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Cassandra   27 february 2018, 19:04 - Reply Thank you so much, I'm starting with digital paint and this is a big help. Love your work. Scroptels Gluzar   09 january 2017, 20:41 - Reply Hey David, if i only want one of the brushes of your bundle (the air brush) how can i import that only? Aldys Brush Pack has been around in Krita for a very long time now, and may just be the oldest on our list today, even older than the Raghavendra set. David REVOY Author, 22 november 2016, 08:34 - Reply Hi Angle, The brushes are auto-tagged with the bundle name. You just need to restart Krita after adding the bundle. It works here on a Linux based Operating System. However, these brushes are quite outdated, and we would not recommend that you do any form of commercial work with them as there might be some compatibility issues with the latest Krita versions.

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[8.2] (update icon of this 8.1 brush ) Another big flat brush with a specific texture. [8.2] A brush I use for sketching organic elements on my backgrounds, tree, grass. It overlays strokes a bit like painting with colored ink. Accessing Colors, Brushes, Brush Sizes, Opacity, Angles, Palette: In Krita, with one click (bottom button), it brings a wheel of sorts to change all of those settings. As you can see here. I was wondering why, Photoshop a profession and highly grade program doesn't do this Krita is a FREE sketchingand painting program. It was created with the following types of art in mind: concept art, texture or matte painting Each brush engine has its own logic and behavior. The included engines are pixel, smudge, duplicate, filter, hairy, hatching, texture, chalk, color smudge.. Now, this set is pretty exciting to use. As it mimics the traditional cartooning tools like pens and brushes, it will allow any artist to make those classic comic designs and graphic novel sketches very easily. A brush to draw pseudo-screentones with control on the stylus pressure. [New] A brush to add a texture on reptilian skins ( a speedpainting shortcut ). [New] A textured squary brush to mimic a sort of chalk.

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Beka   26 november 2016, 19:24 - Reply I can't download the bundle :( the link just opens a page with lots of strange symbols. I still have an old brush set of yours, so its not that bad, but I would have liked to have this one, there are some pretty usefull looking new ones in there. David REVOY Author, 09 january 2017, 22:24 - Reply Hey, check the sources of the brush-kit ; the *.kpp are the presets. The preset might require the brush-tip too.

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Ugo Yak   24 may 2016, 17:07 - Reply Thanks!!! Digital art, 3d art, 3d artist, 3d character art, character art, zbrush, zbrushtuts, 3d modeling, 3d, 3d sculpting, zbrush sculpting, 3d tutorial, zbrush tutorial, tutorial Hardsurface Alpha Maps/Brushes by 3D Art Resources. FeedBurner Widget. Subscribe to our email newsletter. email you provide will only.. David REVOY Author, 26 july 2018, 11:28 - Reply I don't get your comment: why you don't tell that to the Photoshop developer? It is off-topic here...

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The pack is a bit unique in comparison to some of the other free brush sets out there, as it comes with a lot of customizable options which are more of a characteristic trait for paid brush packs. Enjoy a free sample of phantom cleansing silks with every order. Shop. Brushes. Fluenta 9 Brush Set. $450.00 Sold Out. Final Sale. Quick Shop Rubén de Frutos   13 december 2016, 14:02 - Reply Thanks, you are the best :)

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renaud   05 july 2016, 11:45 - Reply merci beaucoup pour ton set de brosses elles sont vraiment très utiles en complément de celles que j'utilise le plus souvent. ça m'a même permit d'augmenter ma "productivité". petite apartée, mais il m'est arrivé de voir planter krita 3 (appimage en 64bits) sauvagement: un crash avec perte de données. en général c'est quand je m'excite un peu sur des raccourcis claviers... est ce que ceci t'es également arrivé? j'ai peur d'utiliser la version appimage à cause de cette instabilité. je préfère Krita 3 pour la nouvelle gestion des calques + options sélection, cependant l'ancienne version , celle installée, me semblait beaucoup plus stable bien que moins pratique. bref, sais-tu si il va y avoir une version installable de kRITA 3? merci Megalodon   14 march 2017, 08:27 - Reply Absolutely fucking amazing. Thank you so much David. Jun Camot   14 march 2018, 22:02 - Reply I am a new learner, for the life of me I can, I don't know how to download your brush. Please help me. David REVOY Author, 30 may 2018, 11:56 - Reply Hi, re-download, extract the *.zip (inside there is a single *.bundle file ) Don't extract the bundle ( if you use Mac or Windows, the extractor sometime on this o.s. are bad qualities and auto assume to extract the content on multi level ; they try to extract the bundle file itself ). Keep the the bundle on your disk somewhere. Open Krita, go to ressource manager, and load the bundle from this interface.

