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TecAlliance Statutory Notice: The data shown here, particularly the database as a whole, shall not be copied. The Data User shall refrain from copying and disseminating the data or the database as a whole and / or from causing such acts to be carried out by third parties, without TecDoc's prior consent. Any violation shall constitute a copyright infringement and shall be subject to prosecution.TL;DR:- All oil to reach optimum temperature before driving hard - 210-220°F if you have an oil temp gauge. Without a gauge wait until the coolant temp gauge is at normal center position. - Use a high quality oil if you expect high performance. With engine oil you absolutely get what you pay for - pay a little more and you get better oil.- Match your oil to your engine spec and mileage, which may not be what's in your owner's manual.- Our recommended oil change interval is 5,000 miles.- Get a regular used oil analysis done to observe internal engine wear as well as oil compatibility.Du hast Anregungen oder Verbesserungsvorschläge? Dann verwende das Kontaktformular um uns eine Nachricht zu senden.There are a lot of acronyms and unfamiliar terminology used in oil discussions. Refer to the chart at the bottom of the page for their meanings and importance.

6.0 BMW Longlife-04

Характеристики модели Моторное масло BMW TwinPower Turbo

BMW Longlife 04 oils are typically high HTHS (≥ 3.5cP) SAE 5W-30 and 5W-40 based on API Group III and Group IV base oils. The main physical and chemical requirements for BMW Longlife 04 oils are..

BMW Oil Specifications - oilspecifications


BMW Longlife-04: Evolving Performance Requirements - YouTub

Масла с ACEA BMW Longlife-04 от Maslata.bg Гарантирано качество и произход Купете онлайн на супер цени! 0897 85 22 29 Frischölanalyse: BMW TwinPower Turbo Longlife-04 SAE 0w-30 BMW TwinPower Turbo Longlife-04 SAE 5W-30 engine oil was established on the basis of technology GTL. This protects the engine at a level exceeding industry standards. This engine oil maintains.. Opie Oils Limited (all other content, including but not limited to lubricant advice & recommendations).

BMW Longlife-04 Approved Oils Motor Oil Hydrocarbon

BMW Longlife-04. Сбросить все BMW LONGLIFE-04 5W-30 variklių alyva gera kaina internetu. Didelis prekių pasirinkimas, saugus pirkimas, prekių pristatymas į namus ar biurą. Įsigykite prekes internetu pigiau

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Масло моторное BMW Twinpower Turbo Oil Longlife-04 5W30 синтетическое 1 л 83 21 2 465 849 Zobacz. Olej BMW Quality Longlife-04 5W30 1L Poznań DPF. Olej bmw twin power turbo longlife-04 5w30 1l Motorenöle für PKW und Kleintransporter > Spezialmotorenöle. Entspricht folgenden Freigaben / Spezifikationen / Produkten: SAE 5W-30 API SN ACEA C3-16 BMW Longlife-04 MB..

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Original BMW Quality Longlife-04 5W-30 is specially designed to keep engine and exhaust treatment system clean, and reduce the emission of harmful emissions into the environment BMW Twinpower Turbo Longlife-04 5W30 1 l motorolaj. További 1 ajánlatAjánlatok elrejtése. Gyártó: BMW Modell: 5W30 Longlife LL-04 (1 L). Leírás: Az LL-04 olajok azért fejlesztették ki, hogy a diesel.. Originali BMW variklio alyva 5W-30 BMW Twin Power Turbo LL-04. BMW kodas: 83212365933. Talpa: 1L. Atitinka specifikacijas: • ACEA C3 • API SN • BMW LL-04. Prieš užsakydami detalę įsitikinkite ar.. BMW Longlife-04. BMW Longlife-17 FE+. Допуски Ford Dr. Craig Jones, Technology Manager - Engine Oils, discusses the importance of BMW Longlife-04 approved performance for oil marketers

