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Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100/TZ100 Review: Digital Photography

The Lumix TZ100 / ZS100 has six focus modes, Pinpoint, 1-Area, Custom Multi, 49-Area, Tracking and Face / Eye Detection. Face detection can detect up to 15 faces and lock focus on one of them. Multiple AF uses 49 areas to determine the best focus regions and there’s a single area AF option with a resizeable AF area that can be moved around the screen. Additionally there are three AF styles, the usual AFS and AFC single and continuous modes are joined by a third AFF, or Auto Focus Flexible mode. This is designed for shooting subjects like children and pets that move in an unpredictable manner. There’s also manual focus with focus peaking. Menus - The menus are clearly laid out, with different sections for the different options, whether, photo, playback, video, setup etc, and the camera has built-in help to explain each option. You can also use the touch-screen to navigate the menus. There is also the Q.Menu button, which brings up some of the most common options on screen making it quicker to change settings without having to go into the menus. The 4-way controller also gives quick access to a number of settings including exposure compensation, white balance, focus, and continuous shooting / drive modes. 

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In addition to the various 4K Photo features, there are also a number of other features worth trying such as:The screen is touch sensitive, there’s built in Wi-Fi for easy image transfer and you even get some creative filters to mess around with. Panasonic digital cameras with 8 pin usb If slow motion video is your thing the single HD mode on offer may come as something of a disappointment. If that’s the case Sony’s RX100 IV will put a smile back on your face. Its High Frame Rate feature offers a multitude of slowmo options including 240 / 250fps, 480 / 500fps or 960 / 1000fps in NTSC / PAL regions respectively. These are automatically conformed in-camera to (your choice of) either 25p or 50p for PAL regions, or 24p, 30p or 60p for NTSC regions. If you choose the 25p and 24p options, the three recording modes will slow-down the action by 10, 20 or 40 times respectively. Canon’s PowerShot G5X on the other hand offers no slow motion movie modes and no 4k video either with a top mode of just 1080 / 60p.

What I like the most – Size, weight and design

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 is a compact 'Travel Zoom' digital camera with a 12x zoom lens and GPS receiver. The camera can be connected to a USB port and weighs 218 grams. In North America, the camera is referred to by model code DMC-ZS7 Para poder volver a darte de alta solo tienes que enviarnos tu solicitud a través de este formulario.Another good improvement has been made to the TZ200’s viewfinder. Both are relatively small, but useful, finders which can be used when it’s too bright to use the screen (an obvious benefit for a holiday camera).Light Composition: Captures a continuous 4K video stream but only ever adds new bright pixels to the composition. Good for fireworks, light painting or star trails but is somewhat limiting because it only produces an 8MP JPG.

On the Lumix TZ100 / ZS100 you can record in PASM exposure modes, selected either from the video menu or by tapping the exposure mode icon in the top left of the screen when the mode dial is in the movie position. During recording you can change the exposure setting including, depending on the mode, aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity and exposure compensation. While you can use the camera’s physical controls to alter the settings the touch screen provides a slide out panel allowing you to do so silently. You can also tap the screen to pull focus during recording, or of course use the lens control ring. There’s also focus peaking and zebra patterns to help with focus and exposure.It’s slightly disappointing that you can’t change the drive mode remotely, that has to be done on the camera, however once you’ve set a drive mode it is then possible to alter, say, the continuous shooting speed, or self-timer delay. You can even select the new post focus mode, though you can’t transfer the post focus mp4 clips via the app.This is less of a problem with macro shots. In macro mode the Lumix TZ100 / ZS100’s closest focus distance is 5cm at the 25mm equivalent focal length. As you can see from the second example below, this is close enough to produce a nicely blurred background at the f2.8 maximum aperture.The screen is bright and clear, and generally easy to use in bright outdoor conditions, and using the touch-screen you can set the focus point to any area of the screen. The electronic viewfinder (EVF) is quite small but does have an eye-detection sensor, so that it will automatically switch to the EVF when you hold it up to your eye. The resolution is good, and it can provide a good alternative to using the screen when needed. It also features dioptre adjustment. When using the EVF you can use the touch-screen to move the focus position, although you can switch this feature off if you want. 

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  1. Panasonic DMC-TZ100 (na severnoameričkom kontinentu poznat kao ZS100) donosi revoluciju među kompakt fotoaparate. Revolucionaran je po tome što je to prvi kompakt koji poseduje jednoinčni senzor - u pitanju je MOS senzor od 20.1MP. Uprkos tome što je opremljen senzorom koji je četiri puta veći..
  2. Panasonic's groundbreaking PT-RZ21K Series 3-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINE Laser projector combines flagship picture quality produced by the PT-DZ21K/DZ21K2 Series projector—current leader in multi-screen events staging—with the compact size and incredible durability of our mid-range PT-RZ970..
  3. When I used the camera at a downhill bike race in Aberystwyth, I ended up with a very mixed bag of results. Sometimes the biker would be perfectly in focus for most of the burst, whereas other times, only one or two shots would be in focus. Quite frequently, it would focus on the background or bounce back and forth between the biker and the spectators.
  4. Panasonic’s Lumix TZ100, or ZS100 as it’s known in North America, is the new top model in its enormously popular travel-zoom series. Announced in January 2016, it follows Panasonic’s trend of waiting a year between new models, but after a decade of gradually increasing the zoom range from 10x to 30x while sticking with roughly the same-sized tiny sensor, 2016 sees the TZ100 / ZS100 making the leap to a much larger 1in sensor and a new product category.

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Ontdek Panasonic superzoom camera LUMIX DMC-TZ100. De ultieme reisgenoot. Klik om de functies, specificaties, ondersteuning en winkels te bekijken La Panasonic TZ200 ha un comparto connettività ben fornito visto che offre sia Bluetooth sia Wi-Fi. Il primo protocollo serve per velocizzare (di molto) La qualità è buona ed in condizioni di buona luminosità i filmati sono ricchi di dettaglio, complice anche il bitrate a 100 Mbps (possibile registrare..

