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Dove eravamo rimasti con Skam Italia? Il videoriassunto di uno dei protagonisti Star Trek Discovery | Lieutenant Stamets Succed To Quickly Create Spore Drive - Продолжительность: 3:05 Selected Scenes 323 126 просмотров Star Trek: Discovery è ambientata dieci anni prima della serie classica e, agli inizi, la produzione era in mano al Bryan Fuller di Pushing Daisies, Hannibal e American Gods. Discovery, sebbene sia un prequel della serie classica, è foriera di novità promettenti, come l'introduzione di alieni mai visti quali..

This week’s plot was bifurcated (as is so often the case with Discovery): on one side was Burnham’s attempt to find Sarek through their special soul connection. On the other was Admiral Cornwell—the friend of Lorca’s from last week—and her attempt to find out how Lorca’s doing. Star Trek Discovery really doesn't seem to work within this canon at first glance - in fact, there are a lot of differences. Okay, so in the Star Wars prequels, it kind of made sense that the spaceships looked all shiny and new, as the events were taking place so far in the past Звёздный путь: Дискавери (2017) Star Trek: Discovery. Слоган: «At the edge of the universe, discovery begins». Режиссер: Олатунде Осунсанми, Джонатан Фрейкс, Дуглас Арниокоски

Fuller says Star Trek: Discovery takes events mentioned in previous iterations of Trek but never full explored. There will be robots in Star Trek Discovery. You can also bend space and time. Sources tell THR the rest of the cast will also feature an openly gay actor to play one one of the male leads.. Star Trek: Discovery dizisini 1080p, full hd olarak izle, oyuncuları, konusu ve tartışmalarıyla bilgi sahibi ol. Star Trek: Discovery dizisini yabancidizi.org farkıyla hd kalitesinde izle

В главных ролях: Сонекуа Мартин-Грин, Даг Джонс, Энтони Рэпп, Мэри Вайсман, Уилсон Крус, Эмили Куттс, Шазад Латиф, Джейсон Айзекс, Oyin Oladejo, Джулианна Гроссман. Страна: США. Оригинальное название: Star Trek: Discovery The Star Trek Discord is a community-made server. A comfortable place to discuss all things Trek, or just hang out. For Star Trek: Discovery , the seventh TV series in the long-running Trek franchise and the first to take to the airwaves — or rather streaming services For those keeping track, this new prequel series is set in the so-called Prime timeline that all previous Trek TV shows have occupied to date and not the.. Could Star Trek's new series boldly go back to undo the worst season finale in sci-fi TV history? Surely in Discovery's multiverse, anything is possible Star Trek: Discovery. If the two shortest running Trek shows are bread, this is the filling...

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Star Trek has always operated this way, at least in some sense: the current storytelling has always trumped canon, with showrunners figuring out how For those new to Star Trek, whether Discovery lines up with Enterprise and TOS doesn't matter, but the phrase it's a Star Trek prequel still gives a.. Le Cronache di Narnia e altre saghe che meritano una serie tv Star Trek: Discovery looks to the future in an explosive finale. Zack Handlen. Star Trek: Discovery prepares for a finale as Michael makes a choice Star Trek: Discovery follows the voyages of Starfleet on their missions to discover new worlds and new life forms, and one Starfleet officer who must learn that to truly understand all things alien, you must first understand yourself