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Siegfried   22 november 2016, 04:52 - Reply Technology is not my strong suit, I downloaded your file, it is a .zip file. I can't open it in Krita because it isn't a BUNDLE file. Is there any way I can convert it to a BUNDLE file or do something to open the brush pack? David REVOY Author, 09 january 2017, 22:24 - Reply :-) Sarah   25 may 2016, 21:21 - Reply Merci, merci, merci ! It comes with a few unique brush types as well, such as the smudge brushes as well as a custom move tool to add the much-needed versatility to this otherwise simple and minimalist set.

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  1. Elizabeth Coppes   23 july 2016, 23:29 - Reply Merci beacoup, David!
  2. F.   04 april 2017, 16:40 - Reply How can i choose and select them in krita?
  3. There are a lot of Digital Painting platforms out there which allow artists to paint out their ideas and concepts amazingly well.
  4. Making cartoons and anime pages on Krita is incredibly fun and easy. So if you’re inner mangaka is itching to make its very own webtoon serial then this brush set is a must-have.
  5. David REVOY Author, 30 january 2018, 22:18 - Reply Hi! I like the idea of the pop-up palette ; but here I'm often using the alpha/beta version of Krita to report bugs and test things. Many time, in this version, this part of the software is fragile : it often pop-up with empty presets ; or the preset move around. My memory is very visual ; and I don't like when I add a preset to this wheel , or remove one to see the rotation changing in the slot. It's not consistent and it's hard to develop automatism with it. Also, the color selector in middle is a bit little to my taste. So, all in all, I learned to avoid using this tool. I keep dockers around. I'm really eager to play with python plugins as one in future 4.x to assign presets to keyboard shortcut. I think I'll map all my 1,2,3,4,5...etc... key to that! Right now, yes, I rely on a docker with "brush preset" icon inside it.
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David REVOY Author, 22 august 2016, 09:19 - Reply A future baby? Awww! ^_^ cool news! David REVOY Author, 22 november 2016, 08:29 - Reply Read the page ; pick the link under "Download" --__-- ( not the zip 'source' one )

David REVOY Author, 31 may 2018, 11:10 - Reply Hi, maybe this link will help you more to get the concept: https://docs.krita.org/en/reference_manual/resource_management.html Gellie   17 july 2016, 16:24 - Reply Merci beaucoup pour les brosses, David. I always enjoy watching your tutorials. Why Krita!? Because I love art! History. - Originally a proof of concept Qt GUI wrapper for GIMP that really cheesed people off at the 1998 Linux Kongress. Brush Presets! -Krita comes with a sweet assortment of premade brushes! -In order to keep things tidy, we separate the brushes with.. David REVOY Author, 04 june 2016, 00:55 - Reply Thanks, I remember you :-) (Ps: A big thank you for your support!)

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Chris   09 february 2018, 19:50 - Reply Awesome brush set, but it looks like i only have a few of them available. I can only 2 copies of the same brush set in my settings Kacper   09 december 2016, 20:58 - Reply oh nvrmind I did something wrong just don't answer this comment I'm retarded lol

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David REVOY Author, 23 may 2018, 18:06 - Reply Hi Ryon, Here I'm using Ark, from Plasma desktop on Linux. I guess it doesn't exist on Mac... You can find on this folder the *.bundle version directly: https://www.peppercarrot.com/extras/?dir=resources , I hope it will help! JavaScript API. Keyshot. Krita. layers. Lightwave. Concept Art Accelerator. Crehana. Daredevil. For this class we're going to be exploring brushes in Adobe Illustrator. I'll show you how to make hand crafted textures, turn them into high quality vecto Bruno Prosaiko   01 june 2016, 03:09 - Reply AMAZING! Tank you! However, just because these high-quality features are patched to the latest version doesn’t mean that they will not be supported in the older Krita models. Thomas   21 june 2017, 11:01 - Reply Thank you David......A true artist and a gentleman. The spirit of Open Source makes the most generous people.Your videos are amazing. Continue to inspire us all.