BMW Longlife-04

BMW Longlife-04 Motoröl (LL04) - Motoröl-Portal

BMW Specific Longlife 04 Engine Oi

  1. Longlife-04 oils must not be used in BMW spark-ignition engines in countries outside Europe (EU plus Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein)
  2. Engine Oil is a lot more complex these days, that's why it's critical to get the right specification recommended by the vehicles manufacturer. Filling your engine with the right oil ensures the same lubrication, cooling, and additive packages that the engine was designed around are present, this in turn keeps running at optimum and the protection of internal delicate components is kept at maximum.
  3. Die von BMW namentlich freigegeben Longlife 04-Motoröle (LL-04) der Viskositätsklassen 5W-30, 0W-30, 5W-40 und 0W-40 in der detallierten BMW Longlife 04: Freigabe-Liste. Inhalt diese Artikel
  4. Im Vergleich mit der Norm BMW Longlife-01 in Bezug auf Benzin- und Dieselmotoren lässt sich folgendes sagen: – Bei Benzinmotoren, die für LL01 freigegeben sind, kann auch LL04 verwendet werden. – Bei Dieselmotoren mit Partikelfilter ist zwingend LL04 zu verwenden.
  5. No mention is made of BMW 5W-30 meeting Longlife-04, on either the site or the label, and there's no We suppose it's possible BMW USA hasn't updated its web site or label since '04 when the new..
  6. BMW Longlife-04 SUPER TRONIC Longlife III 5W-30. Спецификация: Купить масла Aral
  7. Моторное масло BMW TwinPower Turbo Longlife-12 FE 0W-30 (1л). Моторное масло BMW MINI Original Engine Oil Longlife-04 0W-30 (1л)

BMW Longlife-04; Porsche C30. Hier finden Sie Informationen zur Altölentsorgung, die wir Ihnen in Kooperation mit unserem Servicepartner A.T.U anbieten Da oltre 30 anni, noi di LongLife affianchiamo ai principi attivi della natura innovazione e ricerca, per offrire oltre 250 integratori mirati al riequilibrio psico-fisico

Kroon olie 5W30 Helar sp longlife 5 Liter Helar SP 5W-30 LL-3 is een universele synthetische Low SAPS motorolie. Deze Long Life motorolie is o.a. speciaal ontwikkeld voor personen.. Produktpreise und -verfügbarkeit sind zum Zeitpunkt der Aktualisierung korrekt und können sich ändern. Alle Preis- und Verfügbarkeitsinformationen des jeweiligen Partnershops zum Zeitpunkt des Kaufs gelten für den Kauf der Produkte.WE'RE OPEN FOR BUSINESS & DELIVERING TO YOUR DOOR The Opie Oils web site is trading as normal - the majority of deliveries are made within 1-3 working days. [more]csyaewaczwuwsyawzszxzrwasauvbuzae BMW Longlife 01 / 04. 23 AntwortenNeuester Beitrag am 20. Kann ich bedenkenlos auch ein Öl mit Longlife-04 Freigabe verwenden, wie z.B. das Castrol Formula RS 0W40

Engine Oil Info for BMW

  1. For security and data protection reasons It is highly recommended that you update your browser. Until you've updated you may not be able to check out.
  2. BMW 1 L Longlife-04 5W-30 mit Top Qualität und günstigem Preis im ATP-Autoteile Shop. Schneller Versand und über 800.000 weitere Produkte
  3. BMW-Longlife - 04 SAE Viskosität 5W30 Motoröle fürs Auto und Motorrad. BMW Longlife-01 Motoröle. 5W30 Liqui Moly Motoröl
  4. Note 1 : SAPS refers to Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur, the levels of which are often restricted in the latest performance specifications.
  5. Βρες τιμές για BMW Twin Power Turbo Longlife-04 5W-30 1lt σε 7 καταστήματα στο Skroutz. Διάβασε χαρακτηριστικά & πραγματικές αξιολογήσεις χρηστών

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BMW | Dexron | Ford | VW Opie Oils sells oils suitable for BMW cars and meeting BMW oil specifications, but Opie Oils is not an approved BMW dealer and is not connected with BMW AG. Alfa romeo. Audi. BMW. Cadillac. Beta. Bimota. BMW. Buell. Cagiva BMW Longlife-04. Nützliche Ressourcen BMW engine oil info and recommendations from the leading independent BMW tuner in the USA. The higher ZDDP and SAPS will shorten the life of a factory ceramic cat. It could also clog the cat..

