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President Donald Trump on Thursday called on his allies in the United States Senate to call former President Barack Obama to testify in a probe into the origins of the Russia investigation, a demand.. And it makes sense within Schlafly’s cultural context and worldview. American Christian dominionists and allied groups have, to a great extent, constructed a parallel economy through which born-again Christians of a c...Trump has had a sporadic relationship with professional wrestling promotion World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment and its owners Vince and Linda McMahon since the late 1980s; in 1988 and 1989, WrestleMania IV and V, which took place at the Atlantic City Convention Hall, were billed as taking place at the nearby Trump Plaza.[179][180] He headlined the record-breaking WrestleMania 23 in 2007 and was inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.[181] Before being inaugurated as president, Trump moved his businesses into a revocable trust run by his eldest sons and a business associate.[168][169] According to ethics experts, as long as Trump continues to profit from his businesses, the measures taken by Trump do not help to avoid conflicts of interest.[170] Because Trump would have knowledge of how his administration's policies would affect his businesses, ethics experts recommend that Trump sell off his businesses.[169] While Trump said his organization would eschew "new foreign deals", the Trump Organization has since pursued expansions of its operations in Dubai, Scotland, and the Dominican Republic.[170]

President Trump strongly urged the other NATO members to increase their defense spending in order to meet their spending pledges. In late-June 2017, it was reported that Europe's NATO countries would increase their defense spending at the fastest pace in three years.[46] NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including sections 212(f) and 215.. During much of Trump's presidency, Democrats were divided on the question of impeachment.[755] Fewer than 20 representatives in the House supported impeachment by January 2019; after the Mueller Report was released in April and special counsel Robert Mueller testified in July, this number grew to around 140 representatives.[756] "Had the WHO done its job to get medical experts into China to objectively assess the situation on the ground and to call out China's lack of transparency, the outbreak could have been contained at its source with very little death," he told reporters.

Donald Trump has repeated unsubstantiated claims that China's outbreak stemmed from a The Trump administration and Republican Party more broadly have decided that they cannot run on the.. Trump acquired a third casino in Atlantic City, the Taj Mahal, in 1988 in a highly leveraged transaction.[95] It was financed with $675 million in junk bonds and completed at a cost of $1.1 billion, opening in April 1990.[96][97][98] The project went bankrupt the following year,[97] and the reorganization left Trump with only half his initial ownership stake and required him to pledge personal guarantees of future performance.[99] Facing "enormous debt", he gave up control of his money-losing airline, Trump Shuttle, and sold his 282-foot (86 m) mega yacht, the Trump Princess, which had been indefinitely docked in Atlantic City while leased to his casinos for use by wealthy gamblers.[100][101]

Trump's cabinet nominations included U.S. senator from Alabama Jeff Sessions as Attorney General,[537] financier Steve Mnuchin as Secretary of the Treasury,[538] retired Marine Corps general James Mattis as Secretary of Defense,[539] and ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.[540] Trump also brought on board politicians who had opposed him during the presidential campaign, such as neurosurgeon Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development,[541] and South Carolina governor Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the United Nations.[542] Of course, the stock market did not see only growth during the Trump Administration; on May 17, 2017, for example, the Dow Jones fell 372 points (1.78%) due to the fallout from the James Comey controversy.[12] In Gallup's end-of-year poll asking Americans to name the man they admire the most, Trump placed second to Obama in 2017 and 2018, and tied with Obama for most admired man in 2019.[600] Trump is the first elected president not to be named most admired in his first year in office.[601] Trump's first ghostwritten book, The Art of the Deal (1987), was on the New York Times Best Seller list for 48 weeks. According to The New Yorker, "The book expanded Trump's renown far beyond New York City, promoting an image of himself as a successful dealmaker and tycoon." Tony Schwartz, who is credited as co-author, later said he did all the writing, backed by Howard Kaminsky, then-head of Random House, the book's publisher.[178] Two further lesser memoirs were published in 1990 and 1997. I'll see what conservapedia tells me to think. The entries are somewhat funny. Like those for homosexuality, liberal media, Fox News, etc. If this is for real, or anyone thinks it is..

Donald John Trump was born on June 14, 1946, at the Jamaica Hospital in the borough of Queens, New York City.[2] His father was Frederick Christ Trump, a Bronx-born real estate developer whose parents were German immigrants. His mother was Scottish-born housewife Mary Anne MacLeod Trump. Trump grew up in the Jamaica Estates neighborhood of Queens and attended the Kew-Forest School from kindergarten through seventh grade.[3][4] At age 13, he was enrolled in the New York Military Academy, a private boarding school.[5] In 1964, Trump enrolled at Fordham University. Two years later he transferred to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.[6] While at Wharton, he worked at the family business, Elizabeth Trump & Son.[7] He graduated in May 1968 with a B.S. in economics.[6][8] Profiles of Trump published in The New York Times in 1973 and 1976 erroneously reported that he had graduated first in his class at Wharton, but he had never made the school's honor roll.[9] In 2015, Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen threatened Fordham University and the New York Military Academy with legal action if they released Trump's academic records.[10] His foreign policy has been marked by repeated praise and support of neo-nationalist and authoritarian strongmen and criticism of democratically-led governments.[420] Trump has cited China's president Xi Jinping,[421] Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte,[422] Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi,[423] Turkey's president Tayyip Erdoğan,[424] King Salman of Saudi Arabia,[425] Italy's prime minister Giuseppe Conte,[426] Brazil's president Jair Bolsonaro,[427] Indian prime minister Narendra Modi,[428] and Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán as examples of good leaders.[429] Trump has also praised Poland under the EU-skeptic, anti-immigrant Law and Justice party (PiS) as a defender of Western civilization.[430][431] Editors asked 1990'sguy to explain what criteria are to govern whether an item should be included in the article. The lack of tangible criteria led the article to reach absurd lengths. Every executive order, speech or memo was considered an "accomplishment" even though they might mark the start of an effort rather than its culmination. As President Trump squandered his honeymoon period and whatever political capital he gained from winning the 2016 election, the list of achievements took on a pathetic divergence from reality. Among the criteria advanced by 1990'sguy over time were: President Trump announced late Monday he will soon sign an executive order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States in a drastic escalation of his efforts to fight the coronavirus.. President Trump predicted a vaccine would become available by the end of 2020, and manufacturers are already mobilizing the production of millions of doses of potential vaccine candidates while they..


