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The Sako TRG is a bolt-action sniper rifle line designed and manufactured by the Finnish firearms manufacturer, SAKO of Riihimäki. The TRG-21 and TRG-22 are designed to fire standard .308 Winchester[1]/7.62×51mm NATO sized cartridges, while the TRG-41 and TRG-42 are designed to fire more powerful and dimensionally larger .300 Winchester Magnum (7.62×67mm) and .338 Lapua Magnum (8.6×70mm) cartridges. They are available with olive drab green, desert tan/coyote brown, dark earth or black stocks, and are also available with a folding stock.[2] This is the Sako TRG-42, a Finnish bolt-action sniper rifle. This rifle fires the .338 Lupua (8.60x70mm), and holds 5 rounds in a magazine. This model is about 4500 polygons In 1989 Sako Ltd. (Riihimäki, Finland) introduced the TRG-21 precision rifle as a sniper rifle model chambered in .308 Winchester. With the introduction of the TRG bolt-action, Sako moved away from the modified two-lug Mauser bolt-actions, favoured during the past, to an action with a symmetrical three-lug bolt of 19 mm (0.75 in) diameter, displaying a locking surface of 75 mm2 (0.116 in2). The evolution of this design continues to the present and can be found in Sako's hunting rifle offerings, the Sako 75 and the Sako 85. A more hunting oriented variation of the TRG was later introduced as the TRG-S M995, which uses the same receiver (short action) and bolt (different bolt handle) as the TRG-21 with the exception that the receiver is open at the top rather than possessing a cartridge ejection port on the right side as found with the TRG-21. Subsequently, a second sniper rifle with a 20 mm (0.79 in) longer scaled up magnum action emerged as the TRG-41 in order to take advantage of the .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge. Similarly, a hunting variant of this model, again using the same bolt (different bolt handle) and with the receiver open at the top was introduced as the TRG-S M995 Mag in magnum calibres up to .338 Lapua Magnum.[7]

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The free-floating, heavy, chrome moly barrels (chrome moly barrels resist throat erosion better offering a longer accuracy life than stainless steel barrels[15]) for the available cartridge chamberings all have a different length, groove cutting and rifling twist rate optimised for their respective chambering and intended ammunition. The .260 Remington, .308 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum chamberings are available with barrels of common length for sniper rifles and relatively short 510 mm (20.08 in) long barrels. On special order TRG sniper rifles can also be supplied with stainless steel barrels. Two types of flash eliminator/muzzle brakes are available as an accessory with one being threaded to accommodate a sound-suppressor. Sako TRG-42. Download Name: Sako TRG-42. Category: Counter-Strike: Mods Counter-Strike: Source Skins The trg s or sharpshooter model 42 is listed on Gunbroker new for 2450.00. Very similar actions but the stocks are a world apart (gunfitter you put a new pad on my TRG-S - remember??) KKV tiedottaa kuluttajien kohtaamista ongelmista Fi-Nergy Voiman toimintaan liittyen. Kuluttajaneuvontaan ja kuluttaja-asiamiehelle on tullut tämän ja viime vuoden aikana lukuisia.. Sako. Manufacturer Part Number. S5740321

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Rate my setup SAKO TRG M10/ SAKO TRG 22. by GlowingDarkness Aug 31 2017 via Android. Love Imgur Around 2011 an American Sako vendor commissioned a special limited production run of TRG-22 sniper rifles chambered in .260 Remington cartridge and started offering them as of May 2011.[8] English: The TRG is a sniper rifle system made by the Finnish firearms manufacturer SAKO. Deutsch: Die TRG-42 von SAKO ist ein finnisches Scharfschützengewehr. Polski: TRG 42 - fiński karabin wyborowy. 中文: 沙科TRG-22/42(英語:Sako TRG-22/42)是.. Sako TRG :: Login/Create an Account :: 0 comments. If you would like to post a comment please signin to your account or register for an account See more of Sako TRG Manufactory on Facebook. Sako TRG Manufactory. Hobby shop in Kyiv, Ukraine