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Holo   07 april 2017, 20:32 - Reply Well it's a bit complicated tbh, but the main channels we use to communicate directly and in a friendly way is Facebook and Discord mainly. This is our Facebook group https://m.facebook.com/groups/drawpile/ I added my email to this replay form btw just in case. I told to Calle (the main developer) about your reply yesterday, and he was pretty excited to hear feedback and ideas from you Mr.David! We try to make a nice place in where ppl can join and discover the joy of draw with more ppl n.n I re-discovered my love for draw thanks to DrawPile tbh! It was such a beautiful experience, and I want that more ppl can access to it n.n , even I developed my characters even more through the real-time role playing (amazing experience!). Well... Sorry I tend to speak a lot when I'm excited! Please Mr.David give us a glance n.n. Have a lovely day. The XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro supports up to 60 degrees of tilt function, so now you don't need to adjust the brush direction in the software over and over again. Compatible with popular digital art software such as Adobe® Photoshop®, Illustrator®, SAI®, CDR®, GIMP®, Krita®, Medibang®, Fire Alpaca®..

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renaud   13 july 2016, 10:58 - Reply J'ai commencé à écrire un article au sujet du Hack clavier, il se trouve que je ne suis pas super à l'aise avec cet exercice, cependant, je vais quand même essayer de mener à bien cet aventure textuelle. je pense pouvoir t'envoyer quelque chose pour la rentrée scolaire si tout va bien (car j'ai du boulot et une vie de famille etc) Je te propose de diffuser l'article sur ton site, car à titre personnel, je n'ai aucune visibilité sur le net. à plus tard (beaucoup plus tard...) Borhan   20 march 2017, 14:46 - Reply As you mention this is quite a manual based approach and can see using it only for really demanding requirements. Was wondering if you can also recommend any good fonts that you would recommend for a similar, if admittedly not quite as good, effect? Ðae   02 october 2017, 10:24 - Reply Ty <3 <3

Michel Montenegro   08 march 2017, 18:59 - Reply Should I press and rub the brush? To rub the blend as in gif? He does the whole work with the brushes available on the set and goes about manifesting the art in such a way that it’s going to be rather easy for anyone to mimic and follow.As of the 4th version, the pack contains 17 presets and 3 tutorials. In August, there are 6 new pixel art presets coming, along with 2 more videos. And from there on, it is only getting bigger and better. Daulat Neupane   02 june 2016, 00:00 - Reply Thanks David, your brushes are very good! Appreciate the effort you put into them.

With these brushes, you'll be able to create base meshes and concepts REALLY FAST so you can explore various ideas before you commit to something. With the ZBrush Compositor, you can use any process in ZBrush, from booleans to Sculptris Pro. Forget about UVs and finish up your concept in.. David REVOY Author, 19 march 2017, 16:06 - Reply Thanks. I loaded an empty configuration vanilla Krita 3.1.2, I added the bundle 8.2 and all works correctly: I can't reproduce. What version of Krita do you use and on what system ? Also, check if you don't have a local modification of the brush in your paintoppresets local folder. It would override the one in the bundle... David REVOY Author, 16 march 2017, 08:22 - Reply Hi Carro, Don't worry: my brushes version 8.2 are compatible with every Krita 3.x versions. They can't broke anything. If your Krita works well for 3.1.1 on your system; just paint with it and do not update to 3.1.2 . The next version 3.1.3 can be more interesting because it will be a sort of Krita 3 final. A big "bug fix release" before Krita jumping to the big change of Krita 4 ( with new text tool, SVG ). The team of Krita put a lot of efforts into getting compatibility across version for the Krita files format ( *.kra ). Your old unfinished art should be safe! :-) Fernando   17 august 2016, 00:17 - Reply Hey David! This is awesome! To be honest with you. You are kind of a mentor to me. I realy love your work. Let me ask: do you plan to make a new version of Chaos and Evolutions in the future? Tks ‪nourhan mostafa‬‏   09 april 2020, 22:28 - Reply thanks alot ... can these brushes be used for clip studio paint or krita only ?

