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Sorry to say when britishers can’t allow to build a mega mosque in their country then how can they errect their religious sign in a architectural form by fooling Arabs ?Notice that the names of the months indicate that the first month of the year is March. It used to be March, actually…until JULIUS CAESAR changed it! Hence the JULIAN calendar. Also, most non-european languages that I know of, just refer to months by numbers or by the name they had for the month before they adopted the Julian Calendar. Book the most popular Dinner Package in Burj Al Arab. Best price and money back guarantee! Read the reviews of your fellow travelers

BEING BORN IN DXB I HAVE BEEN VERY LUCKY TO HAVE LIVED AND SHARED A GOOD PART OF MY CHILD AND TEENAGE YRS THERE AND ONE THING THAT I KNOW IS THAT THE ARABS OF DUBAI BELIEVE THAT ALL FAITHS MUST LIVE IN HARMONYMesay: Once again, this is not a cross. Or will you now say that powerlines also bring the “light of God” to arabs, because their poles may sometimes look like this: http://www.themodernapprentice.com/power_lines1.jpg Come on, people…let’s please be reasonable. Also Mesay: If you wish to believe that YOU will go to hell if you lost faith in God, that’s fine. You can pray to your God to show mercy to people whom you feel are undeserving of Him or whatever. However, to go and THREATEN other people that they will suffer for all eternity just because they didn’t share the same belief as you is far and beyond your rights as a human being. Do realize that yes, you ARE threatening people! You may feel like you are doing them a favor, trying to “teach” them, or however you may wish to beautify and glorify your actions, but in fact you are just threatening people. And your own bible teaches that people should not threaten each other and those who threaten are doing evil (i.e. should go to hell)! As far as I can tell, then, Muslims who are pious and good people will go to heaven, but Christians who threaten Muslims of eternal damnation will go to Hell. The Burj Al Arab has appointed two new Michelin-starred chefs - Francky Semblat and Kim Joinie-Maurin. Joinie-Maurin is now the head chef at Al Mahara seafood restaurant and Semblat is in charge..

I worked with Tom Wright and I can tell you this is all BS… stop seeing things where they don’t existdear earthling….b4 u becum more ignorant….and think u are more knowledgeable..lemme tell u tht majority follows christianity….so first of all b4 speaking know the truth….people are not fools to follow religion in this way….. Burj Al Arab aknowledged as the best hotel in the world. Designed to resemble a billowing sail, the hotel soars to a height of 321 metres, dominating the Dubai coastline

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The Burj Al Arab is one of the most important landmarks in Dubai and in the UAE. Considering the harsh climate conditions and the standards set for achieving high quality concrete, the admixtures.. Burj Al Arab, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 745,168 likes · 1,890 talking about this · 806,312 were here. The world's most luxurious hotel, with its.. It can be cross but it couldn’t be a holy cross some things has religious mean so if it’s a plan to build a cross please try to demolish it. Keep Nature’s balance within each area I mean religious freedom, try to not to conquer any country puremind Alibaba.com offers 576 arab burj products. About 14% of these are Crystal Crafts. A wide variety of arab burj options are available to you, such as technique, use, and product type no i think it has to removed from that hotel because it is a muslim country and it is our duty to remove such things from our culture and religion…so the government of dubai has to take action against the cross..

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Во время экскурсии принесли наши чемоданы. Я был полностью сражен вопросом дворецкого: «Удобно ли Вам чтобы я прямо сейчас разобрал Ваши чемоданы?» Я немного поколебался, а потом сказал: «Удобно!». Он разобрал все чемоданы, все аккуратно разложил по полочкам, а грязное белье забрал с собой в стирку:Лестница уходила вверх в спальню, а впереди рабочий стол. Каждый номер оборудован ноутбуком, факсом, ксероксом и цветным принтером. Вот вид в обратную сторону:Bias it may be but when the British disapproved the Mega-Mosque in London, the British Muslim was pissed, the mega mosque is believed to be so huge that it will dwarf many of Britain’s Christian cathedrals.