Dalla serie classica a Discovery. Il Capitano Kirk e i suoi avevano imparato a convogliare l’irrequietezza umana in stimoli positivi, nell’anelito all’avventura – alla ricerca di nuovi mondi – e nella sete di conoscenza. Gli antagonisti non mancavano, e nel profondo di Kirk & co. lo spirito indomito degli uomini brillava ancora. Nonostante questo, lo show dimostrava che c’era un futuro egregio per la nostra specie belligerante. Da quel luminoso ottimismo nascerà, venti anni dopo, Star Trek: The Next Generation, figlia degli anni ’80, pietra miliare del piccolo schermo che ambienta i viaggi della nuova Enterprise quasi un secolo dopo la serie classica e restituisce un’immagine della razza umana al culmine della sua evoluzione. Il capitano Picard – un po’ scorbutico ma dominato da principi irreprensibili – ne è un limpido esempio. Gli spinoff successivi piano piano cederanno a una visione più dark, fino a che i film degli ultimi anni, con l’espediente del kelvin-universo (una realtà alternativa degli eventi avvenuti nella serie classica così come li conosciamo), si è assistito alla messa in scena di una versione più distopica. Star Trek: Discovery is a stupid show about boring people. A radical invention with dangerous side effects: an intriguing premise for a Star Trek spin-off, to be sure. And because Discovery is a prequel - that is, it takes place a decade before the events of the original series, and includes passing.. Star Trek: Discovery is produced by CBS Television Studios for its sibling streaming service, CBS All Access. Speaking to Variety in February, after the finale aired, Kurtzman said that season two would address fan questions about the relationship between Discovery Cmdr La seconda giovinezza di The Office, la serie che ci ha insegnato a resistere Star Trek: Discovery was announced a full two years ago, in late 2015, and has suffered through showrunner splits and multiple delays since. And as the series heads into its premiere this weekend, it stands to do some things that Star Trek has never done before — even as it tries to win over one of..

Фантастика. Режиссер: Акива Голдсман. В ролях: Даг Джонс, Патрик Квок-Чун, Шазад Латиф и др And then you have to wonder why has Discovery made this choice at all. Why give Spock a foster sister he’s never mentioned? Why add all this weird baggage to Sarek and Amanda? Why didn’t Sarek try to rationalize what he did with logic, which is pretty much his default character? This is a dude who, when asked why he married a human said, “At the time, it seemed the logical thing to do.” Where is his defense of what he did to Burnham? Why the cop out where he denies remembering what happened? Фантастика, боевик, драма. Режиссер: Олатунде Осунсанми, Джонатан Фрейкс, Дуглас Арниокоски и др. В ролях: Сонекуа Мартин-Грин, Даг Джонс, Энтони Рэпп и др. За 10 лет до начала истории, описанной в оригинальном сериале «Звёздный путь».. With each new announcement surrounding Star Trek: Discovery, it's become increasingly clear how intertwined it's going to be with the original Star Trek. From the news that the show would be a prequel to Bryan Fuller's suggestion that we might see some characters from the original series, it's now been Star Trek, one of the most iconic and influential global television franchises, returns 50 years after it first premiered, with Star Trek: Discovery. The series will feature a new ship, new characters and new missions, while embracing the same ideology and hope for the future that inspired a generation of..

In arrivo un altro live-action Disney. E se fosse quello di Atlantis: L’impero perduto? It's Star Trek: Discovery, which premieres on CBS on Sunday night—y'know, on an actual broadcast network—and thereafter will stream on All Access Now that you're panicked about the business, consider too that the show has some hard storytelling spadework ahead. As a prequel, it burrows into..

Star Trek: Discovery didn't start off too strong when it debuted in 2017, but if you fell away from the sci-fi epic, it's worth jumping back onboard for Season 2. And Discovery was almost too unique for Trek. A prequel to the original 1966 series, Discovery focused on Michael Burnham (Sonequa.. Star Trek: Discovery season 2 dropped on Netflix today (January 18). Series one was dogged with issues relating to the air date - with the eventual release being repeatedly pushed back. The series is a prequel to the sci-fi seriesCredit: Netflix. What is Star Trek: Discovery about Star Trek: Discovery doesn't have just a few references to existing Trekkie lore, it's packed with nerdy references. This shouldn't be too shocking since the very first words of the first episode are spoken in Klingon, the nerdiest fictional language in the galaxy Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access is almost here. The newest series of the franchise is a prequel that takes place about a decade before the five-year mission of the original 1960s Star Trek. Discovery is also set in the timeline of the original series, not that of the new films by J.J. Abrams