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  1. TRG Action Wrench. Spigot Mount TRG Version. TRG / SOTIC Barrel. Ambi Sling Mount. Integrated Night Vision Rail (INVR). TRG Catch Extender
  2. Sako TRG 42, Rossler Titan 6, test shot at Pellegrino Parmense(PR) Italy - Продолжительность: 4:33 Erik ScagliaLongRange 21 031 просмотр
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  4. Sako states that the TRG M10 factory acceptance tests with high quality match ammunition has an accuracy of 1 MOA (0.291 mil) for .338 Lapua Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum chambered models and ⅔ MOA (0.194 mil) for .308 Winchester chambered models.[35]
  5. SAKO TRG-22 for Competition. Shooting the TRG-22 — the Dutch Perspective. I've been shooting a Sako TRG-22 since I started shooting firearms. It was my first rifle and I still have one right now

Sako TRG, Finlandiya yapımı bir keskin nişancı tüfeğidir. Silah, SAKO tarafından üretilmektedir. TRG tüfekleri genellikle geri tepmeyi, atlamayı ve ateşi azaltmak için namlu ağzı frenleriyle donatılmıştır Sako trg - schmidt & bender PMII. South Korean UDT/SEAL snipers with Sako TRG M10 sniper rifles Sako TRG(CSO) On IIopn Anims. Добавил: The DSystem SAKO TRG-42. Posted by JerCon from www.sako.fi. Pin it! Follow Gentlemint on Pinterest


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Sako 85 Bavarian .300WSM. Sako 85 Bavarian Carbine 9.3x62 The TRG M10 is a manually operated bolt action sniper rifle that uses a rotary bolt with three radial locking lugs at the front. It features a steel receiver, a Picatinny rail on top of its receiver for mounting various optical sights and on the stock bottom for bipod mounting. The barrel is a free floating barrel that can be equipped with special muzzle brakes that have a mounting interface for quick detachable suppressors. It is offered in various barrel lengths of 16-, 20- and 26-inch (.308 Winchester/7.62×51mm NATO), 23.5- and 27-inch (.300 Winchester Magnum), and 20- and 27-inch (.338 Lapua Magnum).[32] Ammunition feeding is by a double-stack detachable box magazine which is marked with appropriate number of large dots that are embossed into the sides of the polymer baseplate and that holds 11 rounds (.308 Winchester/7.62×51mm NATO), 7 rounds (.300 Winchester Magnum), or 8 rounds (.338 Lapua Magnum).[33] Alternatively, cartridges can be singly loaded directly into the chamber. $12.99 2002 SAKO TRG 42 and TRG S Bolt Action Rifle PRINT AD Advertisements $99.95 Warne Picatinny Rail for Sako TRG M678M Scope Mounts & Accessories - 52510 SAKO TRG M10. 308 Win. Sako trg M10 308 win. Calcio completamente regolabile

Designed specifically for the Sako TRG 22/42 models - Sako's Mirage Strap allows the shooter to better manage Barrel Mirage. S2501858. Black. TRG 22/42. $45.00 The TRG stock design is besides sniping requirements, designed to conform to both UIT and CISM regulations. Sako offers black, green, desert tan or dark earth coloured stock variants and the green, desert tan or dark earth stock variants are 0.2 kg (0.4 lb) heavier than the black variants. In 2011 Sako also began offering stocks in several styles of digital camouflage. The base of the ergonomic injection-moulded polyurethane forestock is made of aluminium and encompasses the bedding block with the bedding block serving as a point of attachment for a bipod. The polyurethane buttstock with its pistol grip and integrated aluminium skeleton to add strength, is designed for right- and left-handed shooters. The rear of the buttstock possesses a series of spacer and angle plates to regulate the length of pull and curvature adjustments that can be tailored for the individual shooter. The buttplate is adjustable for both height and pitch. Finally, the cheek-piece is adjustable for both height and pitch as well.[14] Home / Tag Archives: Sako TRG 42. Tag Archives: Sako TRG 42. A Long-Range African Safari. Cal December 30, 2017 Complete Rifles & Custom Builds, Product Reviews, Tips & How To's 38