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  1. President Donald Trump signed an executive order today (April 6) establishing U.S. policy on the exploitation of President Trump has shown considerable interest in shaping U.S. space policy
  2. In 2013, the State of New York filed a $40 million civil suit against Trump University; the suit alleged that the company made false statements and defrauded consumers.[147][148] In addition, two class-action civil lawsuits were filed in federal court; they named Trump personally as well as his companies. Internal documents revealed that employees were instructed to use a hard-sell approach, and former employees said in depositions that Trump University had defrauded or lied to its students.[149][150][151][152][153] Shortly after he won the presidency, Trump agreed to pay a total of $25 million to settle the three cases.[154]
  3. On November 29, Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about Trump's 2016 attempts to reach a deal with Russia to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Cohen said he had made the false statements on behalf of Trump, who was identified as "Individual-1" in the court documents.[744]

Последние твиты от Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump). 45th President of the United States of America. Donald J. Trump. Подлинная учетная запись. @realDonaldTrump Throughout his career, Trump has sought media attention. His interactions with the press turned into what some sources called a "love-hate" relationship.[655][656][657] Trump began promoting himself in the press in the 1970s.[658] Fox News anchor Bret Baier and former House speaker Paul Ryan have characterized Trump as a "troll" who makes controversial statements to see people's "heads explode".[659][660] On July 15, 2016, Trump announced his selection of Indiana governor Mike Pence as his running mate.[220] Four days later, the two were officially nominated by the Republican Party at the Republican National Convention.[221] The list of convention speakers and attendees included former presidential nominee Bob Dole, but the other prior nominees did not attend.[222][223]

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  1. Trump's presence on social media has attracted attention worldwide since he joined Twitter in March 2009. He communicated heavily on Twitter during the 2016 election campaign, and has continued to use this channel during his presidency. The attention on Trump's Twitter activity has significantly increased since he was sworn in as president. As of May 2019, he is in the top 15 for most Twitter followers at more than 60 million.[673] Trump has frequently used Twitter as a direct means of communication with the public, sidelining the press.[674] Many of the assertions he tweeted have been proven false.[675][676][677]
  2. utes on weekdays) from 2004 to 2008.[187][188] In 2011, he was given a weekly unpaid guest commentator spot on Fox & Friends that continued until he started his presidential candidacy in 2015.[189][190]
  3. ation against black renters.[74] He has also been accused of racism for insisting a group of black and Latino teenagers were guilty of raping a white woman in the 1989 Central Park jogger case, even after they were exonerated by DNA evidence in 2002. He has maintained his position on the matter into 2019.[624]
  4. It was reported in May that the number of child illegal immigrants entering the nation monthly had fallen below 1,000, the first time in several years, and that total illegal immigration levels had fallen by 76%.[36] In six months, the illegal immigration of Haitians, specifically, into the U.S. declined by 97%.[37] Although not solely due to President Trump, illegal immigration from Cuba dropped dramatically in the beginning of Trump's presidency.[38] Illegal immigration dropped so much that U.S. Customs and Border Protection was able to close one of their temporary holding facilities.[39] As another illustration, a non-profit shelter organization for illegal immigrants, Southwest Key Programs, was forced to lay off nearly 1,000 of its employees due to the drop.[40] The drop in illegal immigration was probably due to the Trump effect[26][41][42] and tougher illegal immigration and deportation policies by the Homeland Security Department.[43][44]
  5. istration has been characterized by high turnover, particularly among White House staff. By the end of Trump's first year in office, 34 percent of his original staff had resigned, been fired, or been reassigned.[530] As of early July 2018[update], 61 percent of Trump's senior aides had left[531] and 141 staffers had left in the past year.[532] Both figures set a record for recent presidents – more change in the first 13 months than his four immediate predecessors saw in their first two years.[533] Notable early departures included National Security Advisor Mike Flynn (after just 25 days in office), Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, replaced by retired Marine general John F. Kelly on July 28, 2017,[534] and Press Secretary Sean Spicer.[533] Close personal aides to Trump such as Steve Bannon, Hope Hicks, John McEntee and Keith Schiller, have quit or been forced out.[535] Some, like Hicks and McEntee, later returned to the White House in different posts.[536]
  6. als Michael Milken, Bernard Kerik, and Edward J. DeBartolo Jr., and commuted former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich's 14-year corruption sentence.[376][377]


During his presidency, Trump ordered a travel ban on citizens from several Muslim-majority countries, citing security concerns; after legal challenges, the Supreme Court upheld the policy's third revision. He enacted a tax-cut package for individuals and businesses, rescinding the individual health insurance mandate. He appointed Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. In foreign policy, Trump has pursued an America First agenda, withdrawing the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiations, the Paris Agreement on climate change, and the Iran nuclear deal. During increased tensions with Iran, he ordered the killing of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani. He imposed import tariffs triggering a trade war with China, recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and withdrew U.S. troops from northern Syria to avoid Turkey's offensive on American-allied Kurds. Order of Presidential succession from the Vice President to Secretary of Homeland Security Trump's proposed immigration policies were a topic of bitter and contentious debate during the campaign. He promised to build a more substantial wall on the Mexico–United States border to keep out illegal immigrants and vowed Mexico would pay for it.[378] He pledged to massively deport illegal immigrants residing in the United States,[379] and criticized birthright citizenship for creating "anchor babies".[380] He said deportation would focus on criminals, visa overstays, and security threats.[381] As president, he frequently described illegal immigration as an "invasion" and conflated immigrants with the gang MS-13, though research shows undocumented immigrants have a lower crime rate than native-born Americans.[382] On a global level, no, Conservapedia is not satire. The founder of Conservapedia, Andrew Schlafly, absolutely intends it as a serious conservative counter to Wikipedia. His total lack of self-awareness is, perhaps, congenital; his mother, Phyllis Schlafly, made a career out of traveling around the world and lecturing on how women should not have careers and should stay at home. President Donald Trump speaks about the coronavirus in the Rose Garden of the White House We are back, vaccine or no vaccine, Trump said. We are not going to close our country for five years..