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Aditya Krisnawan   29 june 2018, 04:30 - Reply Hello, David. I am new on krita and have installed it now. I was wondering why v 8.2 brush didn't work on KRITA 4.0. You know, i love all of your artworks and motivated a lot to do my own using your brushes, and i expecting this brushes will fixed sooner :)) Sophie Sarah   10 september 2018, 07:07 - Reply This is my first time I've seen such a good thing! Amazing brush tool !!! From light sketch pencils to digital inking pen to even eraser styles and paint brush sets, this brush pack comes with a lot of amazing tools and features.

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Robert Smith   01 june 2018, 07:29 - Reply Successfully downloaded and I'm very excited to use these brushes Angie   14 november 2016, 15:51 - Reply Hi. Thank you so much for providing these brushes, they are a great addition. I have a question if you can help please. I am new to Krita so this might not be possible but can I not put your brushes into the preset folders such as pixel, mix etc... or make a DRevoy preset folder rather than have the brushes only show up in 'all'? Having so many brushes in the one place makes searching for what you want more difficult. Thanks. 「 Krita Desktop 」其實是一款已經發展很多年的繪圖軟體,或許有些朋友早就知道,甚至在自己日常的繪圖工作或練習上採用

amira   13 november 2016, 21:49 - Reply thank you so much :) some are made from my texture resources (for example the rippled glass brush is from this), others are made with default gimp brushes and with krita's symmetry paint mode. the fractal the brush pack can be used very well for concept art, background / storyboard images and for hand-painted textures The brush set has a varied collection of brushes and stroke styles, with features that support dabbing as well as splattering. Dabbed and Splatter brushes can help you get a wider style range with your strokes, and make certain works like bricolages and abstracts that can truly refine your skills with the Krita platform.And if you’re not all that sure if you want to use these brushes at all or not, then the Deviant Art main page has a small sample of the brushes which you can use and get an idea about them. Peter Stulz   15 september 2016, 14:49 - Reply Your stuff is great, David! Thank you so much for sharing this - love your attitude and your work is very sweet - will forward this to my kids ;). All the best for your future and hope to hear much more of you!

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Free Krita Brushes & Brush Packs For Digital Artists. A massive collection of free Krita brushes for all types of work. These packs include pens, paintbrushes, erasers, custom pencil styles, and lots of similar brushes made especially for digital painting & webcomic work Keen   23 june 2018, 15:32 - Reply Hey there! I am attempting to download Krita Brushkit v8.2 but every time I click the download link, it just brings me to this page: https://www.davidrevoy.com/categorie12/download Even when I click the download link under the set on that page, it just reloads the same page. 82 Best Krita Free Brush Downloads from the Brusheezy community. Krita Free Brushes licensed under creative commons, open source, and more Hello everybody! and welcome to this new video. Today i show you something special. Is related with concept art and how Krita can be interesting even for.. Cynthia Harrington   27 october 2017, 23:19 - Reply Beautiful work! Thank you SOOO much! I can't wait to use some of them!

