale of world issues, this is a negative number. But in the much smaller world of online design, yes, this sort of thing often ranks as “controversial” ;)

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Shop by Style. New Arrivals We Love Get insider-level access and shop coveted designers at up to 70% off retail prices. New Sales launch daily White Love is a single by Japanese girl group Speed. It was released on October 15, 1997. It was number-one on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart. It was the 10th best-selling single in Japan in 1997, with 1.164 million copies sold and it has sold a total of 1.845 million copies We liked the white so much that I’m in the process of repainting my entire house in a creamy white (with real paint – not just primer) with bright white trim – it was great because it helped us decide that we did like white and we already had the walls primed so all that’s left is to paint!


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  2. As a designer, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to write out something like this, it’s why you’re the only design site I ever really read!
  3. I loved your point about the negative reactions. Makes so much sense. I’m a single mom going to school and working and caring for a special needs son and I can tell you my design choices have so much more to do with a lack of funds and my son’s special needs than anything else! The stories of people who live in spaces- so interesting to think about and see how that reflects outwardly in our home and living spaces.
  4. I thought it resulted from all white rooms looking better in print and on computer screens. Outside the digital world there is no “auto white balance”so it never looks as good in reality. Everyone bought the trend before they figured that out. The medium is the message.
  5. g plans for rich colors in my bathroom and daydrea
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  7. I love the idea that this is a controversy. What sheltered lives. Enjoyable read and some lovely examples, though.


Welcome to the website of Ana White, your source for great DIY furniture and woodworking projects. Choose from a variety of great free woodworking plans Brightness/lightness can help us “brighten up”; minimalism can help us feel in control. The trouble with print and online photographs of homes is that they rarely capture the amount of colour that goes on outside of the home which, in person, is often visible through windows. Often light floors and white walls are only part of the equation – when ample windows frame trees, brightly coloured neighbouring buildings, green fields, meadows of flowers, mountains and lakes, a much more colourful and patterned overall appearance emerges and the feeling is less stark than just the white interior on its own.Yes, I absolutely think that Pinterest and blogs (like ours, sadly) are responsible for trends moving faster and faster. I also think “fast fashion” and fast-food are symptomatic of a public that generally wants “more” over less these days.

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Shop Wayfair for A Zillion Things Home across all styles and budgets. 5,000 brands of furniture, lighting, cookware, and more. Free Shipping on most items All these sterile white-walled homes make me feel like I’ve wandered into a gallery – great if your intention is to showcase a few large art pieces, but I prefer home to have more going on than viewing objects. Color is emotional and adds to the experience of our most personal space. When you get color right, it so enhances the feeling of a space. And to ‘get color right’, I mean right for YOU. Don’t let fear of judgement from others cloud your decision.Trends aren’t just about what you wear, it’s in the home now. Found objects aren’t ‘found’ anymore but manufactured to look vintage. And minimalism-be-damned, once that trend moves on, so might that minimalist looking home style. What does any trend say about a person? Simply that you like trends I guess.While many men view white jeans as a purely warm-weather item, they can be worn in winter too. To make these light trousers appropriate for cooler climates, all you need to do is partner them with darker colours. Black is a particularly good choice and is ideal for achieving an awesome monochromatic outfit. To rock the look, partner your jeans with a grey sweater, black leather jacket, and black beanie. Just be sure that there’s no rain or snow forecast for the day as bad weather can quickly turn your pants from white to grey.This was a very satisfying read. I love the fact that you wrote a well thought out essay on a trend that I, as a home design enthusiast, have noticed and embraced over the past years. I don’t have much else to say about the actual topic. I just really, really loved the fact that this essay exists because I got to cozy up to my computer screen and read something long and engrossing about a design aesthetic. Also, I’ve recently noticed that DS has been making a particular effort to include people of color (or maybe it’s an effort to not automatically only include white people) as the subjects of its posts. I love it! Maybe it’s been happening the entire decade plus of DS’s existence and I’m only noticing it now. Either way. It’s a good thing.