  1. BMW Longlife-04 (BMW LL-04) Aprobata BMW dla w pełni syntetycznego oleju o przedłużonej Można go również stosować tam, gdzie zalecany jest olej BMW Longlife-98 lub BMW Longlife-01
  2. Motoröl mit der BMW Longlife-04 Freigabe gibt es in den Viskositäten 5W-30, 0W-30, 5W-40 und 0W-40. Welche Viskosität man wählt, bleibt der eigenen Entscheidung überlassen
  3. Oleje silnikowe FUCHS z normą BMW LONGLIFE-04. Produkty. Sortuj wg ceny rosnąco

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BMW Longlife-04. BMW Longlife-14 FE+ 0 Items Total: £0.00 BMW 5W30 TWINPOWER TURBO LONGLIFE-04 - tai Vokiška originali aukščiausios kokybės automobilinė alyva skirta BMW markės automobiliams. Pilnai sintetinė alyva benzininiams ir.. BMW Longlife-04 ist die aktuellste Motorölnorm von BMW. Hier gibt es die Informationen und das passende Motoröl mit dieser Freigabe. bmw longlife-04. şükela: tümü | bugün. vermeyen yağ kullanımınından emin olmak için bmw'nin öngördüğü onay sınıfıdır. kardeşi bmw longlife-01den farkı dpfli araçlarda kullanılabiliyor olmasıdır

Motoröl mit der BMW-Freigabe BMW Longlife-04 bzw. LL-04 Hier findest Du günstige Teile- und Tuning-Angebote für BMW-Fahrzeuge zum Thema BMW Longlife 04 für Deinen BMW 760i Die Informationen auf dieser Website wurden nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen erstellt. Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr. BMW Longlife-04 (BMW LL-04). BMW Longlife-12 (BMW LL-12). Special motor oil for certain approved gasoline engines and the following diesel engines only: Nx7K1, Nx7U1, Nx7O1 from model.. Hallo, sind die BMW Longlife Öle mit der Freigabe BMW ll04 tatsächlich immer longlife öle Ein 5w40 mit ll4 ist identisch mit ll04 von 5w30. Bis auf die viskosität. Vorsicht,ll4 ist etwas anderes als ll01 If you're unsure of which BMW Engine Oil spec is correct for your vehicle why not use our online product lookup page.

BMW-Longlife-04. Benziner & Diesel mit Partikelfilter. 5W-30 BMW Motoröl Longlife 04 günstig kaufen BMW Longlife-04 (BMW LL-04). BMW Longlife-12 (BMW LL-12). Special motor oil for certain approved gasoline engines and the following diesel engines only: Nx7K1, Nx7U1, Nx7O1 from model.. Motoreļļa BMW longlife-01 tikai par EUR - lieliskas cenas, augsta kvalitāte un ātra piegāde! Pērc PartSale.lv BMW Longlife 04 oils are Top Tier lower SAPS1 lubricants. They are designed for use in BMW gasoline engines and light-duty diesel engines with our without particulate filters.

Test tarcia oleju silnikowego BMW 5w30 Twin Turbo LongLife-04 Co pokazuje test? Test ma pokazać, jak skutecznie olej silnikowy chroni silnik. Test tarcia, ma zasymulować pracę silnika BMW LL04 engine oil is a longlife engine oil required for petrol engine BMWs and diesel engine BMWs with soot filters (diesel particulate filters) from 2004 onwards. LL04 engine oil can also be used on.. Номер детали BMW. Упаковка. BMW GROUP LL-04 0W-30. ZEUS Zentrale für Einkauf und Service GmbH & Co. KG. GTE Special-Edition 5W-30 Longlife III This web site and all data within is copyright. The copyright lives with Opie Oils, TecAlliance and the various part manufacturers who have supplied us their data for the purposes of listing products and matching products to vehicles, including: Freigabe BMW Longlife 04. SAE-Tiefsttemperatur -35 °C. Einsatzhinweise. BMW TwinPower Turbo LL-04 5W-30 - das musst Du wissen: hohe Temperaturstabilität

We've a Great Range of BMW Specific Longlife 04 Engine Oils that are perfect if you've found this spec in your handbook     

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  5. 1L ORIGINAL BMW 5W-30 Quality LongLife-04 Engine Oil

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