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Latest News on Conservapedia. Showing of 0 - 10 from 1 results. Conservapedia - Total results - 1 Conservapedia is an alternative internet encyclopedia written from a fundamentalist Christian point of view. Although it was the first partisan encyclopedia of its kind, it is perhaps best known across the.. In 1988, Trump purchased the defunct Eastern Air Lines shuttle, with 21 planes and landing rights in New York City, Boston, and Washington, D.C. He financed the purchase with $380 million from 22 banks, rebranded the operation the Trump Shuttle, and operated it until 1992. Trump failed to earn a profit with the airline and sold it to USAir.[136] Trumps-dump.su - highets quality dumps by donald trump El presidente estadounidense, Donald Trump, dijo que no quiere hablar ahora con el mandatario chino, Xi Jinping, debido a las responsabilidades que ha tenido el país asiático en el manejo de la..

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The Trump effect refers to events and trends that have occurred due to the election or influence of Donald Trump as United States President. Among several State Department employees testifying to congressional committees in October 2019, William B. Taylor Jr., the chargé d'affaires for Ukraine, testified that soon after arriving in Ukraine in June 2019, he found that Zelensky was being subjected to pressure from a private initiative directed by Trump and led by Giuliani. According to Taylor and others, the goal was to coerce Zelensky into making a public commitment to investigate the company that employed Hunter Biden, as well as rumors about Ukrainian involvement in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.[766] He said it was made clear that until Zelensky made such an announcement, the administration would not release scheduled military aid for Ukraine and not invite Zelensky to the White House.[767][768] Zelensky denied that he felt pressured by Trump.[769] In October 2016, portions of Trump's state filings for 1995 were leaked to a reporter from The New York Times. They show that Trump declared a loss of $916 million that year, which could have let him avoid taxes for up to 18 years. During the second presidential debate, Trump acknowledged using the deduction, but declined to provide details such as the specific years it was applied.[274] 1990'sguy continue to press for sweeping breath, limited only by whether an action, in his opinion, advanced a conservative goal (as opposed to a national goal or benefit.):

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In October 2019, after Trump spoke to Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the White House acknowledged that Turkey would be carrying out a planned military offensive into northern Syria; as such, U.S. troops in northern Syria were withdrawn from the area to avoid interference with that operation. The statement also passed responsibility for the area's captured ISIS fighters to Turkey.[447] In the following days, Trump suggested the Kurds intentionally released ISIS prisoners in order to gain sympathy, suggested they were fighting only for their own financial interests, suggested some of them were worse than ISIS, and termed them "no angels".[448] Trump sought to fire Mueller on several occasions – in June 2017, December 2017, and April 2018 – and close the investigation, but backed down after his staff objected or after changing his mind.[725] He bemoaned the recusal of his first Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding Russia matters, and believed Sessions should have stopped the investigation.[726] Trump's victory was considered a stunning political upset by most observers, as polls had consistently showed Hillary Clinton with a nationwide – though diminishing – lead, as well as a favorable advantage in most of the competitive states. Trump's support had been modestly underestimated throughout his campaign,[290] and many observers blamed errors in polls, partially attributed to pollsters overestimating Clinton's support among well-educated and nonwhite voters, while underestimating Trump's support among white working-class voters.[291] The polls were relatively accurate,[292] but media outlets and pundits alike showed overconfidence in a Clinton victory despite a large number of undecided voters and a favorable concentration of Trump's core constituencies in competitive states.[293] In January 2019, The New York Times quoted senior administration officials as saying Trump has privately suggested on multiple occasions that the United States should withdraw from NATO.[528] The next day Trump said the United States is going to "be with NATO one hundred percent" but repeated that the other countries have to "step up" and pay more.[529]

The folks behind Conservapedia have taken issue with the work behind a.. Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder and philanthropist, said on Twitter: "Halting funding for the World Health Organization during a world health crisis is as dangerous as it sounds." Trump's early policies have favored rollback and dismantling of government regulations. He has signed 15 Congressional Review Act disapproval resolutions to allow Congress to repeal executive regulations, the second President to sign any such resolutions after the first CRA resolution was passed in 2001, and the first President to sign more than one such resolution.[335] During his first six weeks in office, he delayed, suspended or reversed ninety federal regulations.[336][337] The five Trump associates who have pleaded guilty or have been convicted in Mueller's investigation or related cases include Paul Manafort, deputy campaign manager Rick Gates, foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos, Michael Flynn, and Michael Cohen.[745][746] On January 25, 2019, Trump adviser Roger Stone was arrested at his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and indicted on seven criminal charges.[747] He was later convicted and sentenced to three years and four months in prison.[748]

Ссылки по теме. Trump's racism will bring his party down with him. The Washington Post, 12 мая 2020 In June 2018 the New York attorney general's office filed a civil suit against the foundation, Trump himself, and his adult children, asking for $2.8 million in restitution and additional penalties.[163][164] In December 2018, the foundation ceased operation and disbursed all its assets to other charities.[165] The following November, a New York state judge ordered Trump to pay $2 million to a group of charities for misusing the foundation's funds, in part to finance his presidential campaign.[166][167]

He has accused the WHO of having "criticised" that decision and of being biased towards China more generally. Trump administration officials on Tuesday morning scrambled to finalize an executive order after President Donald Trump said in a late-night tweet he would temporarily suspend immigration to the.. Trump's father, Fred, was born in 1905 in the Bronx. After Fred's father Friedrich died in the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918,[16] Fred started working with his mother in real estate when he was 15. Their company, "E. Trump & Son", founded in 1923,[17] was active in the New York boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, building and selling thousands of houses, barracks, and apartments.[18] In spite of his German ancestry, Fred claimed to be Swedish amid the anti-German sentiment sparked by World War II; Trump repeated this claim until the 1990s.[19] Trump's mother Mary Anne MacLeod was born in Scotland.[20] Fred and Mary were married in 1936 and raised their family in Queens.[21] Trump grew up with three elder siblings – Maryanne, Fred Jr., and Elizabeth – and younger brother Robert.[22]

The official Donald J. Trump Store has released a variety of brand new merchandise perfect for you The official Donald J. Trump Store offers unique, one-of-a-kind gifts. Show someone you care, all.. When Trump became the presumptive nominee, some registered Republicans left the party.[14] Numerous liberal and establishment Republicans chose not to vote for Trump in the general election.[15] Trump's nomination also reportedly deepened the divide between the GOP establishment and the base.[16] To celebrate our leadership commitment to the growing entrepreneurial community, we are proud to announce that Trump University has officially changed its name to The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative. The new URL is www.trumpinitiative.com. This change reflects our core mission to empower you with the tools and confidence to achieve your personal and financial goals. Learn to achieve success with the world's most renowned entrepreneur, Donald J. Trump. [1] President Donald Trump and those who sign onto Trumpism are a clear and present danger to the Only defeating so polarizing a character as Trump will allow the country to heal its political and..