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I have loved white walls since I was little – now 40. Holidays in South of France, Swedish style, Dutch homes – beautiful whitewashed rooms. They can be chic or eclectic, cool and modern but I find I can’t get my house white enough. It makes me feel calm. White is always right!! Like a calming sanitarium! Lol A great way to inject some color into your home while living with boring white walls is with a really striking, colorful piece of furniture. Check out some bold choices in that liven up a bland space.Top.. A secretary at a computer dating service unknowingly dates her own boss, his wife, and his two sons. Shop boohoo's range of womens and mens clothing for the latest fashion trends you can totally do your thing in, with 100s of new styles landing every day

I am collector and a retailer where my home doubles as my warehouse and so my home is constantly changing and I love that. My friends surprised when they walk in to my home as it doe snot stay the same for long, my look depends on what I find on my travel and what sells in my store.My city house is a color saturated mid-century modest with thrifted furniture, piles of inspiration, heirlooms and walls full of colorful art.

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Interesting article. For me, this is nothing new; no trend will be to everyone’s taste and the more widespread any trend becomes, the more you will see a backlash. And that’s great – it’s why trends move on!I have three small children and live in the Chicago suburbs and we have white white walls and let me be the first to say.. white only looks clean from afar. Now that my youngest has drawn with crayons on our dining room wall and the other two have gotten their sticky fingers on stuff it makes me really want to hop on board with greige. Even for homeowners I would think white (or at a minimum light) walls are a sticking point for resale?That said, all classic looks come in and out of vogue over time, so they do have re-births as trends. Just because they have a historical precedence doesn’t mean they can’t be a trend. For example- chevron, herringbone, stripes– all of these are looks that come and go as trends, but of course are never discovered or “found” for the first time in their most contemporary iteration.

Hey girl. I’m a black graphic designer and I know exactly what you are talking about. Take you a breather and get back out there sis. They need us to bring some color to this world…Pun intended :-)Over 30 years ago, I met my husband and remember clearly my first sight of his New York City apartment. Everything was white except for the rugs and fabrics he had brought back from India and Europe and the artwork on the walls. What is Old is New ~

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And of course there’s the problematic associations of white with “purity”, “virginity”, etc. And for some, very unfortunately, white walls = “clean” could have racial implications (although I’d love to be wrong about that).Live in MN. Loooong winters and hot summers. I keep it white on the first floor to maximize light – but have happy color in my upstairs bedrooms. To me its the perfect balance.As a traveler who enjoys staying in thoughtfully designed hotels and homes, I’m glad for the eloquent and culturally astute insights you’ve presented. The all-white aesthetic is enjoyable as a guest, but I’d never do it in my own home. It makes me wonder if people are following this trend just to have an “Instagrammable” home, rather than a livable and personal one – and for the tiny prefab apartments where I’m from, it’s ironically about renovation firms selling trends rather than creating a home that’s uniquely yours.

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  1. Misty arrives in a small town to look for her mother who abandoned her 22 years ago. She stays with a bisexual artist and her friends and models for her. Meanwhile, a Christian woman with a secret tries to save her perverted niece.
  2. Great article and discussion. Relevant to me right now on account of an obsession with limewash which I sometimes tint with local ochres. One thing though in regard to your reference to the use of white walls in traditional Japanese architecture: the great Junichuro Tanizaki says in his “In Praise of Shadows” that white is not used and that the walls are the colour of sand.
  3. g home to a room where everything is simple and bright, in a world that can seem so dark and complicated, is a way of creating a “safe place” to retreat to.
  4. This aesthetic is easy to emulate and difficult to fully resolve. So often it looks good and feels soul-less. I think many believe it is a cheap and easy way to appear stylish however often the space becomes an entirely unpleasant experience. It takes a sophisticated eye for detail to accomplish.
  5. Pharaoh, White Punk. Unplugged 2: Love Kills. D♭ Major. Key. The following tracks will sound good when mixed with Pharaoh, White Punk - Unplugged 2: Love Kills, because they have similar tempos..

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been hammered by friends and family for having plain white walls throughout the house but I’m glad to see people here appreciate the clean and fresh look and feel this colour can bring on its own. I think my family are slowly warming to it as they can see how it also serves to make small spaces feel larger. You can also throw any colour sofa etc against it, and it’ll look fab! White jeans are probably easier to style than you would expect. They're also surprisingly versatile and can be worn with a variety of outfits. When rocking your bold, white jeans, it's best to keep things..