Sako7 is a range of socks and cycling apparel created by Sean Sakinofsky, a road cyclist from Cape Town SaKO7 is a range of socks and cycling apparel designed. with the lifestyle cyclist in mind The sniper rifles are normally fitted with muzzle brakes to reduce recoil, jump and flash. The Sako factory TRG muzzle brakes vent sideways and are detachable. Generally TRGs are outfitted with a Zeiss[3] or Schmidt & Bender PM II[4] telescopic sight with fixed power of magnification or with variable magnification. Variable telescopic sights can be used if the operator wants more flexibility to shoot at varying ranges, or when a wide field of view is required. Sako TRG 22. Alysha Bartlett. Follow. 4 years ago|51 views. 338 Lapua Magnum SAKO TRG 42 at 1800 yards. Yaho. 0:41. [Selreo Infos] Beretta Sako TRG 22 .308 Winchester Rifle - Specs & Details It was entered as a contender for the Precision Sniper Rifle program by the United States Special Operations Command to replace all current bolt-action sniper rifles in use by U.S. special operations snipers with a single bolt-action rifle chambered for a large calibre magnum chambering. The contract was awarded to Remington Arms for their Modular Sniper Rifle winning against the TRG M10 in 2013.[31] Counter-Strike Source / Armas /Sako TRG-42 para Counter-Strike Source

Снова SAKO TRG M10 Sniper Rifle Sako TRG-42 Rifle. 415 Views 0 Comment. 0 Like Unlike. Sako RK95 Assault Rifle. 859 Views 0 Comment Финляндия. Sako TRG. Sako TRG M10. Tikka T3 Tactical. Франция Dokyuu Hentai HxEros. Title ID: 21651

Sako TRG-42, Sako TRG-22. Features of Beretta Sako TRG Bipod For Tactical Weapons: Lets the rifle hang below the hinge-point offering very steady shooting position even with large and heavy scopes.. The stock features two steel sling swivel attachment sockets positioned at the right and left rear sides of the buttstock. Forward sling attachment is achieved by inserting and fixing a metal sling mount into a metal rail which runs under the forestock or forend. This forward sling attachment point can be (re)positioned along the length of the rail for right- or left-handed use and is fixed with a screw. The factory carrying/shooting sling itself features quick mountable and detachable metal swivels. The swivels are mounted by pushing them into an attachment socket and detached by pushing integrated buttons in the swivels and pulling them out of the attachment sockets.[14] AdSako TRG 22 and More in Stock. Great Prices and Free Shipping! There are no results for Sako TRG22 site:evideo.si. Check your spelling or try different keywords Recording of the Finnish Sako TRG 22 sniper rifle, consists of about 40 channels with distances and perspectives ranging from 0 to 55 meters, and a big variation of.. SAKO TRG-42 or simply TRG is a sniper rifle in Counter-Strike Online based on AWP in Counter-Strike series. The TRG-42 is a sniper rifle that uses the .338 Lapua Magnum round. Designed as a precision tool, all details are honed to near perfection to satisfy the most demanding shooters

The Sako TRG Rifle is praised for its accuracy, reliability and versatility. It's main purpose is to hit the target, whatever that may be. It is a result of Sako's innovative laboratories to give the rifle the highest.. Sako TRG-42 with an optional newer model folding stock in a desert tan finish, an MSSR integrated extended rail system, and a 510 mm (20.08 in) barrel In 2018 Sako introduced the TRG-22 A1 and TRG-42 A1 models. The TRG A1 models have a Sako TRG M10 Sniper Weapon System alike stock, featuring an aluminium middle chassis frame, side-folding buttstock, and a fore-end with the M-LOK rail interface system that allows for direct accessory attachment onto "negative space" (hollow slot) mounting points.[10] The TRG A1 models do not offer the user configurable multi calibre modular system of the Sako TRG M10 Sniper Weapon System. The bolts of the TRG A1 models all feature double plunger ejectors introduced earlier for the .338 Lapua Magnum TRG-42 and the TRG-22 A1 model expands the chambering palette with 6.5 Creedmoor.[11]


The Sako TRG 42 is a firearm for serious long-range competitions and can be equipped with a vast array of accessories to meet the most demanding requirements Sako S5740384 TRG 22 10 Rd Magazine. This magazine has a 10 round capacity and fits Sako TRG .308 Win firearms. Caliber: .308 Win Sako sniper rifles are known by their world-class accuracy and strenght, and are used by many European police and counter-terror forces.