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Trump University stopped enrolling students in July 2010 and no longer sells seminars or other programs.[2] Trump and his allies have promoted a conspiracy theory that Ukraine, rather than Russia, interfered in the 2016 election – which has also been promoted by Russia in an effort to frame Ukraine.[718] After the Democratic National Committee was hacked, Trump firstly claimed that it withheld "its server" from the FBI (in actuality there were more than 140 servers, of which digital copies were given to the FBI); secondly claimed that CrowdStrike, the company which investigated the servers, was Ukraine-based and Ukrainian-owned (in actuality, CrowdStrike is U.S.-based, with the largest owners being American companies); and thirdly claimed that "the server" was hidden in Ukraine. Members of the Trump administration have spoken out against the conspiracy theories.[719]

On August 11, 2017, Trump said he is "not going to rule out a military option" to confront the government of Nicolás Maduro.[521] In September 2018, Trump called "for the restoration of democracy in Venezuela" and said that "socialism has bankrupted the oil-rich nation and driven its people into abject poverty."[522] On January 23, 2019, Maduro announced that Venezuela was breaking ties with the United States following Trump's announcement of recognizing Juan Guaidó, the Venezuelan opposition leader, as the interim president of Venezuela.[523] "I am directing my administration to halt funding while a review is conducted to assess the World Health Organization's role in severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus," Mr Trump told a news conference at the White House on Tuesday.

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Trump has often said he began his career with "a small loan of one million dollars" from his father, and that he had to pay it back with interest.[63] In October 2018, The New York Times reported that Trump "was a millionaire by age 8", borrowed at least $60 million from his father, largely failed to reimburse him, and had received $413 million (adjusted for inflation) from his father's business empire over his lifetime.[64][65] According to the report, Trump and his family committed tax fraud, which a lawyer for Trump denied. The tax department of New York says it is "vigorously pursuing all appropriate avenues of investigation" into it.[66][67] Analyses by The Economist and The Washington Post have concluded that Trump's investments underperformed the stock market.[68][69] Forbes estimated in October 2018 that the value of Trump's personal brand licensing business had declined by 88% since 2015, to $3 million.[70] Tons of awesome Donald Trump wallpapers to download for free. You can also upload and share your favorite Donald Trump wallpapers. Donald Trump Wallpapers. Published by caveman. 3 years ago

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The argument is that Chinese leadership in international organisations undermines the rules-based, accountable international system needed to prevent and fight a pandemic. Trump won 30 states, including Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, which had been considered a blue wall of Democratic strongholds since the 1990s. Clinton won 20 states and the District of Columbia. Trump's victory marked the return of a Republican White House combined with control of both chambers of Congress.[citation needed] In December 2017, Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, which cut the corporate tax rate to 21 percent, lowered personal tax brackets, increased child tax credit, doubled the estate tax exemption to $11.2 million, and limited the state and local tax deduction to $10,000.[319] Official site for the Trump Organization's luxury real estate portfolio. Browse the Trump Organization's portfolio of hotels, golf courses, estates and more. Discover what makes the 500+, award winning..

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After Trump met Putin at the Helsinki Summit on July 16, 2018, Trump drew bipartisan criticism for siding with Putin's denial of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, rather than accepting the findings of the United States intelligence community.[508][509][510] • Wikipedia: Conservapedia is a wiki project to construct an encyclopedia with articles that are pro-American, socially conservative and supportive of conservative Christianity Trump says Clinton won't be indicted 16:57 Trump was very busy in his first week and showed he was serious about his campaign promises. This caused the stock market to increase, and the Dow Jones passed 20,000 points for the first time in its history.[3][4] It had been only 42 days since the Dow Jones passed 19,000 points, making it the second-fastest 1,000 point move of the Dow in its history.[5] On March 1, 2017, the day after Trump made his first address to a joint-session of Congress, the stock market rose dramatically again, with the Dow Jones passing the 21,000 mark for the first time in history.[6][7][8] The stock market had one of the best performances in the first 100 days of Trump's presidency compared to the first 100 days of previous presidents in U.S. history.[9] Trump Fans. Unofficial Fan Site of Hearthstone Streamer Jeffrey TrumpSC Shih. Trump's Deck Teachings. Trump's Arena Stats. Hearthstone FAQ. How to Purchase Packs at a Discount

In 1983, Trump received the Jewish National Fund Tree of Life Award, after he helped fund the building of two playgrounds, a park, and a reservoir in Israel.[678][679] In 1986, he received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in recognition of "patriotism, tolerance, brotherhood and diversity",[680] and in 1995 was awarded the President's Medal from the Freedoms Foundation for his support of youth programs.[681] Liberty University awarded Trump an honorary Doctorate of Business in 2012[682] and an honorary Doctor of Laws in 2017, during his first college commencement speech as president.[683][684] In 2015, Robert Gordon University revoked the honorary Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) they had granted him in 2010, stating that "Mr. Trump has made a number of statements that are wholly incompatible with the ethos and values of the university."[685] On March 14, 2017, the first two pages of Trump's 2005 federal income tax returns were leaked to MSNBC. The document states that Trump had a gross adjusted income of $150 million and paid $38 million in federal taxes. The White House confirmed the authenticity of the documents.[275][276] Following the November 2015 Paris attacks, Trump made a controversial proposal to ban Muslim foreigners from entering the United States until stronger vetting systems could be implemented.[383][384][385] He later reframed the proposed ban to apply to countries with a "proven history of terrorism".[386][387][388]