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White - that's right! White is my new black. Since I've changed my hair I've fallen in love with white. I'm not sure if it's for you but how would you feel if you learned all about the colours and styles of.. A rambling comment, essentially to say thanks for giving our design world a bit more depth and meaning by talking about stuff like this. InStyle is the leading site for celebrity style. See expert fashion advice, star hairstyles, beauty tips, how-to videos and I think the level of comfort in our Pogue style is perfect for this summer, costume.. I love the white wall look, as I love color, too. However I don’t see how anyone with children or pets can maintain white walls. I just keep picturing dirt.

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[Source Photos: NASA, Jason Leem/Unsplash, Matthew Henry/Unsplash] By Kristin Toussaint3 minute ReadTo conserve life on Earth (as we know it) in the face of climate change, we need a drastic solution, and a growing movement has a bold plan: set aside half of the planet’s surface for just nature. There’s one problem: There are a lot of people already on much of that land. Style. Why I Love White Speakers. Everyone has a favorite color; mine is red, and my husband (it's Bowers & Wilkins matte white speakers blend in with the room and don't fight with the colors you are..

The collection of Shades of White color. All piece of color includes hex codes. ✓ You can copy If you looking for shades of white color, you are the fine places. You can find below the list of white colors.. Does it count as white walls if they’re 3/4 white and 1/4 color?! I read this in the mindset of “I love color” and then I realized my walls are 3/4 white and the room color is only the top 1/4th. What I love about my white walls is that I get to add deeper more intense colors on top. For example, my dining room is ORANGE, and it works wonderfully because I also have white to offset it. (also, living in 860 square feet, the white in each room brings everything together). Not a fan of the kinsfolk vibe, but to each his own, I do love West Elm…One is being a home owner instead of a renter. Often this goes along with becoming less transient and maybe having a little more money and more space. Sometimes this also means moving to a space that is less urban.I agree that all-white is a classic and age-old concept/style. I mentioned that in the article (it’s been used since ancient times as a popular look throughout many cultures, including ancient Greece, Japan and in Scandinavia).


I’d love to see the slow home movement garnering more page views online, I know you’ve spoken about it before, and know that it’s part of your own home philosophy, but articles like this *hopefully* can get people thinking about what goes into their homes rather than the cute Target Collection (which I love, but is so so so wrong for so many reasons). Maybe people who hate white can’t see/aren’t concerned with the undertones. In the alternative, maybe people who hate color have been subjected to the wrong ones for too long! To each their own. Happy color hunting!I do wonder if one of the other reasons for the white room look exploding is the presence of social media (let’s be honest, instagram)? Light and bright rooms photograph so well and pop on a feed. Dark rooms obviously look gorgeous too, but I think it takes a bit more effort to get right.For me, it’s not the white walls – we have off-white walls here and I find they work for us because we use a lot of color everywhere else. It’s the macrame, weaving, kilim, mid-century modern overload I’m seeing now. I totally understand that it’s the current trend and I don’t dislike it. It’s just that it’s everywhere and one home blends into another and into another. For what it’s worth, I’d love to see more design showcased here that comes out of individual quirkiness – which is non-trendy, very much that person’s aesthetic – something that can’t be duplicated because it reflects that person’s life and history and no one else’s.In my 20s, I wanted a lot of color and pattern all over the walls, and loved bright, mid-century things, and “low brow” art. I am now in my mid-30s and we have all white walls and I am very selective about hanging art and photos. I am a designer by day and I get inundated with a lot of pattern and color all day (as well as the glow of the computer screen and bright overheard lighting), so there is something relaxing about going home to all white walls and letting my eyes rest.