Снайперская Винтовка Sako TRG M10. Снайперская Винтовка DSR-Precision DSR-1 | DSR-50 For the .338 Lapua Magnum chambering a non-traditional 305 mm (1 in 12 inch) or 36.4 calibres right-hand twist rate was selected to optimise the rifle for firing 16.2 gram (250 grain) .338-calibre very-low-drag bullets. As of 2009 .338 Lapua Magnum barrels can also be supplied with a 254 mm (1 in 10 inch) or 30.3 calibres twist rate optimised to stabilise longer, heavier very-low-drag bullets like the Sierra HPBT MatchKing and Lapua Scenar .338-calibre 19.44 gram (300 grain) bullets. The traditional 254 mm (1 in 10 inch) has since become the standard twist rate for the .338 Lapua Magnum chambering. Due to the .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge dimensions it is a long TRG-41/TRG-42 bolt-action chambering. Sako accessories[20] for the TRG system includes an auxiliary iron sights for emergency use, a muzzle brake/flash-hider, a match sight mounting set, a telescopic sight mounting sets,[21] a STANAG 2324 (Picatinny rail),[22] an accessory ITRS tri-rail (top) and accessory rail (bottom) TRG forestock, a night sight adapter, a sound suppressor, a muzzle thread protector, various slings and swivels, cleaning kits, soft case, and a heavy-duty transit case. Several versions of TRG-specific bipods were produced that all lock into an attachment point in the aluminium bedding block at the end of the forestock. The latest bipod version is one of a few rifle bipods that lets the rifle swivel or "hang" just above its bore axis offering a more stable shooting position with large and heavy aiming optics mounted. It has a narrower leg angle due to complaints that the previous version interfered with some night vision systems mounted forward of the telescopic sight. Further versions of accessories are the ITRS tri-rail NV attachment point with an optional extended aluminium bedding block. This extended bedding block also can feature an optional STANAG 2324 Picatinny rail in the bottom of the block. I received a very nice bonus check from work and a few weeks later a nice shiny new Sako TRG-42 followed me home. I have been out these last 2..

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Contributed to 9sako6/9sako6-blog, 9sako6/commit-stalker, 9sako6/CompetitiveProgramming and 5 other repositories CS 1.6 › Скинове › AWP. Sako TRG-42. Download skin: Sako TRG-42. Докладвай проблем Свален 541 път(и) Sako trg. Performance that surpasses the highest demands for accuracy, reliability and versatility. The TRG-22/42 is designed to meet individual demands, and adjusts to each shooter's personal style.. Sako TRG is one of the global icons in the precision rifle World. It has been in production for a long time already, serving as a crown jewel in Sako's inventory. A starting point for the revised version was.. Ацухиро Сако / Atsuhiro Sako. Персонаж аниме и манги. Все персонажи

Picatinny Base for Sako TRG (20 MOA) 69.99 USD. This mount fits: Sako TRG Sako M995. These are not dovetail scope mounts. Your gun must be drilled and tapped for this scope mount to work. This scope mount comes with Hex Head.. The .300 Winchester Magnum chambering also has a non-traditional 280 mm (1 in 11 inch) or 36.7 calibres right-hand twist rate. Due to the .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge dimensions it is a long TRG-41/TRG-42 bolt-action chambering.

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6 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'sako_trg' hashtag.. SAKO Hybrid solar i... Solar panel 150w 20... MPPT Solar Inverter.. So years ago I had a TRG42. Loved it but had to sell it. I'm now looking at either a Tikka Tac1 or a TRG22 Mostly local competitions

Sako trg rifles. The Sako TRG-22/42 is accuracy concept designed to accomplish a single-minded mission: to hit the target, whatever it takes Sako 85 Finnlight. Sako TRG-42. 338 Lapua Magnum