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  1. ister Javad Zarif called "genocidal taunts".[465][466][467] Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman are allies in the conflict with Iran.[468] Trump approved the deployment of additional U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates following the attack on Saudi oil facilities which the United States has blamed on Iran.[469] He also ordered a targeted U.S. airstrike on January 2, 2020, which killed Iranian Major General and IRGC Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani and Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, as well as eight other people.[470] Trump publicly threatened to attack Iranian cultural sites if Iran retaliated; such an attack by the U.S. would violate international law.[471] On January 8, 2020, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps launched multiple ballistic missiles on two U.S. airbases in Iraq.[472]
  2. According to Trump's attorney Michael Cohen, in May 2015 he sent letters to the New York Military Academy and to Fordham, threatening legal action if the schools ever released Trump's grades or SAT scores; Fordham confirmed receipt of the letter as well as a phone call from a member of the Trump team.[209]
  3. Netanyahu.[473] He officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on December 6, 2017, despite criticism and warnings from world leaders. He subsequently opened a new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem in May 2018.[474][475] The United Nations General Assembly condemned the move, adopting a resolution that "calls upon all States to refrain from the establishment of diplomatic missions in the Holy City of Jerusalem".[476][477] In March 2019, Trump reversed decades of U.S. policy by recognizing Israel's annexation of the Golan Heights,[478] a move condemned by the European Union and the Arab League.[479]
  4. Trump Wall. Miles Built: 170. Miles to be Built: 509+. Track the status of trump's border wall
  5. Thank God for President Trump and Melania and the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force - Dr Michael Olson by Timothy Charles Holmseth on May 5, 2020 [
  6. Trump supports a broad interpretation of the Second Amendment and says he is opposed to gun control in general,[360][361] although his views have shifted over time.[362] Trump opposes legalizing recreational marijuana but supports legalizing medical marijuana.[363] He favors capital punishment,[364][365] as well as the use of waterboarding and "a hell of a lot worse" methods.[366][367]
  7. Impeachment and trial is a process under the United States Constitution whereby the legislature can remove from office a president, cabinet member, judge, or other civil officer.[753] The House of Representatives investigates the case; if the House votes to bring charges, the officer is impeached. There is then a trial in the Senate where a two-thirds vote is required to remove the person from office.[754]

Oh, and Conservapedia apparently doesn't like mandatory vaccination, either: Wikipedia's entry for the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) reads like an advertisement for vaccine manufacturers.. Ivanka Trump is the fourth generation businessperson of her family, and she has followed in the footsteps of her great-grandmother, named Elizabeth Christ Trump and also her grandfather, Fred.. Donald Trump or Donald J Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America. He assumed the office on January 20, 2017 replacing 44th President Barack Obama Trump launched his political career in 2011 as a leading proponent of "birther" conspiracy theories alleging that Barack Obama, the first black U.S. president, was not born in the United States.[625][626] In April 2011, Trump claimed credit for pressuring the White House to publish the "long-form" birth certificate, which he considered fraudulent, and later saying this made him "very popular".[627][628] In September 2016, he acknowledged that Obama was born in the U.S. and falsely claimed the rumors had been started by Hillary Clinton during her 2008 presidential campaign.[629] Journalist Jonathan Greenberg reported in April 2018 that Trump, using a pseudonym "John Barron", called him in 1984 to falsely assert that he owned "in excess of ninety percent" of the Trump family's business, in an effort to secure a higher ranking on the Forbes 400 list of wealthy Americans. Greenberg also wrote that Forbes had vastly overestimated Trump's wealth and wrongly included him on the Forbes 400 rankings of 1982, 1983, and 1984.[62]

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  1. In March, the UN agency was also accused of being unduly influenced by China after a senior official refused to discuss Taiwan's response to the outbreak.
  2. The WHO is yet to directly respond but UN Secretary General António Guterres said the international community should be uniting "in solidarity to stop this virus".
  3. Trumps-dumps - highets quality dumps by donald trump
  4. But, the Wall Street Journal reports that the decision also stems from an ongoing discussion on whether to link US aid dollars to the number of Americans working in the groups that receive them.
  5. FLAGS FLYING. Chinese President Xi Jinping welcomes U.S. President Donald Trump in Beijing
  6. At least twenty-three women have publicly accused Trump of sexual misconduct as of October 2019[update], including his then-wife Ivana. There were allegations of rape, violence, being kissed and groped without consent, looking under women's skirts, and walking in on naked women.[641][642] In 2016, he denied all accusations, calling them "false smears", and alleged there was a conspiracy against him.[643]
  7. In 1987, Trump placed full-page advertisements in three major newspapers,[192] advocating peace in Central America, accelerated nuclear disarmament talks with the Soviet Union, and reduction of the federal budget deficit by making American allies pay "their fair share" for military defense.[193] He ruled out running for local office but not for the presidency.[192]

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Despite expectations that Trump's election victory would cause the markets to plunge, the Dow Jones Industrial Average actually performed very strongly, closing at the highest level it had ever reached in history after the second day.[1] It is rare for the stock market to rise immediately after a U.S. presidential election regardless of the winner.[1] The stock market had its best week in five years due to the optimism of a Trump presidency.[2] Trump's presidential ambitions were generally not taken seriously at the time.[200] Before the 2016 election, The New York Times speculated that Trump "accelerated his ferocious efforts to gain stature within the political world" after Obama lampooned him at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in April 2011.[201] His political positions have been described as populist,[230][231][232] and some of his views cross party lines. For example, his economic campaign plan calls for deregulation and large reductions in income taxes, consistent with Republican Party policies,[233] along with significant infrastructure investment, usually considered a Democratic Party policy.[234] Trump has supported or leaned toward varying political positions over time.[235][236] Politico has described his positions as "eclectic, improvisational and often contradictory",[237] while NBC News counted "141 distinct shifts on 23 major issues" during his campaign.[238]