It’s clear from the views above that filming in the 1080 modes captures a wider field of view, but how does the quality compare? Below are 100% crops made from the 4k footage on the left and the 1080p footage on the right. Note that the 1080p crop on the right shows a larger area with smaller detail not just because of the lower resolution of the 1080p clip, but the wider field of view. Zooming the 1080p clip to provide the same horizontal field of view would have provided a better comparison but even so there’s no question that there’s significantly more detail in the 4k crop on the left.The ability to shoot in 4K opens up a world of possibilities, including access to many of Panasonic’s latest features such as: Nooit meer foto’s met het verkeerde focuspunt. Kies eenvoudig je favoriete focuspunt van de foto nadat je die genomen hebt. Geniet van een volledig nieuwe fotografische beleving en creatieve vrijheid door eerst een opname te maken en deze later op te slaan zoals jij zelf wilt. Klik hier om meer te lezen over de exclusieve LUMIX Post Focus functie of klik op de plusjes in de foto om de Post Focus demo te bekijken.

There’s a lot here. 49-point AF with face and eye detection, shutter speeds of up to 1/16,000, 10fps burst shooting, ISO125 to ISO12,800 expandable to ISO80 - ISO25,600, RAW as well as JPEG… if you’re printing to A4 or smaller the level of detail is as good as that from cameras such as the GF7, which has a larger four-thirds sensor. There are numerous shooting modes, including full manual controls, intelligent auto modes, creative effects, numerous scene modes, as well as manual movie recording, which records up to 4K (UHD) video at 30fps with stereo sound. The camera has built-in Wi-Fi for remote control and transfer of images, and the back of the camera features both a 3inch touch-screen, as well as a small electronic viewfinder. Detail is well preserved throughout the optical zoom range, and JPEGs are vibrant without wandering into overly processed territory. In lab tests the Lumix was a very strong competitor for the Sony RX100 IV and the Canon G5 X. Preview of PANASONIC TX-P50U20B E TX-PR50U20 CHASSIS GPF13DE SM [1st page] Click on the link for free download! PANASONIC TX40CXW404 chassis: 17MB100 Led tv Hálózati lan kábel csatlakoztatásakor a TV lefagy. Kedves kollégák! Én még ilyen gagyi hibával nem találkoztam Droższy i bardziej zaawansowany Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100 wyposażony został na szczęście już w 1-calową matrycę. A jakie są inne zmiany względem Chyba każdy model Panasonika może pochwalić się bardzo dobrym trybem filmowym i nie inaczej jest w przypadku kompaktowego TZ100

The final aspects that bothered us were the limits placed on the aperture and shutter speed range. While f/2.8 is a decent fast aperture, we were quite surprised that the slowest aperture available is f/8. This can be problematic in very bright conditions where the electronic viewfinder isn’t practical, such as a daytime sports event where there are lots of moving subjects. We imagine that this choice was made because diffraction occurs earlier on with smaller sensors, and including f/11 or f/16 would have resulted too much loss in image quality. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100 to nieduży kompakt z 1-calową matrycą 20 Mpix oraz 10-krotnym zoomem. Obudowa aparatu Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100 zachowuje rozmiary zbliżone do TZ70 i to pomimo większej matrycy oraz jaśniejszego obiektywu La Panasonic Lumix TZ100 / ZS100 è una compatta con sensore 1 (2.7x) da 20 megapixels prodotta dal 2016 al 2018 (fuori produzione). La gamma di sensibilità, inclusa estensione, è 80 - 25600 ISO e può scattare a raffica di 50 FPS. Il prezzo medio, al momento dell'inserimento della scheda, è sui 465 Panasonic’s new premium travel compact goes head-to-head with the predecessor in our Panasonic TZ200 vs TZ100 comparison to find out what’s new, and what’s stayed the same.

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So it’s still very pocketable, if we’re talking raincoat pockets it’ll fit comfortably, and if you don’t mind the bulge a jacket pocket is doable, it’ll even fit in the back pocket of loose fitting jeans, but not all that comfortably. Sony’s RX100 IV weighs a few grams less and is a full centimetre smaller in width and height as well as a few millimetres thinner, so it passes the jeans pocket test, but the price you pay for that amazing compactness is a mere 2.9x optical zoom. The mini-dslr-styled Canon PowerShot G5X is similarly limited in range with a 4.2x zoom but it’s actually a full centimetre taller than the TZ100 / ZS100 due to its viewfinder hump. It’s the same thickness and a couple of millimetres wider but perhaps more significantly, it weighs 377g with a card and battery – so is a fair bit heftier.There’s three options: Burst (which records video while the shutter button is pressed), Burst S / S (which starts recording with one press and stops with another), and 4K Pre-burst (which keeps a rolling buffer to avoid unwieldy clips to store and go through). Mostly I used the Burst mode, and above you can see an example selected from about a second of burst shooting which gave me a choice of around 30 frames. 4k Photo isn’t only good for action, here it helped me capture the best frame compositionally in terms of the animal’s stance and its position relative to the tree on the left of the frame which only appeared in the last few frames. Below you can see another frame from earlier in the sequence, which is the shot I probably would have got if I’d been shooting in single frame drive mode.

Digital Zoom: The digital zoom extends the range of the optical zoom to the equivalent of 1000mm. It crops the centre of the image, resulting in lower image quality and less resolution.Moving on to the top panel, The biggest difference here is a new control dial which replaces the rear dial on the TZ70 ZS50. It functions in exactly the same way, but it’s a big dial with a knurled edge that can be thumb operated and makes for a better physical handling experience.Because both the Sony RX100 IV and Canon PowerShot G5X start with a much wider f1.8 aperture they’re able to produce much blurrier backgrounds in all situation. Even when fully zoomed in both of these models are still as bright as the Lumix TZ100 / ZS100 at its widest focal length. So while the TZ100 / ZS100 is fine for isolating small subjects where you can get close in, for portraits you’d be better served by the Sony RX100 IV or Canon G5X; see Gordon’s reviews of these for portrait examples.Flare only appeared when I shot into direct sunlight, which is impressive considering that I didn’t even have a lens hood.And size isn’t the only issue. I’ve also noticed that, in some conditions, the colours appear less natural through the viewfinder than on the LCD screen. Along with appearing more contrasty, the blues in particular can take on a florescent hue in certain light conditions. What’s more, reflections can occur within the viewfinder when there is a strong backlight.