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  1. The safety lever is located in front of the trigger inside of the trigger guard and can be operated without producing mechanical noise. The two-position safety locks the trigger mechanism, locks the bolt in closed position and blocks the firing pin. The safety is on when it is in its rearmost position. It is off when it is pushed to its most forward position. When the weapon is cocked the firing pin protrudes 1.6 mm (0.06 in) from the rear of the bolt-action, making it possible to feel if the weapon is ready to fire or not in poor visibility.[14]
  2. Even though the TRG-21 obtained its origins from the successful Sako TR-6 target rifle and 1984-1986 development work for the hardly produced Valmet Sniper M86 rifle by the former Finnish state firearms company Valmet which merged with Sako, the 4.7 kg (10 lb 6 oz) TRG-21 was designed as a result of a thorough study of sniper requirements.[6]
  3. The Sako TRG is a bolt-action sniper rifle line designed and manufactured by the Finnish firearms manufacturer, SAKO of Riihimäki. The TRG-21 and TRG-22 are designed to fire standard .308..
  4. Sako TRG is one of the global icons in the precision rifle World. It has been in production for a long time already, serving as a crown jewel in Sako's inventory

In October 2011, Sako introduced the Sako TRG M10 Sniper Weapon System. It was designed as a user configurable multi calibre modular system and does not share its receiver and other technical features with the rest of the TRG line.[5] A cento anni dall'indipendenza della Finlandia dalla Russia, nel 2017 SAKO ha celebrato l'evento con un'edizione speciale numerata: il fucile SAKO TRG 22.. Sako never totally forgot the target rifle origins of the TRG system. The necessary accessories to attach sighting components such as match grade peep sights or target aperture sights and a mirage strap are all available. Equipped with these accessories the TRG can be used for non military or law enforcement tasks such as 300 m UIT standard rifle competition, CISM competition or other kinds of full bore target shooting. The rifle is commonly seen in long-range competition where it has done very well.[12] Besides civilian target shooting the TRG system can and is sometimes used for hunting. The TRG system is almost unique in being a purpose-designed sniper rifle, rather than an accurised version of an existing, general-purpose rifle.[citation needed] The sniper rifles can have a matte or manganese phosphatised finish. Нягань. SAKO-TRG-S mod.995. Санкт-Петербург. Sako-75

The two-stage trigger mechanism displays an adjustable trigger pull weight of 1 to 2.5 kg (2 to 5 lb) and can be adjusted for length, horizontal and vertical pitch. The advantage of these features is to prevent trigger movement in an inappropriate direction that would cause the rifle to move off target. Trigger travel is short with no noticeable over-travel. The trigger mechanism can be removed without additional disassembling of the rifle.[14] The firing pin travel is 6.5 mm (0.26 in). The trigger guard is dimensioned to allow easy access with gloved fingers. In 2013 the TRG system was further upgraded and improved based on customer requirements. The upgrades consist of mounting improved recoil pads to reduce felt recoil, a newly constructed bolt release and a new fully adjustable two-stage trigger mechanism that features a new more ergonomic ambidextrous safety lever, and a trigger guard milled from aluminium for more positive magazine attachment. Further the bolt handle and its attachment to the bolt body were ruggedised. These general 2013 upgrades are backwards compatible with older TRG sniper rifles. Exclusive for the .338 Lapua Magnum chambered TRG-42 model a new bolt featuring double plunger ejectors was introduced in 2013 to improve the ejection reliability of dimensionally large and heavy .338 Lapua Magnum rifle cases.[9]

/r/yaoi - Male on male hentai Sako TRG 22. Alysha Bartlett. Follow. 4 years ago|51 views. Sako TRG 22. Report. [Selreo Infos] Beretta Sako TRG 22 .308 Winchester Rifle - Specs & Details To make the TRG system more suitable for military use, Sako upgraded and improved the TRG-21/41 design in the late 1990s. Some TRG accessories like the muzzle brake and bipod (that lets the rifle swivel or "hang" near its bore axis offering a more stable shooting position with large and heavy aiming optics mounted) were also improved. This resulted in the TRG-22/42 rifle system. 2yr · ilikeyoko_hentai · r/Rule34LoL. Mystique (Sakimichan)[X-Men]

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The TRG family includes the TRG-21 and TRG-41 models which first appeared during 1989 and these were followed by the TRG-22 and TRG-42 of 1999. Because of the various models, overall weights.. Sako trg. Performance that surpasses the highest demands for accuracy, reliability and The reliable Sako TRG magazines are detachable, center-feeding 2-row staggered and.. The Badger Ordnance TRG Scope Rail is designed specifically for the Sako TRG 22/42 series rifles and features 20 MOA or 35 MOA bias. It is machined from 4142 Steel and.. The Sako TRG M10 Sniper Weapon System was unveiled by Sako in October 2011.[28] It was designed as a user configurable multi calibre modular system and does not share its receiver and other technical features with the Sako TRG line. It can switch between .308 Winchester/7.62×51mm NATO, .300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum chamberings by changing the bolts, magazines, forends and barrels, to adapt to various requirements in the field. When it was first introduced, it was marketed for "military and law enforcement only".[29][28][30]