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People who call this a ‘white person style’… should read more Art History perhaps ;) Was an expat kid and adult and many of the homes we lived in were ‘white washed’ and these countries had very few white people.I’ve always been happiest in white rooms. Several years ago, I tried some popular wall colors, but I couldn’t stand it. I started repainting to white at 1:00 am after two weeks of color. It is clean, it is pure, and it is serene. Making racist claims is just another ploy at dividing Americans. I also love charcoal grey, as in pillows and clothes.It’s also important to remember that, especially in a post-housing market crash, people are buying homes later and later in life and as renters, are often not able/are hesitant to paint. White walls drive me a little nuts, but I’m also not willing to invest the time and money into painting a space that I’m likely not going to stay in for more than 2 years. Many landlords are also unwilling to let tenants paint, even if it’s not explicitly prohibited by the rental agreement. While I favor more of a ‘maximalist’ look, I appreciate the styling inspiration of individuals who are also working with white walls (though I do have trouble identifying with those homeowners who don’t take advantage of their freedom to paint!).

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The truly all-white rooms, the ones I associate with mid-century modern style, are the ones that seem cold and sterile to me — and highly unnatural; you have to work pretty hard to get rid of every single thing with a color. This is actually one of my least favorite looks.My entire home is painted “Atrium White.” I love it….plus I can’t afford to hang crap all over the walls and the open floor plan and 21 foot ceilings would look odd with various colored walls visible from one vantage point. I truly love the look of somewhat barren walls. I have wood floors and wood ceilings….which really set the look off. My sister threatens to paint the walls every time she house sits. I guess it is a preference. Her home has several small rooms…all painted different colors. It is lovely, but I find it unsettling. Different strokes for different folks.After reading this article though, my brain is definitely buzzing thinking of ways to push the design! Walter White is narcissisticly proud. I mean, he names his own son after himself. Jesse always adresses him as «Mr. White», and Walter loves this. He loves how he so easily can manipulate.. 25% Off Sitewide. 40% Off Select White Styles Discount auto-applied at checkout. 40% Off Select White Styles with code EXTRA40. Details. Enjoy Free Shipping and Free 60-day extended returns

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I love white walls, but admit that I’ve noticed a sameness to the homes featured on this blog as a result of so many having white walls. Many of the spaces look cold to me, and I don’t think that’s the look they were going for. I’m wondering if it’s the photography that’s contributing to it? I think the key to white is finding the right one for your particular space. The light is a major factor. That said, I’ve seen so many houses in person, and can’t recall any of them having stark white walls.Thank you for this insightful editorial. I confess that I wasn’t aware of the controversy over this color trend. For me, it works in specific sites very well, and less in others. Isn’t color selection part of a response to the space, and part of an effort to create a sense of unity? If that is the case, then white is perfect for some expressions and practical applications. The risk is that if it isn’t combined with artistic furnishings, white can easily become too generic, especially those white walls found in rented living spaces that are sometimes a big challenge to live with.My boyfriend is a minimalist and I am a maximalist. We just sold our last house that had intense bright and colorful walls. After all the re-painting we had to do to sell it, we decided to leave the walls in our new house lighter, and compromised on colorful trim and wainscoting, thinking. I loved this article, it nailed down a lot of thoughts I had in my head. A nice reminder to let go of what’s “in” and do what you want. Thank you! <3That said, I think more and more people are embracing the look as a reaction to the busy-ness of life. We’ve never been more connected and constantly exposed to images filled with colour and movement, and so home takes on the purpose of being our oasis from life. A calming, white and soothing environment at home can help us decrease our feeling of overwhelm and bring balance back to our senses. Real life can and should happen within the walls of our home, and having them white can then be a ‘fresh’ start to live our lives displaying our own colour and personalities, not those that we see on screens all around us.

The reality is that white walls do reflect light, help spaces appear bigger and brighter and are easier to coordinate furniture with. They’re also somewhat stark, less rich and vibrant and do show up dirt. When trends move on, some people will leave them behind, some people won’t. No biggie – each to our own!I suppose I think white walls are a bit dull, but what I tend to take issue with more are the all white interiors (furniture, rugs, walls, all of it). It seems like a status-symbol to me in some ways, especially in places like New York (where I live). Being able to keep everything pristine–especially with kids or pets in the mix–seems like quite a statement.I also think interiors have become just as trendy as clothes. It’s not so strange to see everyone with the same bucket bag, but the same bookshelf? Perhaps this is because while style is sort of just IN us, our generation seems much more open to trying on different styles – not just in fashion but in our homes.I recently painted my living room white, purely out of the lifestyle I saw on online publications. I saw the people, the cool, the clean and fresh living..it was all a lifestyle I wanted. Turns out, I hate them very much. I mean, I don’t completely despise, they are nice in photos, but I hate that I was influenced by a popular design movement. I wish I would have chosen a color that inspired me deep down, not something I saw online. It took me forever to paint those walls, so it’s not a change I’ll be making anytime soon. I have been heavily focused on bringing in color elsewhere in the space, which seems to be helping my happiness about the space. Great post. I recommend the book “Chromophobia” by David Batchelor. It is worth the read.