Trump halts WHO funding, accuses health body of — RT World New

On December 3, 2019, the House Intelligence Committee published a report authored by Democrats on the committee, stating that "the impeachment inquiry has found that President Trump, personally and acting through agents within and outside of the U.S. government, solicited the interference of a foreign government, Ukraine, to benefit his reelection." The report stated that Trump withheld military aid and a White House invitation in order to influence Ukraine to announce investigations into Trump's political rivals. Furthermore, the report described Trump was the only U.S. president thus far to have "openly and indiscriminately" defied impeachment proceedings by telling his administration officials to ignore subpoenas for documents and testimony.[770][771][772]:8,208 The Republicans of the House Committees had released a draft of a countering report the previous day, saying in part that the evidence "does not prove any of these Democrat allegations, and none of the Democrats' witnesses testified to having evidence of bribery, extortion, or any high crime or misdemeanor."[773][774] U.S. President Donald Trump's musings on whether injecting disinfectants might treat COVID-19 horrified medical professionals on Friday and raised fresh concerns that his stream-of-consciousness.. In October 2016, two days before the second presidential debate, a 2005 "hot mic" recording surfaced in which Trump was heard bragging about forcibly kissing and groping women, saying "when you're a star, they let you do it, you can do anything ... grab 'em by the pussy."[644] The incident's widespread media exposure led to Trump's first public apology during the campaign,[645] and caused outrage across the political spectrum.[646] Trump signaled his intention to run for a second term by filing with the FEC within a few hours of assuming the presidency.[307] This transformed his 2016 election committee into a 2020 reelection one.[308] Trump marked the official start of the campaign with a rally in Melbourne, Florida, on February 18, 2017, less than a month after taking office.[309] By January 2018, Trump's reelection committee had $22 million in hand,[310] and it had raised a total amount exceeding $67 million by December 2018.[311] Trump became the Republican presumptive nominee on March 17, 2020, after securing a majority of pledged delegates.[312]

After repeated questioning by reporters, Trump said he disavowed David Duke and the KKK.[260] Trump said on MSNBC's Morning Joe: "I disavowed him. I disavowed the KKK. Do you want me to do it again for the 12th time? I disavowed him in the past, I disavow him now."[260] Multiple lawsuits have been filed alleging that Trump is violating the Emoluments Clause of the United States Constitution, which forbids presidents from taking money from foreign governments, due to his business interests; they argue that these interests allow foreign governments to influence him.[170][171] Previous presidents in the modern era have either divested their holdings or put them in blind trusts,[168] and he is the first president to be sued over the emoluments clause.[171] According to The Guardian, "NBC News recently calculated that representatives of at least 22 foreign governments – including some facing charges of corruption or human rights abuses such as Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Turkey and the Philippines – seem to have spent funds at Trump properties while he has been president."[172] On October 21, 2019, Trump mocked the Emoluments Clause as "phony".[173] Under Maintenance La respuesta de Trump ante la pandemia podría ser un arma de doble filo para su campaña de reelección. Mientras, Biden se concentra en una estrategia totalmente virtual con la que busca seguir.. Trump University was incorporated in 2004 by Donald Trump and two partners in New York as an LLC. In 2010 it was renamed The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, as the use of the term university violated the New York Education Law. The new website explained:

Trump claims he will temporarily suspend immigration over coronavirus

Despite claiming to be "center-right", Jennifer Rubin shows herself to be a leftist in devoting most, if not all, her commentary articles on bashing Trump and pro-Trump anchors on Fox News. The Trump effect includes voluntary actions by American companies to make America great again by not moving manufacturing jobs to other countries, after Donald Trump championed this issue in his successful campaign for president in 2016. Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is the 45th and current president of the United States. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality U.S. troop numbers in Afghanistan increased from 8,500 to 14,000, as of January 2017[update],[444] reversing Trump's pre-election position critical of further involvement in Afghanistan.[445] U.S. officials said then that they aimed to "force the Taliban to negotiate a political settlement"; in January 2018, however, Trump spoke against talks with the Taliban.[446] Donald Trump sigue con sus acusaciones a China por la enfermedad de la COVID-19, y dice que la pandemia del coronavirus demuestra que la era de la globalización se terminó

In January 2017, American intelligence agencies – the CIA, the FBI, and the NSA, represented by the Director of National Intelligence – jointly stated with "high confidence" that the Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election to favor the election of Trump.[705][706] In March 2017, FBI Director James Comey told Congress that "the FBI, as part of our counterintelligence mission, is investigating the Russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. That includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government, and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and Russia's efforts."[707] Trump has been described as a non-interventionist[415][416] and an American nationalist.[417] He has repeatedly said he supports an "America First" foreign policy.[418] He supports increasing United States military defense spending,[417] but favors decreasing United States spending on NATO and in the Pacific region.[419] He says America should look inward, stop "nation building", and re-orient its resources toward domestic needs.[416] Find donald trump stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day He accused the UN agency of mismanaging and covering up the spread of the virus after it emerged in China, and said it must be held accountable.

Fact-checking organizations have denounced Trump for making a record number of false statements compared to other candidates.[243][244][245] At least four major publications – Politico, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times – have pointed out lies or falsehoods in his campaign statements, with the Los Angeles Times saying that "Never in modern presidential politics has a major candidate made false statements as routinely as Trump has".[246] NPR said Trump's campaign statements were often opaque or suggestive.[247] This is the full transcript of Donald Trump's interview with Michael Gove and Kai Diekmann, former chief editor of the German newspaper Bild.Mr President-elect, your grandfather is from Germany, your

Political activities up to 2015

On June 16, 2015, Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States at Trump Tower in Manhattan. In the speech, Trump discussed illegal immigration, offshoring of American jobs, the U.S. national debt, and Islamic terrorism, which all remained large priorities during the campaign. He also announced his campaign slogan: "Make America Great Again".[210] Trump said his wealth would make him immune to pressure from campaign donors.[211] He declared that he was funding his own campaign,[212] but according to The Atlantic, "Trump's claims of self-funding have always been dubious at best and actively misleading at worst."[213] In March 2019, the House Judiciary Committee launched a broad investigation of Trump for possible obstruction of justice, corruption, and abuse of power.[749] Committee chairman Jerrold Nadler sent letters demanding documents to 81 individuals and organizations associated with Trump's presidency, business, and private life, saying it is "very clear that the president obstructed justice".[750][751] Three other committee chairmen wrote the White House and State Department requesting details of Trump's communications with Putin, including any efforts to conceal the content of those communications.[751] The White House refused to comply, asserting that presidential communications with foreign leaders are protected and confidential.[752] By early April, as the pandemic worsened and amid criticism of his administration's response, Trump shied away from admitting any mistakes in his handling of the outbreak, but has blamed many others, including the media, Democratic governors, the Obama administration, China, and the World Health Organization.[586] By mid-April 2020, some national news agencies began limiting live coverage of his daily press briefings, with The Washington Post reporting that "propagandistic and false statements from Trump alternate with newsworthy pronouncements from members of his coronavirus task force, particularly coronavirus response coordinator Deborah Birx and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony S. Fauci."[587] Trump looking to put troops near Canadian border amid coronavirus fears - News about Donald Trump, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times