New to the TZ100 / ZS100 is 4k Live Cropping which exploits the resolution of a 4k frame to provide a digital pan and zoom feature at 1080p resolution. You specify the start and end of the clip by tapping the screen to position a 1920×1080 sized frame. You can also set the overall time of the clip to either 40 or 20 seconds. The degree of zoom is limited to the full 4k frame at the wide end to the 1920×1080 frame at the ‘zoomed-in’ end to maintain quality. It’s a neat feature which, once again, makes innovative use of the TZ100 / ZS100’s 4k resolution to make life easier, particularly if you need a super-smooth panning shot, but don’t have a tripod.There is a control ring surrounding the lens on the front of the camera, and the lens protrudes quite noticeably from the front of the camera, making it quite bulky for a "pocket zoom" camera, but we found that it was still possible to fit the camera into regular jean pockets, although if you're a fan of skinny jeans you may have much less success as it's definitely larger than most other pocket or travel zoom cameras. The Panasonic Lumix TZ100 has a solid metal body, and with a mechanical on/off switch on top, rather than an on/off button, it feels like a well-built and premium compact camera. There is a command wheel on the top right of the camera, and in front of that is the video record button and zoom rocker, with shutter-release button in the middle. The camera we reviewed was provided in the black / silver combination with red detailing, which is different to the more normal black cameras you see, and the colour scheme may or may not be to your liking. 

HDR: Takes multiple shots at different exposures and combines them in-camera. Only available if you turn off RAW picture quality in the menu.Wi-Fi features - With built-in Wi-Fi you can connect the camera to your smartphone, and using the Panasonic Image App (available for Android and iOS) you can remotely control and shoot with the camera, transfer images, add geotag GPS location data to shots, record a snap movie as well as create a photo collage. When shooting using the app, you can use the touch-screen of your smartphone to set the focus point, and you can change a wide number of options and settings without having to touch the camera. 

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  1. Te invitamos a compartir tu experiencia de compra en Fotografiarte por medio de nuestro FotoBlog en el que ponemos a tu disposición nuestro foro de opinión. Además encontrarás otro apartado de preguntas y respuestas. Mario Arias estará encantado de darte atención personalizada como sólo él sabe hacerlo.
  2. The TZ100’s LCD monitor is central to the shooting experience. Not only does it let you preview your scene in real time but you can also use it to choose your autofocus point, take a picture, access the virtual function buttons, scroll through the menu or flip through your images in playback mode.
  3. Comparaison de prix et achat en ligne : Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100 - Acheter moins cher vos Appareils photo numériques avec i-Comparateur - Classement par prix. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100. Nos visiteurs n'ont pas encore noté ce produit
  4. The Lumix TZ100 / ZS100 can also shoot 1080p movies at 100fps for slow motion playback at a quarter real time speed, but it lacks the 1/8th speed 640 x 480 VGA mode included on some other Lumix compacts like the TZ80 / ZS60.
  5. Just to redress the balance a little, let’s not forget that while all this is true, the Lumix TZ100 / ZS100’s 10x zoom will get you a lot closer to distant subjects. So if zoom range and a pocket body are important to you, the compromise you’ll have to make on maximum aperture may well be worth it.
  6. 529 €. Avec la gamme TZ, Panasonic propose au public des appareils photo compacts avec gros zoom. Son dernier né, le compact Lumix DMC-TZ100 ravira tous les photographes à la recherche d'un petit appareil photo compact et très performant

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DMC-TZ100 The design of the Lumix TZ100 / ZS100 has been modified in a number of ways none of which individually amounts to a radical change but overall they add up to more than the sum of their parts, making the TZ100 / ZS100 a more striking and attractive model as a result.I was pleasantly surprised by the battery life of the TZ100, which takes the same DMW-BLG10E battery used for the GX85 and LX100. After a full day of shooting stills and 4K video in the Lake District, there were still two bars left flashing on the battery level indicator.

Note that the 25-250mm equivalence is valid with the native 3:2 aspect ratio of the sensor. If you choose the 4:3, 16:9 or 1:1 aspect ratios which affect the OOC JPG, the field of view will vary slightly. Nooit meer foto’s met het verkeerde focuspunt. Kies eenvoudig je favoriete focuspunt van de foto nadat je die genomen hebt. Geniet van een volledig nieuwe fotografische beleving en creatieve vrijheid door eerst een opname te maken en deze later op te slaan zoals jij zelf wilt. Klik hier om meer te lezen over de exclusieve LUMIX Post Focus functie of klik op de plusjes in de foto om de Post Focus demo te bekijken.Overall, my hit rate was around 50% regardless of whether I used the widest angle or zoomed in, which isn’t bad for a compact camera in this price range. The best results were always achieved with the Custom Multi AF mode as you can choose your own group of AF points. AF Tracking proved the least successful because the target would either fail to recognise the subject or refuse to follow it.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ101EGK/TZ100 Travellerzoom Kamera. Lumix TZ101 - Das Flaggschiff der Reisezoom Kameras Es gibt nichts Schöneres als das Gefühl von Freiheit. Erkunden Sie die Welt und halten Sie jeden Moment mit einer Kamera fest, die genauso mobil ist wie Sie As before, the mode dial, shutter release with zoom collar and movie record button sit on a recessed section of the top panel now edged with a very stylish red stripe on the model finished in grey. The earlier model’s lozenge-shaped on/off button is replaced with a small switch inset in the five o’clock position on the mode dial. Many people will see this as a retrograde step as it means that if you want to view your photos when the camera is turned off you must first switch it on, then press the playback button. It’s not quite as bad as the record/playback switch on older TZ models though which often led to confusion when the camera wouldn’t shoot when switched on as you’d inadvertently left it in the playback position.There’s 4K video at 25 or 30fps, 5-axis image stabilisation for video, Panasonic’s Power OIS for stills, a new Venus Engine processor and a Leica DC Vario-Elmarit 25-250mm zoom lens, with an aperture of f/2.8-5.9. The biggest beef I have with the LCD isn’t the screen itself, which is just as good as Panasonic’s other touch sensitive screens, but the fact that it doesn’t tilt. Since starting this website, we have both grown incredibly accustomed to using tilting or articulating screens to shoot at angles that would otherwise be impossible without lying flat on the ground or renting a step ladder!