Cross can NOT change anything, its piece of woods or metals put together…Muslims are not like western leaders who carry from piece of clothe in the head of Muslims women (Hijab).В отеле Бурдж Аль Араб, в народе больше известном как Парус, нет обычных номеров. Все 202 номера — люксы. Все номера двухэтажные, и площадь самого маленького — 170 кв. м., а самого большого — 780 кв. м. Отель является символом Дубая. Я жил во многих дорогих отелях, но этот поразил меня. Он реально отличается от всех остальных ... До кризиса номер в Бурдж Аль Араб нужно было заказывать как минимум за полгода.Фотографии эти и раньше попадались в интернете, но такого рассказа я ещё не встречал )))))

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Burj Al Arab es una obra de WS Atkins construdia en Dubai, Emiratos Árabes en el año 1994-1999. Mide 321m de alt BURJ-AL-ARAB Submitted to : Prof. Siddesh pai presented by: michael clement G06151 amey p.shetti G06172 syed haji G06175 The Burj Al Arab Hotel (Tower of the Arabs) was designed by Tom Wright in October 1993 and Over the years we have collected photographs of the Burj Al Arab and a selection of the best are shown on..

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some comments were out the subject; this is not a relegios website; some are trying to let others to follow their own relegion, or as if they are not respecting the other relegions. for those who don’t know islam is also the same as christianity, they are both relegions seeking for same goals and have the same foundations. And if you know nothing about islam you must read and dicuss your vision with others just as i must read about christianity. and stop saying that burj al arab is god’s miracle on earth; there are many other taller buildings and they are still standing, but they are not god’s miracle as you say. the cross is a matter of support not more, and if it was a christian cross and i don’t think it’s so; it is very silly and stupid way to let muslims follow what you believe by creating this cross in the middle of the arab world, because as for you; you deeply believe in your relegion and so we are, nothing can change our thoughts and beliefs just as you. and a very big note: we belief in christ as a prophet o god, a prophet for all the true and holy values. try to think logically and stop searching for any narrow window to speak arbitrary abd illogically for god’s sake. wish you all a happy year all of you and god bless islam and everyone else.Вечером мужчины должны приходить в пиджаках. Если у вас нет пиджака, то его предоставят на время пребывания в ресторане.Меню начиналось с устриц по 5 000 рублей за 50 грамм и черной Белужьей икры по 10 500 рублей за 250 грамм. Я скромно остановил свой выбор на бизнес-ланче из двух блюд и десерта. Стоил он «всего лишь» 4 500 рублей. На первое у меня была холодная фуа-гра, а на второе баранина: The structure is firmly rooted. The foundation pillars reach 40 meters (120 feet) underneath the seabed El Burj Al Arab, gracias a sus restaurantes, se distancia de sus rivales potenciales, principalmente El Burj Al Arab no tiene equivalente en Dubai, ni siquiera en el resto del mundo; se trata de un símbolo..

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it is all maind sat if u think it is a cross so it is not rong but if u think it is a jast a shape so u r also right so dipend on u,I think that the architect that made this huge building is very smart. and good for him,he made the largest cross in the world and im proud

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  1. The Burj Al Arab's streamlined shape and its double floor design help create the optical illusion that it's smaller than it really is.
  2. In Response to… “Sorry to say when britishers can’t allow to build a mega mosque in their country then how can they errect their religious sign in a architectural form by fooling Arabs ?”
  3. Завтрак подают в ресторанчике у бассейна с другой стороны отеля:
  4. Skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Burj Al Arab Photo © Joi Ito. There is currently no additional information available regarding Burj al Arab. Do you see any omissions, errors or want to..
  5. hahahahahahahahaha — what is funnier! The symbol hating mediaevalists in this so called city that will undoubtedly become the Brasilia of the East or Cross Waving Fundamentalists with their consipiracies and imaginary doctrine.
  6. If they were to hang a figure of a huge body on it, then that would spark proper debate, or perhaps war…
  7. tionsed a war between religions, what war? there’s no war! Chrisianity, Islam, and yes, even the Jews can all live together on one happy planet. And as a christian I would find it the worst possible thing if the world were to lose a religion such as Islam, because Islam adds to the religious diversity of our planet, as does Judaism, and many other religions. So just simmer down already, there will never be a religious war so long as I have anything to do about it!