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juanjo sanz   22 august 2017, 19:47 - Reply thanks a lot for your brushkit and your kindness with all of us. you are a 5bgreat artist and guy. mgs   21 may 2016, 14:07 - Reply Thanks, man. The quite popular digital artist Vasco Alexander Basque has created a very special set of custom watercolor brushes just for Krita users. David REVOY Author, 14 march 2018, 23:38 - Reply Hi Jun, the post contains all the information in a very user friendly way ; if you browse the comments, you'll find a way to also have additional informations. Installing a bundle is not hard. Download the file ; unzip it, then open Krita ; and load it in the resource manager. I hope you'll find a way to do it :) David REVOY Author, 31 january 2018, 10:05 - Reply Off topic comment? But yes, ABR is a proprietary binary file created by Adobe. It means if you open this type of file you see plenty of encoded glyph. So, it's already a little miracle a developer of Krita found a way to catch little picture into this mess ( a way to import "brush tips" ). But loading the other parameters is way harder ; the settings are changing and would require a dev to buy a Photoshop license only to compare and play the "guess" and paint long process. It's not worthing it , in my opinion. Artist can recreate the brushes without too much effort. Adobe is known to create messy in-house binary file format with plenty of revisions, etc.

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New features in the latest version of the open source image painting and editing software include: Tangent Normal Brush engine (for drawing normal maps), new set of icons with ability to choose their size, color space selector, ability to merge selection masks, any selection can now be converted into a.. Morten Telling   31 may 2016, 10:06 - Reply Just love your work and thank you so much for sharing brushes, tutorials and everything with the world! .-) It comes in two flavors: as a premium product, with exclusive tutorials and monthly updates. There is also a smaller, free version, so that everyone can enjoy the brushes! David REVOY Author, 17 january 2018, 16:29 - Reply Please read the article. It should work if you don't skip the "Download" chapter and know how to click a link.

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In Krita every drawing tools that you may find in the real world are all considered as brush presets. Okay. So a paint brush is a brush preset, a What makes this erasing concept in Krita interesting is when we use tools like gradient tool and also when using pattern. So if you use the gradient tool and.. Trish   25 may 2016, 19:52 - Reply Thanks so much for the brushes! And the examples of where you use them are so useful! :) Oliver Lily   03 august 2018, 07:07 - Reply Thanks for the post and sharing the blog. Valuable and excellent post, as share good s ideas and concepts. Lots of great information and inspiration. I just would like to say thanks for your great efforts. I appreciate your excellent post. Eric   06 january 2017, 04:45 - Reply David I figured out a workaround, as a suggestion for anyone else that runs into this issue: click on the download "deevad-v8-1.bundle, save as, change "save as type" from .zip to "all files". Change the defaulted .zip extension to .bundle. WORKED!! :)

Be   25 may 2016, 06:16 - Reply Siick! Thank you so much! David REVOY Author, 19 september 2016, 09:25 - Reply Thanks! Yes, in the four lines of "licenses" chapter I written it: "This attribution is not necessary in case of usage (you can paint any artwork you want with it, you still own totally your artwork)." , So you can do artworks, share them, do commercial work with them, etc... without any issue and without to attribute the brush to me. Enjoy painting! Ember   09 july 2017, 19:15 - Reply Hmmm... I may have done it over some 0% opacity areas, so it seems like it's my fault rather than Krita's. Thanks for the speedy reply!

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  1. Krita is a free and open source painting tool designed for concept artists, illustrators, matte and texture artists, and the VFX industry. Krita has been in development for over 10 years and has had an explosion in growth recently. It offers many common and innovative features to help the amateur and..
  2. D-Queazius   19 july 2017, 01:56 - Reply Thanks! I'm on my way to start painting a drawing of Tyrion Lannister I sketched out. Wish me luck!
  3. Serg   22 may 2016, 19:48 - Reply Thanks a lot!
  4. Pixelstains cloud brush Soft edge cloud brush for painting different type of puffy cloud. More info on how to use them and Download in PixelStains DeviantArt. Yuumei cloud brush Brush to paint puffy cloud and cirrus cloud, also contain a star brush in the zip
  5. This eraser always erase 100% without doing variation on opacity. It is useful for removing a part of a drawing.