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Se beste pris på Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100. Sammenlign priser. Les tester og omtaler før du kjøper. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100. Optisk Zoom 10x, 20Mpx, 1, 3840 x 2160, 3 Skjerm, 2bilder/sek Høyeste opptakshastighet, Manuell eksponering mer » The Panasonic TZ100 is the first in the TZ series to house a large 1-inch sensor. It comes with an excellent zoom range (10x), is very small and perfectly pocketable, making it an appealing option for those wanting to travel light The Lumix TZ100 / ZS100 has 1080p HD movie modes at 25 and 50 frames per second in PAL regions and 30 and 60 fps in NTSC regions. It also supports 4k UHD video at 25 or 30fps along with Panasonic’s 4k Photo mode – a fun way of exploiting the fact 4k video captures an 8 Megapixel image up to 30 times a second. The clever part is Panasonic equips its 4k Photo cameras with menus that let you easily capture bursts of video before scrolling through the footage and extracting the perfect frame as a JPEG image, all in-camera. You could of course frame grab from video externally, but Panasonic has made it easy to perform the whole process in-camera. Gordon’s gone into more detail about 4K Photo in his Lumix GX8 review and I’ve demonstrated it later in the review, along with the Post Focus feature.

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  1. I personally prefer the electronic viewfinder of the Sony RX100 III and IV. Being a pop-up EVF, Sony was able to make it a little larger than that of the TZ100. Still, neither is particularly enjoyable to use for extended periods.
  2. This low light interior panning shot was shot with ISO sensitiviy set tot auto, the quality is, once again, excellent and there’s very little evidence of noise. Here, as for the other clips I set continuous AF – the TZ100 doesn’t have separate focus modes for video, so you need to be aware that if you change to AFC for video, you need it change it back to AFS for stills, if that’s what you normally use.
  3. Moving on, the Lumix TZ100 / ZS100 records 1080p at up to 28Mbit/s in AVCHD or MP4 modes. In addition to 1080p50/60, the MP4 modes are 1080p25/30, 720p25/30 and 640x480p25/30. Switch to AVCHD format and the options are 1080p50/60 at 28Mbit/s, 1080i50/60 at 17Mbit/s (from 50p sensor output) or 24Mbit/s (from 25p sensor output), and 1080p24 at 24Mbit/s.
  4. Compact cameras with a 1-inch sensor like the Panasonic TZ100 are an excellent middle ground between the high-end performance and image quality of interchangeable lens cameras and the portability of smartphones and small point-and-shoots. At the suggested retail price of nearly $700, it is targeting a niche market of advanced amateurs and professionals looking for an alternative to their complete camera system for day-to-day and travel photography.
  5. WiFi connectivity: Connect the camera to a wireless device such as a smartphone or tablet, control the camera from the device, or upload your images.

To test Diffraction compensation I took the same shot with the camera mounted on a tripod and stabilisation disabled with diffration compensation turned off and with it on auto. In both cases I set the the smallest aperture available – f8 – in Aperture priority mode. The 100 percent crops below are taken from the area marked in red above. The off crop is on the left and the crop on the right is with Diffraction compensation set to Auto. The one below right with diffraction compensation enabled looks as if a little extra sharpening has been applied, but the effect is subtle.Stel je voor dat je precies kunt beslissen wat je wilt scherpstellen, zelfs na het maken van de foto. De Post Focus functie op de LUMIX TZ100 geeft je de mogelijkheid om dat te doen. Leg de scène vast, bekijk het beeld en raak het deel van de foto aan dat je wilt scherp stellen. Het is eenvoudig, verbluffend en allemaal beschikbaar op de LUMIX TZ100. Post Focus: The camera scans the scene for the closest and furthest focus points and takes a 4K video covering the distance between these two points. You can then choose the image with your preferred focus point from the footage and save it as an 8MP JPG. By default, Post Focus is accessible from the Function 2 button.

What I like – The zoom

Kokemuksia opettajan työstä tai alanvaihdosta Keep in mind that the TZ100 has a Live View option that allows you to view your scene in real time and follow your subjects more easily. Even though it is only available up to 6fps, which is the maximum burst speed you can use in AFC anyway, it is reasonably fluid.The Panasonic TZ100 is the first in the TZ series to house a large 1-inch sensor. It comes with an excellent zoom range (10x), is very small and perfectly pocketable, making it an appealing option for those wanting to travel light.

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What I like – Image quality

The number of programmable function buttons has been extended from two on the TZ70 / ZS50 to four here, though Fn3 is the default Q menu button and Fn4 toggles the electronic viewfinder and screen display, so you might not want to sacrifice those to something else.Panasonic says that feedback regarding the TZ100 criticised the handgrip – to make it feel more comfortable in the hand, a new rubberised strip has been added to the front of the grip. Panasonic TZ100 o Panasonic DMC-TZ100 es una cámara digital compacta con sensor de 20 megapíxeles y zoom óptico x10 que se destaca por su facilidad de manejo y comodidad de transporte. Incluye conectividad Wi-Fi, pantalla LCD de 3 pulgadas y capacidad de grabar vídeo en 4K a 30 fps The Panasonic TZ200 is the company’s latest premium travel zoom camera, following on from the popular TZ100. Panasonic has decided to keep both cameras in its line-up, so if you’re wondering which one is the right one for you, we’ve had a look at the main differences in this article – as well as exploring a couple of features that have stayed the same. Ultrazoomový digitální fotoaparát 20,1 Mpx digitální fotoaparát s 10x optickým zoomem, 3 LCD displej, širokoúhlý objektiv, filmy v rozlišení 4K 3840 x 2160 při 30fps, Li-ion baterie, karty typu SD, SDHC, SDXC, Hi-Speed USB, mikroHDMI, Wi-Fi. Další informace

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MegaGear Panasonic Lumix ZS200, TZ200, ZS100, TZ100 Genuine Leather Camera Case. Ikelite Underwater Camera Housing for the Panasonic ZS20/TZ30. C $27.910 bids This is another feature which has been brought over from the TZ100 – both use Light Speed AF with DFD (Depth from Defocus) technology. Both are also capable of shooting at 10fps with AF fixed to the first frame, or 6fps with continuous autofocus.