Skam 4 è ancora la miglior serie teen italiana (ed è anche su Netflix) Star Trek: Discovery season 2's bold finale takes what is arguably the biggest risk in franchise history by jumping the titular starship and her crew into the far future - but this move will potentially save Star Trek. With the two-parter, Such Sweet Sorrow, the CBS All-Access prequel addressed the biggest.. This was a weak episode in that it was predictable and that the emotional bits with Burnham were made less effective by the facts that a) a lot of them were cluttered by the special effects of her and Sarek sparring in his mind and b) because of how Burnham is written, she shows no actual emotion and has to expend pages of dialogue explaining emotions. This is of course part and parcel of being a Vulcan, and yet the best Vulcan characters still managed to imply emotion without just saying them. Wondering if Star Trek: Discovery is OK for your kid? Set preferences and get age-appropriate recommendations with Common Sense Media Plus. Its arrival as a prequel to the classic series that boldly went where no man had gone before is fortuitous for non-Trekkies whose introduction to the.. Star Trek Discovery producer Alex Kurtzman, Kenneth Mitchell, and Robyn Stewart reveal the detail that went into the Klingon translation. When IndieWire got Star Trek: Discovery's official Klingon translator on the phone, we thought it'd be fun to greet her using the Klingon word for hello

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But this show is drowning in its own larger story. They called one episode “Context Is for Kings” and then proved themselves to all be peasants. Context is the biggest failure here. I do not like nitpicking canon. But this show invites it, and that’s its biggest mistake. In Star Trek Discovery S1:E1 The Vulcan Hello - we see the start of the (a?) Klingon/Federation war. The CBS series will serve as a prequel to the original Star Trek, set 10 years before the adventures of Kirk and Spock. The writers have said that Discovery will maintain continuity with the.. Incognite e novità. Discovery, sebbene sia un prequel della serie classica, è foriera di novità promettenti, come l’introduzione di alieni mai visti quali l’allampanato kelpien Saru, e di rappresentanti LGBTQ come l’ufficiale gay Stamets (escludendo Sulu, gay per “retcon”, ovvero per continuità retroattiva). Gli antagonisti, i klingon, hanno subito un radicale restyling e in questo contesto offrono l’imperdibile opportunità per i seguaci del franchise di esaminarne minuziosamente governo e cultura, grazie alla politica di T’Kuvma, leader deciso a riunire le famiglie più potenti dell’impero. Il presente di Star Trek: Discovery non si prospetta tra i più rosei, il riverbero della situazione politica attuale anticipa una realtà tendenzialmente più distopica e meno ottimista di quella a cui ci introdusse il capitano Kirk. La prima stagione è divisa in due tranche (la seconda è prevista per gennaio 2018): per entrambe la nostra aspettativa è alta e piena di fiducia.