Responding to Muhammad Ali: If you were able to see this building so many times without realizing that it has a hidden cross until a friend opened your eyes, then perhaps you should reconsider what you just said. Instead of consider it an “opening of your eyes” you should consider it a closing of your mind. It’s like hypnotism, power of suggestion, or demagogy. Basically, you on your own are much aware that this is NOT a cross…however, you allow yourself to be convinced that it is, due to some rhetory created to urge the masses to a strong reaction.Примечательно, что нет официальных снимков отеля с воды — оттуда он виден как крест, что противоречит мусульманским религиозным взглядам. Вот такая фига в кармане от архитектора. Dubai Hotel Burj Al ArabDetails Own Island 10 Floors Tennis Platform Underwater Restaurant Wellness and Fun Area 5 Habitations with Home Minecraft Maps Burj Al Arab Hotel - Dubai Minecraft Map It looks as if the foundations of Islam depends on Christianity. At least, philosophically speaking.Responding to Light: Relax dude. Not everybody wants to hear your preaching and your fanaticism makes you as brainwashed as the people you claim will go to hell. Who in the world are you to say if they will or not go to hell anyway, or even to claim that hell does exist? Jesus himself never made such claims. He did ask for people to believe in him and follow his path, but he also said that He is in EACH human. So…as far as I can tell, if I wish to follow Buddha or Mohammed or whichever other righteous religious leader, then I am basically following Jesus, since Jesus is in those other humans. The key is in being a righteous and moral person, respecting other humans, believing that you are nothing compared to the greatness of the universe (and its creator). Fanatisism is condemned by ALL religions. No religion asks people to curse, intimidate, or threat others. And by your words you should realize you are doing just that. No, you are not warning them. You intimidate and threaten them. If you want to preach, go preach to those who wish to listen, not to those who are already upset about your unwelcomed invasion and trespassing to their beliefs.

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Ну и, конечно, наверху есть огромная ванная комната с джакузи:There are a lot of other examples of the Catholic church being unbiblical one of them being their history of endorsing the killing of others who do not believe in their religion e.g. the Crusades, the Reformation where they killed protestants, the French Revolution, all the way up to the Catholic church supporting Hitler’s Nazi movement (this fact is not wide spread but the evidence is there for those who seek it). Eleanor Roosevelt said herself in an interview during the WWII that the fact that the Catholic church supported Hitler would be hidden or forgotten. Do not take my word for it but search for truth yourselves. Do not let any person who teaches things that contradict the Bible trick you. I pray that you open your hearts and mind to what God wants to show you. God Bless. Love. PeaceDear Joyesmith, buildings are and have always been the central part of religion. Manys wars have been foughts because of buildings – In India the case of Ayodhya temple and Babri masjid is all about building. So how can you say it is absurd. I am sure that this building is committed to Christ with the symbol attached to it and it will draw many to His kingdom. The Cross may be offensive to many but it is a symbol of salvation. The message of the cross is a stumbling block to some (1 Corinthians 1:23; Galatians 5:11) The Burj Al Arab (Arabic: برج العرب, Tower of the Arabs) is a luxury hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates managed by the Jumeirah Group and built by Said Khalil. Its construction started in 1994.. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah adalah salah satu hotel paling mewah di dunia yang dibangun di atas pulau buatan dengan restoran akuarium bawah laut, interior daun emas & masih banyak lagi

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  1. The Burj Al Arab's atrium is the world's tallest, measuring 180 meters (600 feet) high. The interior cavity rises from the lobby level to the hotel's upper floors.
  2. Перед отелем всегда стоят неплохие автомобили. Здесь запросто можно взять на прокат Феррари или Мазерати:
  3. Каждый следующий этаж немного уже предыдущего. Коридоры не ровные, а с выпуклыми боками. Цвет потолка меняется от этажа к этажу. Создается впечатление сюрреализма. Это коридор нашего этажа. Сложно сразу сообразить где здесь что — приглядитесь:
  4. You get an up close, ground-to-top view of the Burj Al Arab from outside its main gate. Non-hotel guests can see the interior by booking a tour or dining table.
  5. Yeah that’s true but even though it’s not the symbol of Islam. The cross is not just a coincidence.
  6. Отель Бурж аль-Араб (буквально «Арабская башня») характеризирует себя как семизвёздочный. Его парус стоит в море на расстоянии 280 метров от берега на искусственном острове, соединённом с землёй при помощи моста.
  7. do they have a mosque in vatican city? well? just like the vatican, saudi arabia (because of mecca) is sacred and therefore thare are no churches there.