On the front of the camera there is a shaped area to provide some grip for your hand, although the lack of rubber or textured area for additional grip is disappointing, and the same is true on the back of the camera, with there being no texture or rubber grip for your thumb. In fact, we often found that due to the design of the camera, and there being no recess for your thumb, it was quite easy to accidentally set the focus point to the top right of the screen with your thumb. There are a number of customizable function buttons on the camera, and you can also customise on-screen function buttons. 4K Cropping: A relatively new 4K function that digitally pans or zooms by cropping the 4K footage to Full HD in-camera. We first tested this function on the Panasonic GX85, and you can see how it works in the video below. Panasonic Lumix DC-TZ200 prezzo e uscita in Italia. Panasonic ha ufficialmente reso disponibile la TZ200 all'acquisto. Una delle caratteristiche più apprezzate della TZ100 è sicuramente mirino elettronico. Su questo nuovo modello Panasonic ripropone lo stesso mirino LVF da 0,21 pollici con.. The camera also supports a neat Live Edit mode which lets you pan and zoom a 1080p crop by touch within a 4k frame as you film. Suffice it to say you can also record normal footage in 4k or 1080p, and the TZ100 / ZS100 additionally inherits RAW stills along with in-camera processing of RAW files. In my review I’ve compared its features with two models that, though they lack its zoom range, will be viewed as close competitors due to their 1in sensors and built-in viewfinders: the Sony RX100 IV and Canon’s PowerShot G5X.

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Βρες τιμές για Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100 σε 3 καταστήματα στο Skroutz. Διάβασε χαρακτηριστικά & πραγματικές αξιολογήσεις χρηστών! Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100. 20.1MP, Οπτικό Zoom: 10x, Οθόνη: 3, Ανάλυση Video: 3840 x 2160 pixels , Κατασκευαστής: Panasonic When the shutter is pressed the TZ100 / ZS100 fires a short burst in 4k mode using the electronic shutter. It then takes a short while to process the results before displaying a composite on screen. You can simply tap the screen to select the focus point. If a green rectangle appears, you’re in luck, if the rectangle is red then TZ100 / ZS100 didn’t record a frame with the focus set at that specific point. In practice, this doesn’t happen very often, and when it does there’s often another point in the image that was recorded where the focus was in the same plane.In short, the TZ100 is a welcome addition to the 1-inch sensor compact camera club and manages to fill a niche thanks to its flexible zoom range.

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Panasonic Lumix TZ220 @38mm | ISO 400 f/3.8 1/20s (Unedited JPG straight out of camera). As a compact camera aiming the enthusiast photographers, the TZ220 has a built-in EVF in additional to it's 3″ touchscreen. While shooting with the LCD is great when you want to take a photo very quickly.. Depth from defocus profiles the out-of-focus characteristics of the lens in order to help overcome these problems, resulting in faster more confident focussing. On the Lumix models that I’ve tested it on, Depth from Defocus certainly seems to make a difference. With the TZ100 / ZS100 I couldn’t say whether it results in faster focussing in optimal conditions, Lumix travel zooms were already very good performers in that respect. What I did notice was that there were fewer instances of hunting in poor light conditions and when fully zoomed in. If the TZ100 / ZS100 can autofocus it will do it quickly and without the back and forth that sometimes occurs with contrast detect only AF. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100 is a new flagship travel-zoom compact camera for 2016. The TZ100 (also known as the Panasonic ZS100) offers a 20-megapixel 1-inch MOS sensor, 10x wide-angle zoom lens, 4K video recording, lens control ring, RAW file format, focus peaking, touchscreen control and.. 396 Angebote zu Panasonic Kamera TZ81 im Kamerataschen Preisvergleich. Bei idealo.de günstige Preise für Panasonic Kamera TZ81 vergleichen Tag: Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100. Panasonic TZ100 Compact Camera Leaked Images, to be Announced at CES 2016. Digicame-info has posted first leaked images of upcoming Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100 compact cameras

Die Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ101 ist eine kleine Kompaktkamera, die optisch stark an Sonys RX-100-Modelle erinnert und ebenfalls einen 1 Zoll großen Sensor (ISO 80 bis ISO 25.600) enthält. Damit nimmt sie Fotos mit 20,1 Megapixeln und Videos in 4K auf 435 €. Cámara compacta digital | Panasonic Lumix TZ 100. Cámara compacta digital de altas prestaciones, buena definición para hablar de la Panasonic Lumix TZ 100 viene a complementar la exitosa gama de cámaras de la serie TZ, en este caso monta un espectacular sensor de 1 pulgada.. The mechanical shutter speed, too, is limited, topping out at 1/2000s which often isn’t enough in very bright conditions. That said, you can use the electronic shutter at up to 1/16000s for static subjects. Using these speeds with moving subjects can produce rolling shutter, and artificial lighting may result in banding.The only real issue I had with the viewfinder was the tendency to accidentally reposition the AF area with my nose – touch AF remains active when using the EVF. You can turn it off, but then if you want to reposition the AF area you need to activate Direct Focus area from the Custom menu so that you can reposition the AF area using the four-way controler – and that means you can’t then use it for its default functions, though two of them are already available on the Quick menu and any can be assigned to a Fn button.You can adjust the ISO, white balance, exposure compensation or focus area, and there’s also a Q.Menu button which presents a list of additional options you can remotely change including the flash mode, aspect ratio, resolution, compression, metering mode, macro mode,photo style or movie quality.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100 review - Amateur Photographe

The metering system provides generally accurate exposure and only gets it wrong in really high contrast areas, and white balance works well too. Where the Lumix TZ100 / ZS100’s screen loses out to both the Sony RX100 IV and Canon PowerShot G5X though is that it’s fixed in place and won’t angle-out. Panasonic may be ready to re-enbrace touch screens, but for now at least an articulated screen remains on the wish list. That’s a shame as it not only makes self-shooting stills or video more difficult, but renders the TZ100 / ZS100 less versatile when shooing from unusual angles. So with a large and detailed EVF, and a fully-articulated touch-screen, the Canon G5X beats its rivals in terms of composition, but again is chunkier as a result.The Sony RX100 IV, for example, sports a 2.9x zoom ranging from 24 to 70mm and the Canon PowerShot G5X’s 4.2x zoom ranges from from 24 to 100mm equivalent. That said, both of those models have a much brighter maximum aperture of f1.8-2.8.