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  1. Discovery is a prequel to the original Star Trek, set roughly 10 years before Captain Kirk and his crew took over the USS Enterprise and boldly went where no man had gone before. The first trailer debuted at New York Comic Con back in October. That's when we learned that last season's Captain Gabriel..
  2. Pictured: A man who is just fine. AdvertisementSarek is too injured to go to meet the Klingons, and Lorca says they should send Cornwell. It is impossible to tell if he truly believes this in the best interests of the Federation or if he wants to delay her stripping him of command. Or, even worse, if he suspects that the Klingons will take care of her for him. Which they do, of course, and Lorca follows protocol for the first time in his life and tells Saru they’ll wait for Starfleet Command to tell them whether or not to rescue Cornwell. Love monstrous Lorca, who no longer presents a reasonable counterbalance to science and discovery and is just downright evil.
  3. Star Trek: Discovery: Season 1 Reviews. Movie Reviews By Reviewer Type. in this new series, I for one find Discovery deserves some leeway to truely discovers its self and its distinctiveness; at least as much as we have given previous, if not all, additions to the Star Trek universe
  4. Star Trek Discovery really doesn't seem to work within this canon at first glance - in fact, there are a lot of differences. Okay, so in the Star Wars prequels, it kind of made sense that the spaceships looked all shiny and new, as the events were taking place so far in the past
  5. Basically Discovery is the opposite of Trek. The show ridicules the message of peace during Star Trek music is not supposed be a generic mediocre orchestral score that doesn't evoke because Picard is taking place after the destruction of Romulus, as per JJ and the Countdown prequel comic
  6. d with Burnham and also says they are technically not related. Will the character assassination here never end?
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Previous: Star Trek: Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green breaks her silence on her mysterious character. Star Trek: Discovery will debut Sunday, Sept. 24 (first on CBS, then shifting to CBS All Access streaming service; Netflix internationally) Star Trek: Discovery è ambientata dieci anni prima della serie classica e, agli inizi, la produzione era in mano al Bryan Fuller di Pushing Daisies, Hannibal e American Gods. Una parte di pubblico temeva il suo tocco, troppo personale, su un franchise consolidato, altri lo hanno visto come promotore di un show nuovo e diverso. Fuller si è dimesso per divergenze artistiche, e non è dato sapere di quanto della sua creatività visionaria sia permeata Discovery. La storia si concentra sui retroscena della Guerra fredda in atto tra la bellicosa specie dei Klingon e l’illuminata Federazione unita dei pianeta. Per la prima volta non è un capitano il fulcro della serie bensì un giovane primo ufficiale – Michael Burnham – interpretato da Sonequa Martin-Green (The Walking Dead). Vista la distanza ravvicinata con la serie classica, Discovery è destinata a ospitare personaggi dello show originale, come Sarek (qui con il volto di James Frainn di True Blood) – padre del Signor Spock e genitore adottivo della protagonista – e l’imbroglione Mudd, il quale per l’occasione avrà le fattezze di Rainn Wilson (The Office). Star Trek: Discovery brought the Trek franchise back to television, or at least smaller screens, after years off air. The series was announced as a prequel to Ahead of New York Comic-Con in October, CBS announced that Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 would premiere in January and released a new.. Star Trek has a long tradition of color-coded uniforms that signify in which divisions Starfleet personnel serve. Perhaps most memorably, on The Original Series As with The Original Series and its prequel Enterprise, the Starfleet uniforms of Discovery use gold to designate the command division, which.. Impress your friends with every Star Trek Discovery Easter egg from season 2 so far. Hamlet crops up again in another Next Generation episode, The Most Toys, where Data is seen reading the play, while the prequel series Enterprise also gets in on the act when Captain Drennik states: There are..

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  1. A prequel to Star Trek: The Original Series, the drama follows the crew of the USS Discovery, during the cold war Although Star Trek: Discovery features a new ship, new characters, and new missions, it espouses the same ideals and optimism which have drawn in audiences for more than 50 years
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  3. Star Trek: Discovery goes out of its way to subvert expectations about what a ship, crew, and show in this franchise is supposed to be. Even as a prequel, Discovery doesn't feel beholden to the structure of the rest of the franchise, choosing instead to build a show that more closely resembles successful..
  4. Familiar Faces Return In New Star Trek: Discovery Images. While the concept might seem foreign to some, Star Trek has tackled gender neutrality in the past. In The Next Generation's opening seasons, characters often wore unisex outfits, with some male Starfleet personnel opting for a shorter..
  5. iseries published by IDW Publishing and released in 2009
  6. 6. Star Trek: Enterprise (2001-2005). The fourth Star Trek series in the Rick Berman era, this show ran on UPN for four seasons, making it the shortest of the modern Trek series (so far). Despite a winning cast lead by Scott Bakula as Captain Jonathan Archer, this prequel show felt stuck in the television..