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I, for one, believe that humans should realize that ALL religions COULD (i.e. might be, with no proof to either this or the contrary) just different manifestations of the same TRUE God, who merely presented himself in a form more understandable by the underlining culture, as a means to more easily teach people how to be good and pious. And as humans evolve and become more globalized people need to use their more advanced brains in recognition that in the end, we are all…earthlings! God would want us all to behave the same to each other, regardless of the religion of our neighbor. And while God (in accordance to various religions) asked us to educate other people of His Presence and moral rules, he never asked us to hate our fellow human for not listening or for trying to teach us something else, nor did he ask us to burn and harm those who wish not to accept our teachings. On the contrary we were asked to respect all beings (mind you, beings NOT JUST humans) and to love all other humans as if He (or She, to be fair) existed in each of them. Alas, this statement is true in over 10 religions that I’ve studied, ranging from Native Americans and Australian Aborigines to Celts, Greeks, and Romans, to Buddhists and Hindus, to Christians, Jews, and Muslims…and even to the Vikings. Yet all of the above have (at one point or another) had a period during which religious leaders lead them to the opposite actions…I didn’t notice the cross effect until it was pointed out in this article. It seems that some people are always looking for something to point at and cause an issue where there isn’t one. The problem is only one of their own imagining. The building is fabulous and a tribute to the beauty of Muslim art. Burj Khalifa, mixed-use skyscraper in Dubai, U.A.E., that is the world's tallest building, according to all three of the main criteria by which such Burj KhalifaBurj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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If you care to take Jesus Christ as your personal Savior today you must believe 1. That He IS the Son of God, 2. That he was born of the virgin mary, 3. And That He Arose on the 3rd day after his death. 4. And he ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand throne of God the Father.Nonsense, why you don’t talk about the Plus sign which is filling all math. books in arabian world? everywhere there are thousands of crosses, and half moon signs. I don’t think that christians will prohibit banana for its shape. Burj Al Arab is a frame, hotel, reinforced concrete structure and steel structure that was completed in 1999. The project is located in Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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it doesn’t even look like ‘that’ symbol. It’s just a sword/katana-shaped cross, enough said.So…the reason people follow the Gregorian Calendar (which is a variation of the Julian Calendar) has absolutely nothing to do with whether christianity is the truth or not. If anything, it has to do with the fact that JULIUS CAESAR, a NON-CHRISTIAN emperor forced his calendar onto many nations, who eventually adopted the Gregorian corrections to the Julian Calendar, and who eventually became earth’s military and economic superpowers, spreading their calendar internationally. I should also add that many christian nations took a very long time to accept the Gregorian corrections. Many northern christians preferred to stay with the julian calendar for a very long time. Eastern christians made their own corrections to the julian calendar, independent of the gregorian one, eventhough they are indeed fairly similar. Most important factors to remember about calendars: what we have now is basically the calendar that Julius Caesar enforced, with the exception of when year 1 is assumed to be, which was meant to be assigned to the first year of Jesus’s life but failed miserably at that, thus it is NOT related to Christ.Councilor Craig, who lives in a city with 300 mosques and 500 madrassahs, suggests that Britain not allow any more mosques until Muslims allow churches in Saudi Arabia. Craig said, “Why should the Saudis pay for a mosque in the UK when there is not one single church, temple, goodwara, synagogue in Saudi at all?” – CBNhi.. i too am a christian…to tell eve1 the fact…the entire world goes according to christianity…ie the date,days everyhting is according to christian calenders ….den y does eve follow it?…its bcoz christianity is the truth…also eve one celebrates new year after the birth of jesus christ…i think there is no need of further clarification…

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As for the sweeper in Saudi Arabia there is no need for the claims it has no built in the country Msihristin But mosques Vord God pure in any place to stay linksThis is just an architecture. Even if it IS a cross, so what? Two pieces of building material crossing over each other do not ALWAYS make a Christian cross. Grow up people.

The cross is one thing and prayer is another we have to remember that there is a spiritual war and that we are in it . the atomic bombs in this war have no atoms but only prayer faith and the word of God the only truth that can defeat the kingdom of darkness. We must pray each day so that we can resist the attacks of evilIf you feel some sympathy for the Swiss’ decision regarding minarets, then you also understand why the cross and other Christian symbols are routinely oppressed in the Islamic countries. 185.30 USD. Visita el mejor hotel del mundo para disfrutar de su increíble gastronomía y contemplar unas espectaculares vistas panorámicas del skyline de Dubái Double occupancy rates start at about $1,000 per night for one bedroom suites. The two sprawling Royal Suites go for more than $5,000 a night.