Fitted with a UHS-3 card and set to AFS, I fired-off 44 Large Fine JPEGs in High mode in 4.49 seconds before it began to stutter. This corresponds to a speed of 9.79fps. Set to RAW, I captured 14 frames in 1.39 seconds for a speed of 10.07fps before the camera stalled, then continued at a much slower rate. Both essentially confirm the top speed, but if you want to shoot a burst of longer than around a second you’ll need to make do with JPEGs. Panasonic TZ100 deals. 190 Amazon customer reviews.. You know the Lumix design language by now: it's iconic and the ZS100 doesn't mix it up too much. It's a solid metal body in black or silver and black, weighs 310g and feels superbly tough

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"Hij is klein, licht en valt haast niet op als je ermee over straat loopt. De Panasonic TZ100 is een uiterst compacte camera, die echter alles in huis heeft om met de grotere spelers mee te doen."Stop Motion Animation: Combine multiple still images to create a stop motion animation. You can choose between 4K (25/24p) and Full HD (50/25p) record quality in MP4 format.Before I move on to the Lumix TZ100 / ZS100’s WiFi , there’s one other feature that I want to briefly mention. Diffraction compensation appears on the Rec menu and has two settings, Off and Auto. Diffraction is an issue that affects lenses at very small apertures whereby the edge of the diaphragm interferes with light passing through it adversely affecting sharpness or, to put it another way, causing a slight blurring. According to the Lumix TZ100 / ZS100 manual, with Diffraction compensation enabled ‘The camera raises the resolution by correcting the blurriness caused by diffraction when the aperture is closed.’Cámara compacta digital de altas prestaciones, buena definición para hablar de la Panasonic Lumix TZ 100 viene a complementar la exitosa gama de cámaras de la serie TZ, en este caso monta un espectacular sensor de 1 pulgada, grande para una cámara de este tipo y un zoom de 10 aumentos del a máxima calidad firmado por Laica, y que desarrolla un 25-250mm, es decir 10 aumentosWe review the new Panasonic Lumix TZ100 (ZS100) with a 1inch CMOS sensor, and 10x optical zoom lens, it offers a unique combination of zoom and pocketable body.

Panasonic Lumix LX100 contre Panasonic Lumix TZ100

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100 har fått samlescore 82/100, basert på 7 tester. Sammenlign kompaktkameraer og se hvilke som er best i test. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100 kalles også Lumix DMC-ZS100 noen steder. Kameraet er lite og gir god bildekvalitet selv ved høy ISO Shooting moving subjects with the focus mode set to continuous is a bit more of a hit and miss affair though. As on the Lumix FZ330 / FZ300 which also has Depth from Defocus, I found the best results were achieved with the TZ100 / ZS100 set to custom multi mode using the central AF area grouping. In good light the TZ100 / ZS100’s contrast detect system, aided by Depth from Defocus, can acquire and maintain focus on a moderately paced subject moving towards the camera with a better than 50% success rate. Once the light starts to fade, however, it becomes much less reliable. And you can expect the hit rate to fall pretty dramatically with faster moving and less predictable subjects like animals or football players. So to help you manage those expectations, the long zoom may let you get closer to wildlife or sports subjects, but may struggle to keep them in focus if they’re moving, especially in lower light.

Panasonic TZ100, ¿todavía merece la pena comprarla

It should also be mentioned that the zoom comes with Power OIS stabilisation for stills and 5-axis hybrid OIS stabilisation for video. Both work extraordinarily well, especially at the wider angles. For stills, the slowest shutter speed I could manage at 25mm was 1 second, while I pulled off 0.4s more than once at 250mm. It is evident from this camera and more advanced models like the GX85 that Panasonic has finally figured out the secret sauce for stabilisation.The Lumix TZ100 / ZS100 shares the built-in 1166k dot electronic viewfinder of the TZ70 / ZS50 with an eye-sensor and a button for toggling between the viewfinder and the screen which doubles up as Fn4. This works in the same way as other recent Lumix models with three options – viewfinder, screen or eye sensor, the latter activating the viewfinder when you put your eye to it and the screen at all other times.The other competitor to the Lumix TZ100 / ZS100 in the big sensor compact market, the Canon PowerShot G5X is the first model in the current G series lineup to feature a built-in electronic viewfinder. It’s a good one too with a large magnification, 2.36 Million dot OLED panel, proximity sensor and shooting information that turns as you compose in the portrait / tall orientation – a great feature I’ve only seen Fujifilm implement before. There’s also a fully-articulated side-hinged touchscreen, which provides much more flexibility than a screen that only tilts, like the one on the Sony RX100 IV.

Good news it that the screen also has seen a slight improvement – it now has 1240k-dots, compared with 1040k-dots of the TZ100. Touch functionality remains, and both are 3-inch in size – neither of them articulate or tilt, though. Подходит для. Lumix ZS100, TZ100, TZ101. Фабричный номер детали. The optionalWide Angle Port M67 for Panasonic ZS100 TZ100 can be used in place of the housing's standard port for use of 67mm threaded external wide angle lenses It is also impossible to fault the various extra features, most of which are linked to the camera’s 4K capabilities and can be found on Panasonic’s interchangeable lens models. I love that I can grab a quick 4K video and extract a shot from the footage, or change the focus point after I’ve taken the shot. Met de Lumix TZ100 zoom je wat minder ver in. De camera beschikt over een 10x zoom wat vergelijkbaar is met een brandpuntsafstand van 25-250mm. Ook de Lumix TZ100 is lekker licht van gewicht. Hij weegt slechts 310 gram. Alle bedieningsknoppen die je nodig hebt zijn aanwezig

Panasonic Lumix ZS100 (TZ100, TZ110) review: The ZS100 - CNE

Here we see the biggest difference between the TZ100 and the TZ200. While the TZ100 has a 10x optical zoom (roughly equivalent to 25-250mm), the TZ200 has upped the stakes with a 15x optical zoom, which is ever so slightly wider (equivalent to 24-360mm).Finally, the diopter seems to have a mind of its own. Whenever I go to use the viewfinder, I always find that the diopter has completely shifted position, so I have to waste time trying to recalibrate it.No olvides que siendo miembro del Club, tienes acceso a ofertas y descuentos exclusivos en muchos de nuestros productos.