The reason Star Trek Discovery thought it could get away with killing off its most magnificently evil bastard starship captain is that it was in the middle of attempting to create another one: Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh). Georgiou, who had a complex maternal love-hate relationship with.. Star Trek: Discovery is an American web television series created for CBS All Access by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman. Launched in 2017.. Star Trek: Discovery. Discovery takes place roughly a decade before Captain Kirk leads the Enterprise's five-year mission to Guides Star Trek Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Star Trek: Discovery Star Trek: Enterprise Star Trek: The Next Generation Star Trek.. Star Trek: Discovery is set in the franchise's prime timeline, which means it will ignore the new JJ Abrams-produced movies and instead stand in line with the existing TV series. However, it will be also be a prequel, being set 10 years prior to the original William Shatner series Star Trek: Discovery Season Finale Recap: Klingons Are Animals I'm already looking forward to yelling at my TV screen again next season. Star Trek Discovery Recap: A Good Old-Fashioned Mirror-versin' Time to meet our Terran counterparts, slap a goatee on Saru, and start a-stabbing everybody

Tv - 15 Mag Star Trek: Discovery is a great entry in the Trek franchise, minus one odd bit of casting that gives a lot away on its own. I recently pulled off something of a legal heist in order to watch Star Trek: Discovery at long last, without having to sign up for CBS's stupid All-Access streaming service Snowpiercer, ecco il trailer italiano della serie tv Star Trek: Discovery. 2018MA 15+ 2 seasonsTV Shows. After a century of silence, war erupts between the Federation and Klingon Empire, with a disgraced Starfleet officer at the center of the conflict

Now, Star Trek: Discovery carries on that legacy. This is how the current Star Trek TV Show on CBS fits into the timeline of every other TV show and Until another prequel series comes along, Star Trek: Enterprise is the start of the Star Trek timeline. Set between the years 2151 and 2161, Star.. Star Trek: Discovery. 1966. 2 Seasons. NBC. sci-fi, prequel. 72 METASCORE. New worlds and civilizations are explored by new members of the Star Trek universe. Watchlist Added Why not have this be in the future of Trek, where Spock’s work with the Romulans has triggered a crisis on Vulcan over their relationship to other species? You can have extremists and you can have a protege of Sarek’s foster a human child and no one will ask why we’ve never heard about these things in the other shows. (Also, Burnham wears an IDIC pin throughout the flashbacks and yet at no point does anyone point out that the Vulcan extremists are definitely in contradiction with the fundamental Vulcan tenet of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. AWESOME.)

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Why not just pick a different Vulcan? One whose beliefs and characterization we don’t know that well? Why not set this show a hundred years after Voyager, and let differences in continuity can be explained as changes that took place in between those shows? Информация о сериале Название: Звёздный путь: Дискавери Оригинальное название: Star Trek: Discovery Год выпуска: 2017 Жанр: Фантастика Режиссер: Акива Голдсман, Адам Кэйн, Ли Роуз В ролях: Джейсон Айзекс, Даг Джонс, Шазад Латиф, Сонекуа Мартин-Грин, Молик Панчоли.. Le migliori 5 serie in arrivo da Spagna e dintorni

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Discovery, Star Trek tarihinde daha önce bahsedilen ancak keşfedilmemiş bir olayın etrafında dönüyor. Orjinal Adı Star Trek: Discovery. İlk Yayın Tarihi 24 Eylül 2017. Son Yayın Tarihi 11 Şubat 2018 The franchise's first new series in 12 years is a radical departure, with an emphasis on heavy serialization and heated conflict Star Trek: Discovery. The Top 5 Lines from Discovery's Doctors, Ranked. Star Trek: Discovery. WATCH: Ethan Peck Reads Too Many Tribbles. 2:55m Home Play Tv

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A guide listing the titles and air dates for episodes of the TV series Star Trek: Discovery. A decade before the events of the original Star Trek series, the United Federation of Planets diverts the USS Discovery from its intended mission as an exploratory vessel to wage war against the rising Klingon.. Star Trek: Picard is about our titular captain's life many years after his last fateful mission for Starfleet. For Trek nerds out there, this means Picard takes place in the prime timeline, which is where each of the television series and the original films live Последние твиты от Star Trek: Discovery (@StarTrekNetflix). Discover the unknown. #StarTrekDiscovery Season 1 & 2 now streaming, only on Netflix. The mission continues. Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 is coming to Netflix.pic.twitter.com/yaJz5NFzQS The first two seasons of Star Trek: Discovery work as a prequel to the Original Series (they even feature a younger version of Spock), but it'll be all change in season 3, after the season 2 finale saw the crew traveling to the distant future to explore a new frontier... Star Trek: The Next Generation era.. 'Star Trek: Discovery' Premiere Unites Starship Casts New and Old ]. Cmdr. Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Saru share a deeply emotional The second season of Star Trek: Discovery comprises 14 episodes with no midseason break. It airs on Thursdays on CBS All Access in the U.S..