Location. All Bahrain China France Germany Indonesia Ireland Japan Kuwait Makkah / Mecca Maldives Mallorca Oman Russia Singapore Turkey United Arab Emirates (AE) United Kingdom United States.. as a muslim myself, I can’t believe this kind of mindset even exist anymore in the 21st century! it is this mindset that keeps these people from moving forward. Grow UP and be intelligent! also don’t argue about the rules of religions. these rules were set like thousands of years ago and don’t tell me we haven’t changed since then! some aren’t even practical anymore and it only brings us back to the stone age which seriously something you wouldn’t want too right. lame x infinity. oh no i typed a ‘x’!

Described as both a 'Vertical City' and 'A Living Wonder,' Burj Khalifa, is the world's tallest building Rising gracefully from the desert, Burj Khalifa honours the city with its extraordinary union of art.. По отелю постоянно ходят группы туристов с фотоаппаратами и раскрытыми ртами. Войдя в гостиницу, вы упретесь в лестничный фонтан с двумя эскалаторами по бокам. Фонтан периодически начинает играть, плюясь короткими струйками воды:

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  1. d.. love n peace.
  2. I personally have doubts that the architect did it in purpose. Even if so, what’s the point after all of putting crucifix on the land where it does not have any meaning…as we, Muslims, do not tie religion with visual and tangible objects, instead we treat religion by its meaning independent of visual, sensible or material support any material shape or object.
  3. роскошь такая что нет слов, когда нибудь я там обязательно побываю!!!!!
  4. From the beginning and before building the burj al arab they told us it will look like a sails boat so what’s new in that stop making stories.
  5. Oh, last thing: it’s a sail with a mast. The cross-beam is called a spreader. Anyone who sees a cross in the Burj al Arab needs to visit a harbor and look at some sailboats.

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  1. Burj Al Arab lobby. While I've never stayed there, I've had afternoon tea at the hotel twice, once at the Skyview Bar and once at the Sahn Eddar Lobby Lounge
  2. Dubai Burj-Al-Arab Hotel Gold Steel Concrete Mike McNicholas fears the waves could damage the hotel. So he decided to use pioneering concrete blocks
  3. Burj Al Arab is part of the Jumeirah Group and is located on Dubai most renowned beach, Jumeirah Burj Al Arab is an all-suite hotel comprising of 142 deluxe suites; 18 Panoramic suites; 4 Club Suites..
  4. Even if it’s Cross Cross, a geometric shape has no value, but after what Ihouda as the cross of Christian religious belief
  5. g from a country that the official religion is Islam, I find it hard to digest the fact that Malaysian of other faith such as Buddhist, Christian, Hindus and others are not allowed (unofficially) to built any religious structure or building that exceed the height of any mosque in their respective towns, except for a few temples and churches like the Batu Caves temple and Kek Loh Si temple. It is not a written law, don’t believe me? Ask any senior draftsperson or architects.
  6. In addition, let me take a Socratian view on things: The fact that a majority believes something, does not necessarily make the majority right. Socrates suggests that people ought to respect the laws that were constructed by majority rule, but also strongly suggests that outside of laws one should ignore the majority and only follow the expert, if an expert exists. For example, majority of people tell you to lean your head back when you have a nose-bleed. On the other hand, experts suggest that leaning the head back is NOT good (as it sends blood clots down the throat) and instead recommend keeping the head straight, while applying slight pressure on the diaphragm and lightly massage the back of the neck. This stimulates/regulates blood flow and helps stop the nose-bleed.
  7. Hotel Burj Al Arab - Hotel Burj Al Arab DUBAI EMIRATOS ARABES UNIDOS Esta situado en el mar, sobre una isla artificial

Еще один знаменитый ресторан называется «Устрица» и спрятался в подвале гостиницы. Он входит в 10 лучших ресторанов мира. Туда можно попасть на лифте, похожем на подводную лодку, а потом пройти по подводному туннелю:It is only a design not a christens cross in these days many things are in the cross form like T.V antenna. It is only a coincidence in Islam there is no concept of cross so this building is only an architect

But I do believe that the structure resonates a Christian philosophy as it does technically depend on the “cross” for support, meaning, the whole weight of the building basically depends on it...And to the writer of that comment, I would suggest reading some of the other comments before posting a comment, especially one as ignorant, as yours. Only a few comments above yours an architect explained exactly what im telling you. Burj Al Arab yakınlarındaki IHG otellerini bulun. Dubai gezinizi planlayın ve En İyi Fiyat Garantimizi Burj Al Arab ve yöreyi gezmek üzere Dubai kentinde ana üssünüz olacak en iyi otelleri bulmak için..