Both the TZ200 and the TZ100 have a one-inch 20.1-inch sensor, coupled with a Venus engine – in terms of picture quality then, images should be roughly on par with each other. It is other features of the two cameras which set them apart. Shockproof Camcorder DV Camera Storage bag Protective Case Pouch for Panasonic HC V270 V770 V750 V760 V270 V750 V160 V180 V385 GK V550M W580M V250 948 руб. UURig DC-S1 Protective Cage Housing Extension Quick Release Metal Case Rig Stabilizer for Panasonic DC-S1/S1R DSLR.. The Panasonic TZ200 is the company's latest premium travel zoom camera, following on from the popular TZ100. Panasonic has decided to keep both cameras in its line-up, so if you're wondering which one is the right one for you, we've had a look at the main differences in this article - as well as.. Combined with the new Venus Engine image processor and the Leica zoom lens, the 20MP sensor delivers excellent image quality with good colour and resolution. Like all Panasonic cameras we’ve tried, the in-camera results tend to have a cooler tinge than other brands when the white balance is set to Auto, so you may want to adjust the white balance manually if you rely on the out-of-camera JPGs, or make some adjustments to the RAW files in post-production as I have done with most of the images here.

Le Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100 a beau être équipé d'un capteur 1'' et d'un zoom 10x, son boîtier réalise la prouesse de tenir dans la main (110,5 x 64,5 x 44,3 mm pour 312 grammes, boîtier seul). On note la présence d'un écran tactile 3 pouces de 1 040 000 points (non orientable mais avec un.. The ZS (ZT outside America) range has been around for a decade, aimed squarely at travellers. This latest version is the most impressive yet, with a bigger sensor for even better images as well as a thoroughly useful 10x zoom. Another advantage the touch screen provides is additional programmable function buttons. There are four physical buttons labelled Fn1 to Fn4 and all can be reassigned to other functions including ISO sensitivity – something that wasn’t possible on the TZ70 / ZS50. Fn3 by default activates the Quick menu and Fn4 toggles between the screen and viewfinder and auto sensing which can be very handy to prevent the screen going blank because your finger is covering the sensor when shooting from awkward angles, so in practice most people are likely to only think about reassigning Fn1 (default 4k photo) and Fn 2 (default Post Focus shooting). The touch screen provides a further five programmable soft buttons labelled Fn5 to Fn8 and by default allocated to WiFi, Level gauge display, histogram display, Snap movie and unassigned.

Benimki gibi Panasonic plazma akılsız tv si olana şu anki izlenimlerimle tavsiye ederim. Aşağıdaki kampanyalar, satıcısı olan ürünlerde geçerlidir. Tosla Kart ile yapacağın 100 TL ve üzeri alışverişine 20 TL indirim. Apple TV 4K 32GB Media Player MQD22TZ/A It now has “Auto Marking”, which allows you to quickly jump to the action in your 4K sequences, “Sequence Composition”, which allows you to merge together sequence shots into one from for a multiple-exposure type effect, and “Bulk Saving”, for quickly saving more than one shot from your sequences.Looking at it from the front, the most obvious change is the integral flash which has been relocated from the front panel above the grip to a pop-up unit mounted in the top panel. In place of the TZ70 / ZS50’s textured grip the body is now moulded with a grip ridge that runs from top to bottom. The older model’s textured thumbpad is also gone, but despite the abandoning of textured surfaces the TZ100 / ZS100 never feels insecure in your hand and the result is a much cleaner more attractive design.

Panasonic is now ready to announce 1 sensor based compact camera TZ100, the major specification of the camera and images are available now, take a look at more images and specification.. Free download of your Panasonic DMC-TZ100 User Manual. Still need help after reading the user manual? Post your question in our forums. Panasonic DMC-TZ100Lumix A full featured and durable underwater housing for Panasonic Lumix ZS100, TZ100, and TZ101 cameras. Suitable for scuba, snorkel, surf, pool, and any application in or around the water. The zoom range of this camera is limited while inside of the housing in order to provide the best underwater.. The Lumix TZ100 / ZS100 starts with a larger sensor resolution of 5472×3648, from which it takes what appears to be a 1:1 crop to generate a 4k UHD frame. To illustrate the difference in coverage I compared actual 4k footage I filmed with the TZ100 / ZS100 against still photos when using the same lens setting and position. In the image below, the 4k coverage is indicated by the outer edge of the red frame, resulting in a not insignificant reduction in the field of view; indeed when filming 4k video, the equivalent range is cropped from 25-250mm to 37-370mm – good news at the long-end, but you lose a lot of coverage at the wide-end.Post Focus is another feature that uses the TZ100 / ZS100’s 30fps 4K shooting mode, in this case to focus-bracket a rapid sequence of images. Post focus mode is selected from the Rec menu and is also assinged by default to the Fn2 button. When selected you obviously can no longer set the AF area, but the PASM and other shooting modes can be set in the usual way as can the ISO sensitivity. The only limitation is the slowest available shutter speed which, as for other 4k shooting modes is 1/30. You can choose one of four 8M aspect ratios – 4:3, 3:2, 16:9 and 1:1.

Plus of course there’s the lens ring and rear control dial which can also be reassigned. It’s good to be able to do that, but it would be better if the controls that are redundant in some modes were automatically reassigned. For example in Manual exposure mode the lens ring controls aperture and the rear dial controls shutter speed. But in Aperture and shutter priority modes both controls adjust the same thing – either the aperture or shutter speed respectively and they both Program shift in P mode. You can reassign the rear dial to exposure compensation which works fine in the modes where it simply duplicates the lens ring, but then in Manual exposure mode there’s no way to adjust the shutter speed. In the ZS100 / TZ100, it is combined with a new Venus Engine processor and a Leica DC Vario-Elmarit 25-250mm f/2.8-5.9 zoom lens. There's also Panasonic's Power OIS stabilisation system for stills photography and 5-axis hybrid OIS stabilisation for video Máy rửa bát Panasonic NP-TZ100 sử dụng bảng điều khiển cảm ứng. Menu đa dạng, dễ sử dụng chỉ với thao tác chạm. Cảm ứng mở cửa rất tiện lợi. Hình ảnh thực tế máy rửa bát Panasonic NP-TZ100: Quy trình lắp đặt máy rửa bát. Mong muốn được mang đến cho Quý khách hàng.. De verbazingwekkende 4K Video technologie maakt het mogelijk om je reis op te nemen in tot wel 4 keer de kwaliteit van Full HD. Meer spanning, meer detail en nog meer herinneringen om op terug te kijken. The Panasonic TZ200 is a pocket-sized travel zoom camera, with a 15x zoom and a 1-inch, 20-megapixel sensor for class-leading image quality. It takes the TZ100's successful template and improves it in several key ways, most importantly the larger, clearer viewfinder, longer zoom range..