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American Media, Inc. (AMI) paid $150,000 to Playboy model Karen McDougal in August 2016,[692] and Trump's attorney Michael Cohen paid $130,000 to adult film actress Stormy Daniels in October 2016.[693] Both women were paid for non-disclosure agreements regarding their alleged affairs with Trump between 2006 and 2007.[694] Cohen pleaded guilty in 2018 to breaking campaign finance laws, saying he had arranged both payments at the direction of Trump in order to influence the presidential election.[695] AMI admitted paying McDougal to prevent publication of stories that might damage Trump's electoral chances.[696] Trump denied the affairs, and claimed he was not aware of Cohen's payment to Daniels, but reimbursed him in 2017.[697][698] Federal prosecutors asserted that Trump had been involved in discussions regarding non-disclosure payments as early as 2014.[699] Court documents showed that the FBI believed Trump was directly involved in the payment to Daniels, based on calls he had with Cohen in October 2016.[700][701] In July 2019, a federal judge disclosed that prosecutors had stated in a court filing that they had closed the investigation,[702] but days later the Manhattan District Attorney subpoenaed the Trump Organization and AMI for records related to the hush payments[703] and in August subpoenaed eight years of tax returns for Trump and the Trump Organization.[704] During the 1980s, more than 70 banks had lent Trump $4 billion,[117] but in the aftermath of his corporate bankruptcies of the early 1990s, most major banks declined to lend to him, with only Deutsche Bank still willing to lend money.[118] David Frum voted for the far-left Hillary Clinton over conservative Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election[17] and later called for President Trump to resign.[18]

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A redacted version of the report was released to the public on April 18, 2019. The first volume found that Russia interfered to favor Trump's candidacy and hinder Clinton's.[732] Despite "numerous links between the Russian government and the Trump campaign", the prevailing evidence "did not establish" that Trump campaign members conspired or coordinated with Russian interference.[733][734] The report states that Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election was illegal and occurred "in sweeping and systematic fashion",[720] and it details how Trump and his campaign welcomed and encouraged foreign interference believing they would politically benefit.[735][736][737] According to a Comey memo of a private conversation on February 14, 2017, Trump said he "hoped" Comey would drop the investigation into National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.[552] In March and April, Trump had told Comey the ongoing suspicions formed a "cloud" impairing his presidency,[553] and asked him to publicly state that he was not personally under investigation.[554] He also asked intelligence chiefs Dan Coats and Michael Rogers to issue statements saying there was no evidence that his campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 election.[555] Both refused, considering this an inappropriate request, although not illegal.[556] Comey eventually testified on June 8 that, while he was director, the FBI investigations had not targeted Trump himself.[553][557]

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In May 2017, Ross Douthat called for President Trump's impeachment, but because of any "high crimes and misdemeanors," which Douthat admitted Trump did not commit, but because Trump was supposedly unfit to serve.[19] The same month, George Will stated that Donald Trump supporters were "scowling primitives" who "hijacked" the conservative movement.[20] Michael Flynn and his son, Michael Flynn Jr., arriving at Trump Tower in November. Shortly after the incident, Michael Flynn, Jr., the son of Trump's national security advisor Ret Trump et le docteur Fauci défendent désormais des positions radicalement opposées. Alors que le président américain soutient une relance rapide de l'activité économique, son principal expert médical.. Mr Trump and others have used the tweet to attack the WHO for simply believing China, despite evidence to the contrary. But about a week after that tweet, on 22 January, the agency released a public statement saying that human-to-human transmission did appear to be taking place in Wuhan.

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Trump Says 'Operation Warp Speed' Aims to Eliminate Vaccine Dela

Trump Derangement Syndrome is the term used to describe the irrational despair, hysteria, and hatred liberals, establishment token conservatives, and the mainstream media[1] have for U.S. President Donald Trump and anything related to him.[2] Trump rejects the scientific consensus on climate change.[328][329] Since his election Trump has made large budget cuts to programs that research renewable energy and has rolled back Obama-era policies directed at curbing climate change.[330] In June 2017, Trump announced the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement, making the U.S. the only nation in the world to not ratify the agreement.[331] At the 2019 G7 summit, Trump skipped the sessions on climate change but said afterward during a press conference that he is an environmentalist.[332] The second volume of the Mueller Report dealt with possible obstruction of justice by Trump.[738] The report did not exonerate Trump of obstruction inasmuch as investigators were not confident of his innocence after examining his intent and actions.[739] Investigators decided they could not "apply an approach that could potentially result in a judgment that the President committed crimes", as they could not indict a sitting president per an Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) opinion, and would not accuse him of a crime when he cannot clear his name in court.[740] The report concluded that Congress, having the authority to take action against a president for wrongdoing, "may apply the obstruction laws".[741] Congress subsequently launched an impeachment inquiry following the Trump–Ukraine scandal, albeit it ultimately did not press charges related to the Mueller investigation.

A decision on whether the US resumes funding will be made after the review, which Mr Trump said would last 60 to 90 days. President Donald Trump threatened to sever America's economic relationship with China as tension President Donald Trump has threatened to cut off the whole relationship between the U.S. and.. In July 2019, Trump tweeted that four Democratic members of Congress – all four minority women, three of them native-born Americans – should "go back" to the countries they "came from".[638] Two days later the House of Representatives voted 240–187, mostly along party lines, to condemn his "racist comments".[639] White nationalist publications and social media sites praised his remarks, which continued over the following days.[640] Trump attracted public attention in 1978 with the launch of his family's first Manhattan venture, the renovation of the derelict Commodore Hotel, adjacent to Grand Central Terminal. The financing was facilitated by a $400 million city property tax abatement arranged by Fred Trump,[76] who also joined Hyatt in guaranteeing $70 million in bank construction financing.[77][78] The hotel reopened in 1980 as the Grand Hyatt Hotel,[79] and that same year, Trump obtained rights to develop Trump Tower, a mixed-use skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan.[80] The building houses the headquarters of the Trump Organization and was Trump's primary residence until 2019.[81][82]