David Revoy Author, 06 january 2017, 04:45 - Reply Ha, that's sounds like an issue of the browser. Yes, here I'm using last Firefox on Manjaro Linux. I can right click on the bundle and perform a 'save-link-as'. You don't need to extract the zip you have ; just rename it to deevad-v8-1.bundle . I'll try to improve the download experience for the user of IE on the next brushkit update. http://www.peppercarrot.com/extras/forum/2017-01-06_Selection_002.jpg erez.   16 april 2019, 15:24 - Reply THANK YOOUUUUUUUU!! I Appreciate This! Krita's brush presets have also been updated, in part to reflect the new functionality, with the final collection being curated by concept artist and illustrator Colour line art in a few strokes with the new Colorize Mask tool Other neat new features include a new Colorize Mask tool for colouring line art

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Julia   18 october 2018, 17:07 - Reply OMG I've been trying to start drawing digitally for some time now and I keep wondering why the brushes are so limited and I cannot do a lot of effects. It was extremely easy to download it and I am very thankful that I did. ITS AWESOME!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH David REVOY Author, 07 april 2017, 18:44 - Reply I'm not familiar with discord, no other way/channel to reach you ? mailing-list? good'old'forum? social-network group? :) Digital artist Sparth has worked as a concept artist in the Video Game industry for 20 years. He is the author of the Structura book series, and the Art In this 'Art Pack', Sparth shares 30 of his most used custom brushes (including basic, complex, and environment) as well as 25 environment custom.. Krita is a graphic application comparable to Photoshop, Gimp, CorelPainter, etc. But unlike Photoshop, Krita is an open source project, so anyone can use Krita. .

I take my time to design the presets and ensure that they are worth adding to the pack. I also use them in my daily work so they are tested thoroughly in all kinds of configurations.For digital painting, concept creation, or even for making your very own webtoon, Krita is an amazing platform to have. And we hope that our list of brush sets today was able to help you in understanding this platform a bit more. Jennifer   12 february 2017, 21:36 - Reply I think you may be right! I looked at my recently installed programs, and my graphics driver automatically updated the same night I installed the brush kit. Unfortunately, Windows 10 likes to keep automatically updating when I try to rollback the driver, so I haven't been able to test it to see if that's the reason for sure. But I think it is. When I have more time I'll try to find a way to fix that. Moving your brush kit to "inactive bundles" doesn't solve the problem. Thank you for your advice! :) David REVOY Author, 01 november 2016, 11:13 - Reply Hey Chalo! Ha, yes, sometime the 'bundle' links are not easy to download. Some web-browser tries to 'read' the bundle as a webpage or redirect it. Right-click and "save-as" is the solution, yes. No problem for your three messages, the comment system on my blog is around for that :)

Natty   09 june 2018, 09:21 - Reply Many Thanks for making the Brushes available. Just discovered Krita and after seeing your work , i was amazed ... really looking forward to discover more :) . A massive collection of free Krita brushes for all types of work. These packs include pens, paintbrushes, erasers, custom pencil styles, and lots of If you love Krita or want to pick it up then you already know it's a great art program. In my opinion Krita is the best free Photoshop alternative out.. Krita is a free and open-source raster graphics editor designed primarily for digital painting and 2D animation. It features an OpenGL-accelerated canvas, colour management support, an advanced brush engine, non-destructive layers and masks (similar to Adobe Photoshop).. David Revoy Author, 06 january 2017, 04:28 - Reply Hi Suika Pon, Krita Gemini is equal to the version 2.9 as far as I know. Check my previous brush pack : http://www.davidrevoy.com/article264/brushkit-v7-0, and follow the 'Manual instalation' chapter on this page

masahiro kondo   29 june 2018, 15:38 - Reply none I finally got my brush pack ready for sharing. It has all the brushes I use for my work and it was specifically designed with the needs of professional Concept Art and Illustration in mind. Feel free to download, share, edit, add it to the resources page, etc.. Stephie   24 november 2016, 08:37 - Reply That's awesome! Thank you so much :) So, to help you out, we have comprised a list of some of the best brush packs for the Krita platform, which are sure to appeal to both professionals and amateurs alike.