YOU'LL LOVE OUR FLAVORS Ready to Reveal a Whiter Smile? Whether you like fun flavors like Cotton Candy or Blue Raspberry, or prefer classic Minty coolness, we have something for everybody. We even offer Peroxide Free flavors like Peroxide Free Mint and Peroxide Free Cotton Candy for individuals with sensitive teeth. Our peroxide free formula is specially designed to begin whitening immediately. The LED accelerator light speeds up whitening so you get a full treatment in only 30 minutes or less.It’s certainly not a white people thing. White walls are default everywhere for everyone and color means you have the time and money to change that, and to have all the coordinating furniture and stuff. I’m trying to think of someone growing up that had colorful walls in their home and I can’t think of anyone. We had 80s dusty pink striped wallpaper in the kitchen and bathroom, from the people that owned our house before us, but everything else was white. Anske & Ellie White - Loving U. 15 мая в 10:01ahoy76Просмотры: 398. Type: Single. Style: Electronic, Progressive Trance, Trance View these romantic love messages for your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend. WATCH: 120 Romantic Messages for Your Loved One. Spark some romance with these amazing love quotes..

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Personally, I’m in the white wall camp. It’s because my original art collection (if you could call it that) is my most prized possession and what makes me happiest in my home. Everything else is there to support that so I keep my color palette neutral to give art the starring role. I think the plywood/particle board trend ties in with what she wrote about white being cost-effective. Plywood and particle board is just the most cost-effective version of good hardwood. It’s like the modern take on those sexy but hugely expensive paneled wood rooms that high-end homes have.I agree about the appeal of seeing more ‘lived in’ spaces… There is an interiors magazine here in the UK called ‘Living etc’ which used to feature a lot of ‘real homes’ but now is primarily about heavily designed and styled ‘aspirational spaces’. As a result it’s a lot less interesting and inspiring – as discussed above, we can see any number of artfully styled architectural spaces on Pinterest for free! Lifestyle magazines (the simple things, coast…) offer a more eclectic insight than the increasingly homogenous interiors publications; there is a line between tidying up and ‘styling’ which these seem to walk more convincingly!Such a thoughtful post. So important to take a step back and ask how we got here, what it means, and where we’re going. Thanks for this.

Thanks for writing on this. These articles and the well-rounded coverage of different homes and design are why D*S is on top of my reading list!Anna’s home was a huge inspiration for me, too. I loved all those muted, but still deep, colors.Re: race and class, I’m not sure I agree with you there. But I do agree that most of the design and lifestyle blogs that get a lot of press are Euro-centric. But I think that is starting to change as bloggers broaden their gaze and knowledge-base a bit and the media (and other bloggers) finally wake up to the amazing wealth of bloggers/makers across the world.

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I recently finished my powder room makeover with pastel yellows and a hand painted (attached to the white living room actually), and I am so happy I followed my aesthetic, and not what was popular online necessarily. (I submitted it to you actually :) ) Anyways, Thank you so much for posting this, it’s a topic that has been on my mind. Can’t wait to see what’s to come! -Lauren DahlThey then calculated how many people currently live in those areas and thus would be directly affected by the Half-Earth proposal. Even while avoiding areas of higher “human footprints” like cities and farmland, the findings, published in the journal Nature Sustainability, suggest that more than 1 billion people will be directly impacted by a Half-Earth strategy. Example. th { background-color: #4CAF50; color: white; } Try it Yourself ». <div style=overflow-x:aut When we first moved in, we weren’t 100% sure what we wanted to do with the walls. We ended up painting all of the walls with a good high-hiding primer (we were covering up everything from pepto-bismol pink to mustard yellow) and figured that we’d keep the primer up and then decide what colors to choose after we’d done some more projects and got used to the space. Home Tracks Anske Loving U [COLDHARBOUR]. Ellie White - Loving U. Google Search Pre-Save To Collection