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  1. Star Trek: Discovery is no different, picking up right at the end of the starship Shenzhou's last moments alive during a battle between the Federation and the Klingons. Set approximately ten years before the events of the original Star Trek series, the show centres on the cold war between the 24..
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  3. t kirepül az űrbe a történet pedig a Star Trek : The Original Series előtt, a Star Trek Enterprise eseményei után játszódik
  4. • Filed to:star trek: discovery recaps. Discovery also managed not to learn from Supergirl, another CBS show, at least in the beginning. They found out that mentioning an iconic character with a familial relationship to the main character and never showing him is annoying
  5. Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 now on Netflix, new episodes weekly. www.netflix.com. See more of Star Trek: Discovery on Facebook
  6. Star Trek: Discovery - Season 3 - David Ajala Joins Cast; 1,000 Years Time Jump Confirmed; 6 Short Treks Announced. Star Trek: Discovery - Episode 2.14 - Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2 (Season Finale) - Promo, Promotional Photos + Synopsis

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  2. Set it in the future, and have the war be with a species we don’t know. One where we’re not constantly wondering about forehead ridges. Or one where it doesn’t feel like backsliding—and backsliding to ‘60s racist caricatures—to present them like torturers, betrayers, and cannibals. Why not do something new? Set it in the future, where we don’t spend all our time wondering what the hell happened to all this amazing technology. What is the benefit of this particular show being a prequel?
  3. Star Trek: Discovery entered the world with a hyperawareness of how it would fit into the larger Star Trek canon. As a prequel to the original series, it had to contend both with what had come before it in the timeline—the relatively short-lived Enterprise—and with the many series and movies that would..
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  6. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will star Anson Mount as Capt. Christopher Pike, Rebecca Romijn as Number One and Ethan Peck as Science Officer Spock. The character was brought back in the new prequel series Star Trek Discovery and will continue his exploits in the new series

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IT's a prequel, star trek is about looking forward. The same people that didn't give Enterprise a chance also aren't going to give Discovery a chance. It is certainly their prerogative to not be interested in a prequel, but that doesn't mean they get to declare it a bad show Age of Discovery is a series of content updates in 2018 and 2019 focusing on Star Trek: Discovery content. It was released in three parts, each analogous but not marketed as Seasons. Part 1, Age of Discovery was released on October 9, 2018 for PC and set to release in November 13.. Other Star Trek characters have been called by the name, but 54 years later, the original Number One is finally ready to boldly go once more. In new photos released by CBS on Tuesday, we now have our first official image of Number One's return, in Star Trek: Discovery

Smart TV. Звёздный путь: Дискавери (сериал 2017). Star Trek: Discovery • 2017. HDRip Zeitgleich stellt die Discovery-Crew fest, dass der Planet vor einer tödlichen Katastrophe steht. Wurde das Schiff deshalb hierher gelotst? Tilly einen Plan um die Bevölkerung zu retten und nutzt dazu den von ihr geborgenen Asteroiden, der aus dunkler Materie besteht LostFilm. Звездный путь: Дискавери. Star Trek: Discovery

Skam 4 è ancora la miglior serie teen italiana (ed è anche su Netflix) Star Trek: Discovery has been in production since the end of January, but they have yet to reveal any images or footage from the show, or reveal a Reaffirmed: Discovery is a prequel, not a reboot or re-imagining. This may not seem like new information, but there has been a lot of speculation about the.. Per la prima volta dopo 12 anni, Star Trek: Discovery riporta in tv il celebre franchise di fantascienza Star Trek creato da Gene Roddenberry. Segue la serie originale del 1966, di cui è il prequel, la breve serie animata del 1973 Star Trek: The Animated Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation del 1987..