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  1. Sako Trg 24 ported from CSS on my animations. The CSS authors are: Model: Darkstorn UVMaps: TheLama Texture: Thanez, Darkstorn Sound: Vunusta & HK
  2. I worked with a Sako TRG at the range the other day and was very impressed with the action's strength and smoothness
  3. Buy Sako TRG Gun Parts Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger..
  4. The TRG-22 and TRG-42 are upgraded versions of the TRG-21 and TRG-41 rifles, respectively, with modified stocks and some internal changes. New stocks have slightly different contours and integral folding bipods at the front.
  5. Sako Takatähtäin TRG-22/42. Kirjoita arvostelu. Valmistajan mallinumero S5740311. Kaikki SAKO tuotteet. Hinta 167,00 €. Erikoistilaustuote: ei peruutus-, palautus eikä vaihto-oikeutta
  6. TRG tunnetaan Suomessa ja maailmalla erinomaisesta tarkuudesta ja kenttäkelpoisuudesta. TRG soveltuu ISFL:n ja CISM:n mukaisiin kiväärilajeihin, samoin kuin SML:n metsästysammuntoihin
  7. Sako TRG-42. Full Service Props Catalog. Fast, Reliable, Flexible. description. This hi-powered Sako sniper rifle is sporting a Trijicon AccuPoint scope and optional bi-pod

Sako TRG-42 .338 Lapua Magnum Rifle with Hensoldt 6 Sako TRG-42 | The Specialists LTD Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. Please download one of our supported browsers. Need help? Sorry! Something went wrong. Is your network connection unstable or browser..

A folding skeleton type buttstock designed for right- and left-handed shooters is also available. The folding stock is 0.5 kg (1.1 lb) heavier than the non-folding green, desert tan or dark earth stock variants and is hinged behind the pistol grip; it folds to the left side and locks into position. When folded, the rifle becomes 250 mm (9.84 in) shorter. The steel parts of the folding stock are manganese phosphatised and the polyurethane parts are coloured olive drab or desert tan. The rear of the buttstock is adjustable for length of pull and height. The cheek-piece and rear support are also adjustable for height. These adjustment options allow shooters of various sizes and shapes to tailor the TRG folding stock to their personal preferences, which is an uncommon feature for folding stocks. The pistol grip body has a steel loop for a hook type military sling swivel. Sako TRG folding stock rifles are supplied with a Picatinny rail for mounting aiming optics.[19] Sako TRG Magazine, Blued 300 Win Mag. $209.99. Available Online In Limited Quantities. Add to Cart. Quick view. SAKO TRG 22/42 Upwards Angled Butt Spacer #S584S421

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The 6.5 Creedmoor chambering has the traditional 203 mm (1 in 8 inch) or 31.2 calibres right-hand twist rate shares the relative ease of chambering it in arms designed for .308 Winchester sized cartridges, though the 6.5 Creedmoor (6.5×49mm) maximal overall length is 0.64 mm (0.025 in) longer compared to the .308 Winchester.[18] Sako A7 Roughtech. Sako TRG-22. .6.5 Creedmoor Talk:Sako TRG. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A great deal of creative thought was expended for the TRG stock design — Preceding unsigned comment added by..

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It's a Sako TRG 22. Pretty much well box stock. It does come with FIVE magazines, factory QD bipod, thread protector and brake, ACI, as well this really nice USO scope (10X) The Sako TRG sniper rifle and variants appears in the following: (1989-1999). Type: Sniper Rifle. Caliber: .308 Winchester / 7.62×51mm NATO. Weight: 10.4 lbs (4.7 kg). Length: 45.3 in (115 cm). Barrel length: 26 in (66 cm). Capacity: 5, 15-round detachable mag. Fire Modes: Bolt-Action Sako TRG-42 Sniper Rifle. Finnish Defence Forces standard issue Sako TRG-42, or TKIV 2000. Pilot view LOD of a game asset made for the FDF combat simulator as part of my conscription service #sako trg-s. Top. Views count