What I find interesting is the number of White Shades and how they might make a home look quite different. With the number of folks moving often and perhaps renting rather than owning, that might also account for the all-white trend. I’ve read that young people especially move very often — if you paint a rental a striking shade of blue, you just might not get your security deposit back. And I am heartened to read of “Prairie White” with shades of green undertones as even if I paint my next apartment that color I don’t believe my future landlord will put up much of a fuss (and I am about to relocate to Fort Collins from Manhattan). So personally, I’m glad to see all these decorating ideas around a white canvas.Thanks for this thoughtful essay, Grace. It articulates what I think a lot of people are thinking about – both in positive and negative ways! Loving white style. lovingwhitestyle.fi. Ruudun takana kirjoittelee intohimoinen sisustaja, joka viettää tällä hetkellä onnenpäiviä tyttären kanssa kotona Vantaalla Style Lyrics. [Verse 1] Midnight You come and pick me up, no headlights Long drive Could end in burning flames or paradise Fade into view, oh It's been a while since I have even heard from you.. I find it interesting that you mention Marie Kondo since I KNOW that philosophy has influenced a lot of my decorating decisions. While I don’t go for a pure white anymore, I always seem to choose something neutral and calming. I adore pattern and mixing and pops of color and I feel that a base of white or neutral walls allow me to experiment and be more adventurous in other parts of my home.

To get all psychological on the topic…white walls make furniture and objects stand out in relief, their forms and edges crisply delineated. And this decorating style’s typical minimalism exemplifies what you could call the “alone” look…because objects played against white walls often don’t seem to be connected or related, no matter how beautifully they go together. Often they stand in splendid isolation. Is this a symptom of our times? So many people today are fearful of genuine connection. Pattern-on-pattern connection. The kind of connection — unlike Facebook and texting — where you DO mush together, touching, all cozy and messy, edges blurring….White controls for this. It also makes each object stand out, like a star, instead of being a modest part of the whole. Symptom of our celebrity-driven culture? Maybe this sounds farfetched. but that’s at least part of what white walls say to me. Me with the white walls. (They’re BM Linen White…does that count?)I became a fan of D*S some years ago, but have to say I’ve been disappointed at the sameness (read: white, white, white) interiors I routinely find here now. While I’m not advocating maximalist, I do crave variety in my design fix. Thanks for addressing.

Great piece! I have been contemplating this for the last few years. While I love the all white look “on paper” it doesn’t seem to fit in my 1880 farmhouse. I tried the all white walls in my dining room about 2 years ago and it made me feel anxious. I ended up instead with a very saturated dark teal/blue/black. I love it. It feels very cozy and calm to me. I do however like my studio (I am a goldsmith) to be mostly white and maybe that’s because there is so much other clutter and visual stimulation and I need my mind to be a bit more clear when I am working. OnlyFans.. Shop White Styles. BCBGMAXAZRIA women's fashions and designer clothing continue to be coveted, worn and loved by an elite clientele including trendsetters, style influencers and celebrities Shaun White is a dual sport professional athlete who maintains some of the highest accolades within snowboarding and skateboarding. Despite being born with a congenital heart defect, Shaun started..

As for painting a fireplace or any other textured surfaces, classic choices like white/black/grey are usually safe choices if you’re worried about regretting it later. Or you could just live with it for a bit and see how you feel with it unfinished? Curve Love Jean Legging Super Skinny Straight Boyfriend Mom Jean Bootcut Flare View All. Clearance. Up To 50% Off Select Styles Love this article. Your Home Tours section is my favorite, and I love both the all white and maximalist homes you feature. Regarding the idea that this is somehow an American aesthetic, I don’t really see that. I’m an American currently based in London and have been traveling around Europe, staying mostly at Airbnbs, and I find this look is extremely popular in the European creative community as well.I prefer white because it’s easy. I despise painting, don’t want to pay anyone else to paint, so if you use the same white everywhere it’s easy to retouch. I also prefer to use just a few colorful pieces on the wall for interest. I like clean & simple.