Trump is the wealthiest president in U.S. history, even after adjusting for inflation,[294] and the oldest person to take office as president.[295] He is also the first president who did not serve in the military or hold elective or appointed government office prior to being elected.[296][297] Of the 43[d] previous presidents, 38 had held prior elective office, two had not held elective office but had served in the Cabinet, and three had never held public office but had been commanding generals.[297] In October 2013, New York Republicans circulated a memo suggesting Trump should run for governor of the state in 2014 against Andrew Cuomo. Trump responded that while New York had problems and its taxes were too high, he was not interested in the governorship.[207] A February 2014 Quinnipiac poll had shown Trump losing to the more popular Cuomo by 37 points in a hypothetical election.[208]

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Trump has described the regime in Iran as "the rogue regime", although he has also asserted he does not seek regime change.[455][456] He has repeatedly criticized the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA or "Iran nuclear deal") that was negotiated with the United States, Iran, and five other world powers in 2015, calling it "terrible" and saying the Obama administration had negotiated the agreement "from desperation".[457][458][459] Become a patron of Trump's Wall today: Read posts by Trump's Wall and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world's largest membership platform for artists and creators

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The Trump effect also includes actions by foreign dictators to stop lying to the world, as when Cuba finally admitted that Fidel Castro was dead after ten years of denying it. The communist dictator did this just before President-elect Trump was to receive a briefing by the Obama Administration, which had long known that Fidel was dead as demonstrated by how Obama did not even mention, let alone meet, Fidel during Obama's trip to Cuba in early 2016. Well, that didn't take long. The beloved Conservapedia has already sunk to un-Americanisms and comments about the Founding Fathers owning slaves The Donald J. Trump Foundation was a U.S.-based private foundation established in 1988 for the initial purpose of giving away proceeds from the book Trump: The Art of the Deal.[155][156] In the foundation's final years its funds mostly came from donors other than Trump, who did not donate any personal funds to the charity from 2009 until 2014.[157] The foundation gave to health care and sports-related charities, as well as conservative groups.[158]

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Trump Tower, home to the corporate offices of The Trump Organization, is one of Manhattan's most Famed architect Der Scutt was selected to translate Mr. Trump's vision into a dramatic, angular.. "This would have saved thousands of lives and avoided worldwide economic damage. Instead, the WHO willingly took China's assurances to face value... and defended the actions of the Chinese government."Trump has made cameo appearances in eight films and television shows[183][184] and performed a song as a Green Acres character with Megan Mullally at the 57th Primetime Emmy Awards in 2005.[185] At one level, this move is about the coronavirus. Administration officials have been sharply accusing the WHO of missteps in the handling of the pandemic, saying it was biased towards China.

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In 2011 the then-superintendent of the New York Military Academy, Jeffrey Coverdale, ordered the then-headmaster of the school, Evan Jones, to give him Trump's academic records so he could keep them secret, according to Jones. Coverdale said he had been asked to add to hand the records over to members of the school's board of trustees who were Mr. Trump's friends, but he refused to give the records to anyone and instead sealed Trump's records on campus. The incident reportedly happened days after Trump demanded the release of President Barack Obama's academic records.[202] Bret Stephens stated that "the party of Donald Trump" is related to "exclusion, fear, and bigotry", and that conservatives must "admire" the elites, who are "educated" and care about "culture" and the "cultivation of the human soul."[22] He also stated that "real Americans are screwing up America" and should deport themselves.[22] President Donald Trump says the federal government's Operation Warp Speed initiative provides unprecedented support and resources to safely expedite the trials of potential Covid-19 vaccines US President Donald Trump has said he is going to halt funding to the World Health Organization (WHO) because it has failed in its basic duty in its response to the coronavirus outbreak Trump favored modifying the 2016 Republican platform opposing abortion, to allow for exceptions in cases of rape, incest, and circumstances endangering the health of the mother.[355] He has said he is committed to appointing "pro-life" justices.[356] He says he personally supports "traditional marriage"[357] but considers the nationwide legality of same-sex marriage a "settled" issue.[356] Despite the statement by Trump and the White House saying they would keep in place a 2014 executive order from the Obama administration which created federal workplace protections for LGBT people,[358] in March 2017, the Trump administration rolled back key components of the Obama administration's workplace protections for LGBT people.[359]

Trump abstains from alcohol, a reaction to his older brother Fred Trump Jr.'s alcoholism and early death.[39] He says he has never smoked cigarettes or cannabis.[40] He likes fast food.[41] He has said he prefers three to four hours of sleep per night.[42] He has called golfing his "primary form of exercise",[43] although he usually does not walk the course.[44] He considers exercise a waste of energy, because he believes the body is "like a battery, with a finite amount of energy" which is depleted by exercise.[45][46] US President Donald Trump said on Thursday that he has signed an executive order to boost domestic production of crucial supplies needed in response to the novel coronavirus disease

The WHO launched an appeal in March for $675m to help fight the coronavirus pandemic and is reported to be planning a fresh appeal for at least $1bn. Mr Trump and his Republican supporters have repeatedly accused China of failing to alert the world on the severity of the coronavirus Trump University was incorporated in 2004 by Donald Trump and two partners in New York as an LLC. In 2010 it was renamed The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, as the use of the term university violated the New York Education Law Trump's businesses have hosted several boxing matches at the Atlantic City Convention Hall adjacent to and promoted as taking place at the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, including Mike Tyson's 1988 heavyweight championship fight against Michael Spinks.[130][131] In 1989 and 1990, Trump lent his name to the Tour de Trump cycling stage race, which was an attempt to create an American equivalent of European races such as the Tour de France or the Giro d'Italia.[132]

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User 1990'sguy originally proposed that the article would track failures and well as achievements. However, as significant achievements have failed to materialize (e.g., to adopt health care reform within the first 100 days), and as nominees have been dropped in light of opposition, one would expect a list of failures to appear. However, 1990'sguy avoids listing failures or deleting those posted by others on the grounds that it is premature and we need to wait until the issue is finally resolved. Read the latest news and analysis on President Donald Trump. Follow today's top stories and breaking news from inside Washington D.C. and Donald Trump. News, Analysis and Opinion from POLITICO Trump administration officials on Tuesday morning scrambled to finalize an executive order after President Donald Trump said in a late-night tweet he would temporarily suspend immigration to the.. Trump Derangement Syndrome is the term used to describe the irrational despair, hysteria, and hatred liberals, establishment token conservatives, and the mainstream media have for U.S. President Donald Trump and anything related to him. Democrats were traumatized by Trump's 2016 election victory

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