The author is not a CAD expert nor a web genius. Just another guy spending too much time online. The tutorials featured here are meant for basic level understanding.In the year 2001, Dubai introduced the 4th series number plate. It has the Burj al Arab symbol, due to conspiracy theories and controversies surrounding Burj Al Arab’s resemblance to the Christian cross, the Burj Al Arab symbol was removed without any explanation in the year 2004. Burj Al Arab (Arabic: برج العرب‎,Tower of the Arabs) is a luxury hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It has been called The world's only 7 star Hotel and is the third tallest hotel in the world.. Rising from the Arabian Gulf on an island 919 ft from the shores of Jumeirah beach and the opulent city of Dubai, stands the iconic Burj The Burj Al Arab is dressed in vibrant colours and lavish materials «с журналистическими удостоверениями» © — это супер!!! Если все журналисты ТАК «грамотно» излагают свои мысли, то читателями их останутся лишь подобные им «гопники». Кошмар. От такого сразу тошнит...Вот от такого представителя «из свиты» и шарахается заграница.

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Wonderful, +++++ Well said. God bless you, at this stage I am sure you know it already, perhaps not? With all this knowledge, do you BELIEVE in Christ, as your saviour?BTW, usage of the cross as a symbol for things (including christianity, but also many other uses): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross El hotel Burj al Arab Jumeirah ha sido repetidamente votado como el hotel más lujoso del mundo El Burj al Arab Jumeirah cuenta con el spa Talise y el gimnasio Talise Fitness para disfrutar de lo último.. To ramin You are very ignorant person. No one wants churches in Mecca ,only churches in Saudi Arabia. There are not mosques in Vatican but there are many in Rome !

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The Burj even describes itself as the world's most luxurious hotel. So it's no wonder that the hotel is also home to a seafood restaurant — Al Mahara — complete with a floor-to-ceiling aquarium where.. burj al arab claim the 7th star hotel. they don’t have an idea what makes it a 7th star hotel, the cross, of course. ha hait is nothin related to religion sum idiot found it out to break the unity of muslims and the america to be more harsh with the muslims i sincerely think that this is really needed or required for the structure of the buildingINteresting insights. I managed to find a collection of very intersting photos on the burj al arab that i’ve compiled from various sources-Most people look for what they want to see in most things. That is human nature. I found this page because I was trying to find some information on the recommended proportions for a Christian cross, so that I could have one modified that seemed a bit too elongated. The typical aesthetically accepted ratio for a cross is a function of ‘The Golden Mean’ or a ratio of 1.618 H X 1.00 W. If this one above was intended to be a cross frankly it is a very poorly designed one. Rev Nicholas Randall

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  1. g that Wright designed the cross after he had a dream to have a Christian influence in a Muslim country.
  2. Followers of both (and any other “faith”) are on the wrong path, and the discussion of which is better is silly at best — and, as we know, a call to intolerance, oppression, and violence at the worst.
  3. The hotel is significantly taller than it appears to the eye. It rises 332 meters (1053 feet), making it one of the world's highest buildings.
  4. I think its ridiculous how people must observe an object, or in this case building, to such an extent just to create a conflict among people. It does create a cross, but whether it was intentional or not, the building does in no way affect the public, and therefore should not need to be called a conspriracy against religion from another.
  5. I read all the comments above(what waste of time), and just found a few sensible comments others are pure BS!

Burj Khalifa is the tallest tower in the world and it's one of the top attractions to visit in Dubai. Visit our website and book your Burj Khalifa tickets And looking at the quote “are you inspired by the extrodanary” with it purposely facing that perfect angle of the “cross” I’d say it’s more than a coincidence. Most Christians use those kind of sayings when speaking about Jesus or God so well, it’s kinda obvious.