I didn’t realise there was a contraversy ;) so I appreciated reading this. As a Dane, white walls are important for a few reasons. 1. during dark days you want as much light as you can in your small space. White walls help with that. 2. Danes tend to collect a lot of art or use colour in furnishings/decor. So white helps to show that off a la art gallery.Very interesting article and discussion. I think of white paint, as it is used currently, as safe, risk-free, anonymous, inoffensive, renter-friendly, easily imprinted with the personality of the transient resident. An uncle’s tenant complained about the newly painted creamy white. My uncle repainted a white white and declared he would never vary. Summer Colorways: All White Everything. Why You Should Steal Pablo Picasso's Style This Summer Generally, I loathe white or beige wall paint. It is boring. It is cold. It demonstrates a lack of creativity and understanding of the effect of colors. There are a zillion color options for paints and the best one can come up with is WHITE or freaking beige? For real? Barf.I know I’m a bit late to this party, but I just wanted to mention the interesting book Chromophobia by David Batchelor. It investigates how/why white came to equal purity in Western culture historically. His thesis is that ‘colorfulness’ has traditionally been seen as inferior, assigned to the other, the “‘foreign body’ – the oriental, the feminine, the infantile, the vulgar, or the pathological – or by relegating it to the realm of the superficial, the supplementary, the inessential, or the cosmetic.” Ties in to all sorts of theory on racism, sexism, colonialism, museum studies etc. — not necessarily relevant to contemporary design trends but potentially of interest to anyone really intrigued by this conversation!!!

Vera Wang Love. View the Love Collection at Zales In all my home (and there’s been a lot both rented and owned), white walls and a white couch have been my thing. It’s not a trend I feel part of it’s just how I know to live.Never understood the white/color debate. I’m strongly affected by light, and really only care about color undertones, meaning I hate some whites and adore others. Ultimately, I don’t care what color my rooms are so long as they don’t overly change the natural light in my apartment. I had a cream white living room that bounced bright yellow around during the daytime and looked dingy at night no matter what kinds of lightbulbs I used. Nearly drove me crazy. But for some reason, I had no problem with a slightly dusty, marigold yellow, which looked wonderful no matter what time of day it was. Love. Related Tags. #black and white

Color Basics Scattered Stars Black graphic by Brooke Gazarek | Pixel Scrapper Digital ScrapbookingYou can now buy Selena Quintanilla tees at Forever 21 - HelloGigglesVander-Fashion Rules | Vanderpump Rules PhotosStreet Style PFW III | Collage Vintage

Original Style is a leading manufacturer and supplier of bathroom and kitchen tiles sold by independent retailers throughout the UK The bedroom is not solely for sleeping. It is for waking up. It is for sex. It is for self-indulging luxury. Certainly, no one wants to come home and feel doubly burdened but the mood can be a big snuggle with its own character. The official site for HBO, discover full episodes of original series, movies, schedule information, exclusive video content, episode guides and more We went white a few years ago and haven’t looked back. We live in New England and have more than our share of gray, low light days. In the past, I tried bright color. What I found was that whatever color I put on the wall, the day would come, sometimes sooner than later, that I couldn’t look at that color one more day. White gives me the flexibility to entirely change the look of my room with accessories, as the seasons change, and as my mood changes. We have honed in on a few whites that are tried and true for us, and it’s really freeing to not ruminate over a fan deck for days, weeks… Also, anyone who reads this great blog post should take a minute to check out “An Architect’s Guide to Color” for comic relief. : )There’s also something to be said for the “art gallery esthetic.” You touched on it by writing about how we perceive people’s photos on social media. White backdrops keep lines clean so nothing “muddies” the visual impact. Gosh I never knew there was such a dilemma over white spaces and white walls. Personally I am a fan of colour. White just doesn’t work in all spaces, we all know that. Trend or no trend, space and light sometimes dictate the colour palette, it’s so personal that it shouldn’t even be up for discussion, whether you’re decorating for yourself or a client, it’s how you want the space to feel and painting walls in a colour changes everything. White walls, minimal spaces, oozing with taste and tropical plants will always be around but we have different choices now, darker, more sultry colour paints are popular and work in spaces where white just doesn’t cut the mustard.

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