The Lumix TZ100 / ZS100’s AF also supports Panasonic’s Depth from Defocus technology to deliver a quicker response and better continuous AF. Contrast detect AF systems in models like the TZ100 / ZS100 adjust the focus to try and achieve higher contrast in edge detail. But it’s difficult to determine which way to go – is the current focus position in front of or behind the subject? Contrast detect AF systems also find it difficult to know when the optimum focus point is reached, so they often go past the best focus position before returning to it.Panasonic has been including 4K Photo modes in its cameras for some time, so while the TZ100 has it, the TZ200 adds some new functionality.In AFS, we find that the DfD autofocus system works very well. As soon as you half-press the shutter button, the AF point locks right onto the subject with little to no hesitation, even in poor light.4K Photo: With this function, you can grab 8MP JPGs from 4K footage shot at 30fps. It is a great asset for fast action or fleeting moments that are difficult to capture, such as image below showing two birds fighting for a place in the bird bath. By default, 4K Photo is accessible from the Function 1 button. (To find out more about 4K Photo, we invite you to read our in-depth article.)The TZ200’s viewfinder is higher in resolution, offering almost twice as many dots as the TZ100 (2,330k vs 1,170k), has a better magnification (0.53x vs 0.45x) and is ever so slightly larger (0.21inch vs 0.20inch). All of this together makes for a better experience when using the finder – although you may find that it’s the screen which you tend to opt for most often with a camera like this.

En als je echt niet dichterbij kunt komen, is er altijd nog de krachtige 10x optische zoom van de LUMIX TZ100. De LUMIX TZ100 is voorzien van een wereldberoemde LEICA DC ELMARIT lens en een krachtige zoom met enorme flexibiliteit, variërend van 25mm-250mm. Perfect voor het vastleggen van bezienswaardigheden; zowel dichtbij als ver weg. If you're looking at the Panasonic Lumix TZ100, then it's most likely that you want high image quality, as well as high optical zoom, along with 4K video recording, and Panasonic offer a number of cameras with either a large optical zoom, or a larger sensor, with 4K video, and here we look at the different features available:  Cumpara Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100, online de pe F64.ro sau direct din Showroom-ul nostru. Afla cele mai noi oferte si promotii pen. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100 este un aparat foto compact din gama premium. Panasonic nu s-a sfiit sa includa in acest model compact cele mai noi.. Sony Alpha A7R III review: quite simply one of the best cameras in the world, still

To maintain a responsive experience which feels like the images are stored locally on your phone or tablet, the camera sends a lower resolution version. So you can pinch to zoom-in a little, but not as much as if you were viewing the original. When you see an image you like, just tap it and the Lumix Image app will let you save the original to your device or start uploading it to one of the social, sharing or storage services installed on your device. You can configure the app to provide shortcuts to two or three of your most used services which could include Dropbox and Instagram in addition to the more usual suspects. Or of course once the image is copied into your device, you could just exit the Panasonic app and handle it direct from whichever sharing or storage app you like via your phone’s gallery.As you zoom in, you immediately lose access to the fastest apertures, which can be a disadvantage for low-light photography. For example, at 36mm (100mm equivalent), the fastest aperture you can use is f/5.2. However, the sharpness and contrast remains very good across the frame even at the longest focal length. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100 review: introduction. At a glance: 1in, 20.1MP sensor. In essence, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100 promises to shake up the travel zoom class much the same way Sony's RX100 upstaged all previous enthusiast compacts back in 2012

The Good The Panasonic's ZS100's 10x zoom lens is thus far the longest we've seen in a compact camera with a 1-inch sensor, and it offers a broad set of Part of Panasonic's travel zoom series of compacts -- hence its alternate names TZ100 in the UK and TZ110 in Australia -- the ZS100 goes.. And remember it’s not just shallow depth of field that a wider aperture provides, for many that’s really secondary to the main advantage – the ability to shoot in low light with faster shutter speeds to reduce the risk of camera shake, or at lower sensitivities for better quality. At the wide angle setting the RX100 IV and G5X are a little over one stop brighter than the Lumix TZ100 / ZS100 so given the same lighting conditions and the same aperture and shutter speed you’d need a sensitivity of around 500 ISO on the Lumix compared with 200 on the Sony and Canon models. Zoomed-in the difference is a little over two stops so it would be 800 ISO on the Lumix TZ100 / ZS100 compared with 200 ISO on the RX100 IV and G5X. Snapsort compares the Panasonic DMC-LX100 vs the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100 (Lumix DMC-TZ100) to find out which is the winner. Key differences include: movie format, aperture and supports 24p

Like all the latest interchangeable models, the TZ100 films in 4K at 30 or 25 fps at a bit rate of up to 100Mbps or in Full HD 1080p at 60 or 50 fps at a bit rate of up to 28Mbps. To create the 4K UHD frame, the camera performs a significant crop that reduces the field of view (37-370mm equivalent). This can be an advantage to gain some telephoto reach but problematic if you are after a wide field of view.The TZ200 has a battery life rated at 370 images, a significant boost from the TZ100’s 300-shot battery life rating. Product Review for Panasonic TZ100 Digital Camera Universal Charger

Now here’s a selection of other clips to demonstrate the TZ100 / ZS100’s video performance in various conditions.Both the TZ200 and the TZ100 have Wi-Fi connectivity, but the TZ200 adds Bluetooth functionality. This means you can maintain a low-power connection for automatic transfer of your images to your phone – ideal for showing off your holiday shots when on your travels.The Lumix TZ100 / ZS100 also shares the built-in 1166k dot electronic viewfinder of its predecessor with an eye-sensor, and I’m delighted to report the screen is now touch-sensitive once more, a feature missing for three previous generations. The touch-screen is necessary to support Panasonic’s latest innovation, Post Focus, which exploits 4k video to swiftly focus across a scene, allowing you to subsequently extract an image where just about any part of the composition can be sharp.

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