Burj Al Arab Guide Propsearch

  1. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai: See 6,002 traveller reviews, 10,170 photos, and cheap rates for Burj The distinctive sail-shaped silhouette of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is more than just a stunning hotel, it is..
  2. Additionally, Burj al Arab is currently the fourth tallest hotel in the world. So, the Burj al Arab. Modern exterior, palace-like interior, ultimate luxury, great setting and loads of features make this gem..
  3. В интерьере «Бурж аль-Араб» было использовано около 8000 квадратных метров 22-каратного сусального золота. Здесь же находится и самый высокий атриумный вестибюль в мире (180 метров), а ночь в одном из самых дорогих отелей мира обойдется от $1 500 до $28 000.
  4. Established in the year 1999, Burj Al Arab is one of the premium hotels of Dubai located on an artificial island off Jumeirah Road. Designed in the shape of a sail of a dhow..
  5. Dubai pages Top10 things to do in Dubai Ten reasons to visit Dubai Burj Khalifa Burj Khalifa - interesting facts Burj Al Arab Best hotels & resorts Interesting Dubai tidbits

This story is made up, Ok I know that a sail boat already includes a giant cross also the human body is a cross.as for the Burj al Arab it is shaped in a cross…by intention or not it is what it is…you can say it is a sign of hope you can say it is a mistake and want it removed but in the end it all comes down to you and your beliefs i believe that just like how the bible is inspired by god written by man this building was inspired by God and built by man as one of the tallest building which would draw attention to it and people would come to see his glory being shown through the little thingsJesus Christ GAVE HIS LIFE so that YOU don’t have to burn in HELL FOREVER! and he’s not mad or anything like that, He has ARISEN! and is in Heaven HE LOVES YOU!! If you died RIGHT NOW! R I G H T – N O W! do you have any doubt where’ed you go?

Если приехал без жены, женщину на ночь тоже предоставят? отеле Burj Al Arab в Дубае

Идея построить отель в форме Паруса пришла к английскому архитектору Тому Райту случайно. Он сидел в баре и пил пиво. Мимо окон проплывала арабская лодка Доу с парусом. Том воскликнул: «Эврика! Вот простая и узнаваемая форма, которую может нарисовать даже ребенок!» Бурдж Аль Араб стоит на искусственном острове и с землей его соединяет мост, в начале которого КПП с охранниками:Well I know if Iran ever decides to invade the UAE the first thing they would do is burn down this building.From a cultural standpoint, it is in every respect, representative of Dubai, a Moslem country, in view of its nautical heritage.

Note: I am not claiming that Christianity is wrong. I am a Christian, myself. I am only stating that majority belief in no way constitutes knowledge nor absolute truth.N.S: What you say has a lot of truth in it. However, I find that “not” in your first sentence contradictory to most of the rest of the stuff you said. Primarily, the reason I’m saying this is: The building was architected by some Britisher. While Some Britishers are catholic, especially closer to the British-Irish sections, majority of Britishers are protestant, Agglicans, and other denominations of christianity, while even the Catholic Britishers have and still do protest against some of the Vatican practices. Therefore, if the addition of a cross was deliberate from a non-catholic, who (as you correctly point out) views little significance in the cross, that would be very surprising. Again, I’d like to emphasize that this is NOT shaped as a proper christian cross. Therefore, if a Christian designed it on purpose, having twisted and misshaped the cross, that would be almost like sacrilege and sinful on the Christian’s part. If a fanatical christian really wanted to purposely place a gigantic cross on that building, the cross WOULD be properly shaped!

И почему я не удивляюсь? Видимо, потому, что пресловутое «восточное гостиприимство» хаваю уже 20 лет в Израиле... Нет, ессть, конечно, и исключения, но как только натыкаюсь на арабский сервис — жопа...Отсюда гостиница смотрится очень непривычно. Внутри этой черной трубы ходит скоростной панорамный лифт с прозрачными стенами: Burj Al Arab. Es un hotel de lujo con una altura de 321 metros, siendo el tercer hotel más alto de todo el mundo (superado por el Rose Rotana Hotel y el Hotel Ryugyong) y uno de los edificios hoteleros más representativos The fact that they avoid to show the other side of Burj al Arab supports the idea of a cross… no one is showing it, not Atkins website, not Tom Wright website… not even a single website related to Dubai or UAE.as we read it from the architect himself(Tom Wright),he said that it never crossed his mind to put a cross symbol on the facade of the structure…perhaps maybe he didnt..but what if God intervined during his conceptualization of his design?:) Tom may didnt meant it to have it there but if its God’s will nobody can stop it.yeah we live in a world of different beliefs&religions,and we shoud respect it,but evrybody should know that Christ died on the cross for u&me..u know where ur soul is going when ur life is over?-Christ is the answer…iam a christian architect, so wether its a symbol or not–leave it…it maybe a coincidence or a conceptualization—->its d mystery of architecture.

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