Graižtvinis sako trg M10. 8,974.00 €. Bazinis modelis: Standartinis +Sriegis. Būkite pirmas aprašęs GRAIŽTVINIS SAKO TRG M10 Atšaukti atsakymą The folding stock was later redesigned with the most conspicuous change being a bigger "foot" with an external lever/hinge support system monopod instead of the vertical moving small "spike" found on the earlier folding stock. 575 763.82 RUB. Sako TRG M10 on uuden sukupolven modulaarinen tarkkuuskivääri joka vastaa nykyajan vaatimuksiin. Ominaisuudet: Modulaarinen. Säädettävä taittoperä

The detachable box magazine is based upon centre feeding for maximum reliability as well as precise positioning of the cartridge into the chamber. Alternatively cartridges can be loaded singly directly into the chamber. The TRG system's purposive design features, reliability in adverse conditions and consistent accuracy performance (a capable marksman can expect ≤ 0.5 MOA consistent accuracy with appropriate ammunition) have made it a popular, though expensive, sniper rifle system.[13] Can someone tell me the difference between the Sako trg 41 and the trg 42? I have a good friend who has purchased a trg 41 in 338 lappau,and we were.. SAKO TRG/Tikka T3x Caliber: TRG 21/22 – 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester), TRG 41/42 – .300 Winchester magnum and 8.60x70mm (.338 Lapua) Operation: Bolt Action Barrel: TRG-22 – 660 mm, TRG-42 – 690 mm Weight: TRG-22 – 4.7 kg, TRG-42 – 5.1 kg Length: TRG-22 – 1150 mm, TRG-42 – 1200 mm Feed Mechanism: TRG-22 – 10 round box mag., TRG-42 – 5 round box mag.

The Sako TRG-21 is a bolt action sniper rifle that was added in the 1/19/11 Content Update. It bears much resemblance to the TPG-1. The Sako TRG-21 is a very accurate bolt action sniper rifle, with an accuracy of 98 The receiver's large bedding surface is mated to an aluminium alloy-bedding block by three screws for maximum stability. This combination ensures an unusually high degree of stability.[14] Balo Vali thương hiệu Mỹ.. The Sako TRG-22 can handle a multiude of tasks with accuracy in mind. Supplied to several nations for use as a sniper rifle, it features a solid cold hammer forged vault like.. SAKO TRG-22 and 42 Model rifle. Showing page 1. Found 1 sentences matching phrase Sako TRG.Found in 1 ms. Translation memories are created by human, but computer..

Sako TRG-22 sniper rifle (modern version). The TRG-22 and TRG-42 are upgraded versions of the TRG-21 and TRG-41 rifles, respectively, with modified stocks and some internal changes The heart of the TRG system is a cold-hammer forged receiver and barrel. Both provide maximum strength for minimum weight as well as excellent resistance to wear. The action has a hex style profile on top with a smaller closed ejection port. Actions with an ejection port make it more difficult to reach in with a finger to discreetly eject brass when desired, but it does allow for additional strength in the action. The "resistance free" bolt has three massive lugs and requires a 60-degree bolt rotation and a 98 mm (3.86 in) bolt throw for the short and 118 mm (4.65 in) bolt throw for the long bolt-action; these features should be appreciated by the shooter during multiple firings that require rapid projectile placement on the target. The bolt handle is the appropriate length and sports a large synthetic bulbous knob that provides a firm, positive grip. On top of the receiver a 17 mm (0.67 in) integral dovetail rail with shape connection drillings for one or more recoil lugs provides for fixing mounting components to accommodate different types of optical or electro-optical sights. Folding iron sights can be obtained for secondary or emergency use.[14] Tournament Player Database > Sako - Naoto Sako. Sako - Naoto Sako. Sponsor(s): HORI. Twitter: sakonoko

The Sako M10 is a precision rifle capable of 1/2 MOA accuracy with factory match ammo. I shot it from 100 - 1000 yards and was impressed with the features.. The Sako M10 is a precision rifle capable of 1/2 MOA accuracy with factory match ammo. I shot it from 100 - 1000 yards and was impressed with the features..

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