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Macera. Orijinal Star Trek'teki olayların 10 yıl öncesinde geçiyor. USS Discovery mürettebatının yeni dünyalar ve uygarlıklar keşfetmesini konu alıyor. Bahsedilen fakat daha önce gözler önüne serilmeyen geçmişi anlatır nitelikte olacak I don’t hate this show. It’s not bad, it’s just that the good parts have nothing to do with it being a prequel while all the frustrating parts do. The only thing I’ve found that justifies it is that Enterprise had about as much contempt for Vulcans as this show apparently does. Jon recaps all of the newest details producer Bryan Fuller revealed about CBS's upcoming sci-fi drama prequel, Star Trek: Discovery - and what he thinks about the future of the franchise What was Star Trek: Discovery up to, filming the start of Season 3 in Iceland? Actually, the more accurate question is, When are they up to? Sonequa Martin-Green tells TVLine that Michael Burnham and her Discovery pals will land nearly 1,000 years into the future after wildly leaping into time in the..

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Star Trek: Discovery is the sixth live-action Star Trek television series. It premiered on September 24th, 2017 and has been renewed for a third season. Standard Human Spaceship: Federation ships in Discovery come closer to this trope than in any other series (see Cosmetically Advanced Prequel.. I want to just enjoy this show. There is no Star Trek I haven’t derived joy from solely by its existence. And I liked way more than I disliked in first episodes of this season. Even last week’s episode I was enjoying right up until Lorca slapped red shirt on my good will and fed it to a salt vampire. And the preview of next week—with the good old time-loop trope in effect—made me excited. We can see that already with Star Trek: Discovery. Supposedly set in the Prime timeline 10 years before TOS, there's just one problem. Prequel As Cynical Marketing. Perhaps the most annoying thing about CBS and Paramount's obsession with producing Star Trek prequels that aren't prequels.. Discovery is even shown to have a holodeck and people frequently communicate using holograms ala Star Wars, despite the Next Generation pilot episode Well let me tell you something, Star Trek has NEVER been about trying to cater to one and only one demographic, that's part of its whole appeal.. Star Trek: Discovery will get an extra dose of logic in season 2 with the addition of beloved franchise character Spock. Given that Discovery is a prequel of sorts to that series, that would certainly make sense — and give fans a lot to speculate about between now and the show's season premiere

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The high-stakes prequel to the original Star Trek series has been full of Easter eggs for true Trekkies and has its biggest debut yet on the way. Ten years before Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise, the USS Discovery discovers new worlds and lifeforms as one Starfleet officer learns to understand all things.. La nuova Trinità. Tornando al primo ufficiale Burnham, la protagonista è un’umana cresciuta con educazione vulcaniana, e quindi istruita a rinunciare alle proprie emozioni in favore della logica. Una sfida quasi impossibile per una rappresentante della razza umana. La sua rieducazione alle emozioni e all’empatia è compito del capitano dell’astronave Shenzhou, Philippa Georgiou, che la sua interprete, Michelle Yeoh, ha descritto come una donna vittima di esperienze dolorose ma tanto forte da non aver perso la speranza nell’umanità e la passione sviscerata per le meraviglie dell’universo. In plancia sulla Discovery siede il capitano Lorca (Jason Isaacs, Harry Potter): stratega e abile militare, è, ha spiegato l’attore britannico, una figura molto diversa rispetto agli altri capitani delle serie di Star Trek, dilaniato dai propri demoni interiori. Insieme, i tre ricostruiscono la trinità originale della serie classica: al posto del razionale Spock, dell’emotivo Bones e di Kirk, sintesi dei primi due, ritroviamo Michael, in perenne ricerca del proprio vero io e circondata dalle figure opposte di Georgiou e Lorca.

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