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Anista alpharo   12 december 2016, 10:53 - Reply Thank you so much for your efforts merci beaucoup et bon courage A simple speedpainting brush for general usage. [8.2] update of a [8.1] Another speedpainting brush, but rounded and hard edges now. [8.2] A brush with variation on size only. For filling manually colors or for thick generous lines. Concept Brush Pens feature a unique brush point that can create a variety of different lines or movements smoothly and gracefully. Achieve fine, medium or even brush strokes and shading simply by changing the pressure on the point Disclaimer | This article may contain affiliate links, this means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases. Fran   22 january 2017, 18:22 - Reply Thank you for sharing.... awesome brushes!

Eli   20 may 2016, 22:01 - Reply You are really a kind person, David! Thank you very much for your lovely and useful gift and for the time dedicated to explain all your brushes. Katherine   06 february 2017, 21:24 - Reply Thank you for sharing these...I've only just begun dabbling with Krita, so I'm a bit of a no0b with it - but it's a pretty slick program to paint with. Doesn't feel like it's trying to fight me so much. You are very inspiring too, love your stuff.

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This set of primary brushes are more catered towards the needs of more adept Krita users than beginners really. But the newer users can still try out this set as the brushes here are very easy to use and install, and is very rich in stroke quality as well. The app is a game changer for artists as it transforms the iPad into a drawing table and allows artists to achieve the same outcome that was only possible on a Introducing the most realistic and natural watercolor brush set available for the iPad and Procreate. This Master Watercolor Set is for the..

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  1. Naw   21 december 2017, 17:50 - Reply Thank you!
  2. Sarah   10 january 2017, 16:48 - Reply Thank you so much for this amazing brushkit!
  3. Ashley   16 october 2016, 04:02 - Reply This looks amazing, thank you!
  4. Eric   06 january 2017, 04:08 - Reply Hi is this compatible with Krita v 3.1.1? I downloaded and unzipped the file but when attempting to import, it doesn't find any file to open. Thank you.
  5. David REVOY Author, 23 november 2016, 23:31 - Reply Maybe try on this folder : http://www.peppercarrot.com/extras/resources/ The bundle are *.bundle files. I think internet explorer has issue with it ( in case you use it ). In this case, right click on the bundle, and "save as" or "save the target file as" or equivalent (I don't own internet-explorer). Good luck ! -David
  6. Charles Clinton Rodrigues   07 february 2018, 21:24 - Reply the painting brush is the main weapon of an artist and this will give them a huge option to choose their weapon.
  7. Jesse   21 may 2016, 21:49 - Reply Thank you very much!! =j

Free brushes

Holo   06 april 2017, 19:49 - Reply OMG! It's a big honor that you used it! We don't have an IRC ATM but I'm getting the community together in a discord. I can put you in direct contact with the main developer to listen your opinions! (He will get pretty excited about that! I'm sure! You are like a hero for us juejuejue) My discord is (sorry for the nickname, is because my brother gift me a sword with that name) Holocausto #7260 Have a great day David! n.n apri1ia   26 february 2018, 02:24 - Reply Thank you so much. <3 kill3r   11 july 2019, 04:58 - Reply i cant find where to download! i'm really clueless with this type of thing please help He has made this brush set for the newer users, derived from the David Revoy amateur brush sets, with some changes here and there. She has tried to make this a very basic set which will help the newcomer get an idea of how Krita works and how he/she can go about the platform to make whatever they want. IvanO   14 august 2017, 21:34 - Reply Thnx bro! Regards.

Chezz   26 december 2016, 05:43 - Reply Thank you so much for these David! And by the way it seems to be working fine on Krita 3.1.1 although there was one instance when I noticed a small glitch on a few of your brushes. It happened when I gently drew a thin line but upon releasing the stylus, the line instantly becomes slightly thick and a little darker. This was resolved by just restarting Krita but I thought you ought to know. Be notified with new downloads and upcoming release information. We will not send you any type of Sale or Limited Time Only junk. Just the good stuff! Sources are available here : https://github.com/Deevad/deevad-krita-brushpresets Previous versions are listed here : http://www.peppercarrot.com/extras/?dir=resources MAG   23 march 2017, 00:40 - Reply Thank you Mr. Revoy, From Baltimore, Maryland Orla Callaghan   27 december 2017, 13:21 - Reply Excuse me, I have followed all the steps provided by you, however when I restart Krita the brushes are not there. Could you please tell me how to fix this problem.

How to import .ABR brush tips to Krita brushes, using Krita 4.

  1. Photoshop brushes: a free collection of brushes created by the best artists of digital art. Someone wrote that what counts is the idea and that we To date there are countless tools that a digital artist can use to make his own work and one of the best known, and undoubtedly among the most used, is..
  2. When it comes to painting a concept art, Photoshop brushes plays an important role. Without brushes, you cannot paint anything and the brush settings make the brushes more useful and for a concept artist brushes are boon. In this showcase, I'm featuring top 15 concept artists brushes..
  3. Krita Brushes Presets Pack v2. September 16, 2016March 13, 2019 by nylnook. Time for update ! Brushes with a rotation icon for the Art Pen pack are meant to be used with a stylus supporting rotation like the Wacom Art Pen (the best stylus I know if you want my opinion)
  4. Michel Montenegro   08 march 2017, 19:12 - Reply David the Blend brush, should I rub in "zig and zag", or give light strides?
  5. Add textured brushes for new Krita feature. screenshot, article, tar.gz. 14-01-2013: v2.0, Krita 2.6.0 - Full brushkit refactor with painted thumbnail on crystal black. screenshot, article. 04-06-2012: v1.0, Krita 2.3.0 - First release used on Tears of Steel concept art. screenshot, tar.gz

45 Procreate Brushes for Digital Artists - The Designes

  1. Sophie Taylor   01 february 2019, 06:08 - Reply I would like to download and work on it, Thanks for sharing the amazing brush tool, it will be helpful.
  2. Sophie Sarah   09 july 2018, 08:08 - Reply I hope you are so excited :P
  3. Xavier Vegas   01 september 2016, 16:45 - Reply Thank you David! It's nice find people who share them knoledge!

fikrirazor   17 august 2016, 05:26 - Reply Thank you !! This awesome brush kit. i happy to use your brush These painterly brushes are modeled after the real bristle brushes and mimic most of their stylistic patterns and strokes.

The 4th volume of the Modular Brush set series from Grind God is going to be one of the most versatile and varied brush pack set on the list. David REVOY Author, 28 october 2019, 17:29 - Reply Thanks for solving alone and for the feedback! ;) If the tilt of the newer version annoys you; it should be easy to turn off and just overwrite the preset. (it does for me; but I kept this design because of a specific request merging another presets: I also merged in 4.0 brushes from many other artists.) Maia   15 june 2016, 00:59 - Reply Thank you lots! I downloaded it and used it for a while, and I loved using the blending brush, but one time I came back, the icon was gone and the brush wasn't working anymore. I tried to take off the pack and re install it to the program, but it still did not work. Any ideas on what to do? Echoris   09 august 2017, 21:39 - Reply I have a windows 10 computer and I downloaded them. Im not sure what I do after they are downloaded I open it up and what do I do after that?

However, with the limited amount of brushes and stroke styles, this pack might feel insufficient by the more adept users. But these 36 brushes are ideal for the beginner who is still getting the hang of Krita. Siegfried   23 november 2016, 22:19 - Reply Wait. That's what I did. Click the link under "Download the Bundle". It only comes up as a compressed .zip file? David REVOY Author, 12 february 2017, 20:52 - Reply Hi, Thanks :) I don't think installing a brush-kit can affect the brush-outline. Maybe you use a system with auto-update and a system update changed your graphic driver ? Maybe it was so close in the timeline with installing the preset it suddently was related? Just question :) You can always check by going in Krita ; Settings > Manage resources ; and take the brushkit to the 'Inactive Bundles' to see if the problems disapear and if the problem is linked to my brushes. Let me know ! Roo   26 november 2019, 10:49 - Reply Hey, I tried to download the bundle, but whenever I click "ok" after I put it in the resource window, it says "Bundle "deevad-v8-2" doesn't exist!". Am I doing something wrong?

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