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The all-too-familiar shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine located on the border of Gensokyo. The Hakurei Shrine itself exists simultaneously in both Gensokyo and the Outside World. 55 отметок «Нравится», 9 комментариев — Hanna (@hanna_k_design) в Instagram: «Herkän siro ja keveä morsiamen timanttisormus ja sulhasen jyhkeä, rosoinen sormus.. She treats everyone fairly and equally, which makes her well-liked by even the feared being such as youkai. On the flip side, she doesn't see anyone as a comrade. Since there are a great number of humans and youkai around her, there are instances where she works together with them, but even so, she usually does things by herself alone. She might just truly be a cold-hearted kind of human... Listen to Sormus sormeen from Kisu's Musta Kissa for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists

Рэйму Хакурэй. Reimu Hakurei. Имена: По-русски Прочие: Reimu Hakurei. Информаци 幻想郷と外の世界の境に建つ「博麗神社」の巫女さんで、人間・妖怪分け隔てなく平等に接するおかげで、人間よりも妖怪に懐かれているふしがある。のんびりと空を眺めつつお茶を飲むのが日課だが、巫女としての能力は高く、また非常に勘が鋭い。異変を即座に察知しては解決する。

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Malli Vintage Valkokultasormus V Ura Sydän Solitaire Roikkuva Rainbow Pallo Nimisormus Lehti Lasten sormus Kultasormus Kihlasormus Kiemura Kastesormus Kantasormus Halo Flakka Where there's a treasure ship, there has to be the seven gods of luck. She figures that where any gods are involved, it's a job for her, but most of the seven gods of luck aren't Japanese gods. Her true goal is the treasure. Reimu and Marisa are blaming the newly appeared Scarlet Devil Mansion (damn, they jumped the gun and got it right), and they proceed to interrogate those who live around..


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A shrine maiden of Hakurei Shrine, who possesses natural-born spiritual power but lacks training. She exterminates youkai by attacking them with amulets, firing her spiritual power in a Spiritual Attack and releasing the power of the Yin-Yang Orb. She's an optimist. She faces some strange incidents, but still she enjoys them. Because of her slightly emotional and simple character, she's often made fun of by Marisa. sormus venäjäksi. sormus. t-needed ru. кольцо́, пе́рстень Räisälän sormus - The ring of Räisälä (Kalevala jewelry). moralim bozuk diye bütün öğle arasi beni beklemis, voleybolunu oynamamis ve herkese beni sormus bunlari diyince cok duygulandım

Reimu Hakurei Race: Human Ability: Flying in the air The all-too-familiar shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine located on the border of Gensokyo. The Hakurei Shrine itself exists simultaneously in both Gensokyo and the Outside World. She has always been able to bring incidents to closure with her intuitions, but she hasn't the slightest idea of the cause of this flower incident. In multiplayer games such as this installment of the Touhou Series, it's hard to pinpoint which character is the main character. However, even though Reimu doesn't stand out at all, why does she always look like one? 仙人と完全憑依異変の調査へ向かうものの すぐにこの異変が一筋縄ではいかないと悟る Resin sormen sormus Display, Hartsi, Käsi, enemmän. Resin sormen sormus Display, Hartsi, Käsi, must

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  2. In most of the Touhou games, Reimu uses the Yin-Yang Orbs in combat. In Subterranean Animism they also functioned as communicators with people above the surface. In addition, she usually carries a gohei, sometimes referred to as her purification rod, originally prepared by Rinnosuke Morichika.
  3. Despite being the priestess of a rival shrine, Sanae Kochiya is on friendly terms with Reimu and appears frequently in Wild and Horned Hermit alongside Reimu and Marisa. She came on a bit strongly when she and Reimu first met, but she really thought she was helping the Hakurei Shrine out by attempting to get it to switch gods to Kanako Yasaka. After Mountain of Faith, Sanae offered to help Reimu as a fellow shrine maiden to gather faith for the shrine, and she appears to have been friends with Reimu since then. Nonetheless, the two have no qualms about antagonizing the other at times, though these quarrels are usually resolved by the next time they meet.
  4. Reimu is training intensely in the harsh extremities of a mountain (or taking it easy), but when she returns to the shrine, she finds it infested by youkai, ghosts and other non-human creatures. With her faithful turtle Genjii and her trusty Yin-Yang Orbs, she sets out to find the one who caused the trouble. Her journey leads her to Rika, the culprit, as well as Mima, who has broken the seal placed on her in Highly Responsive to Prayers, and desires the power of the Yin-Yang Orbs for herself. Reimu is victorious in battle and learns the truth behind the Yin-Yang Orbs.
  5. Reimu is very easygoing—some would say lazy—and hates to train. As such, even though she's naturally talented, her offensive and magical abilities are only average
  6. g at the shrine don't bother her, and there's been plenty of strange weather before, so she doesn't think that this is an issue. That conceit leads her to severely misjudge the true nature of the incident.
  7. g she's the player character, she defeats all six opponents and makes it inside to confront Chiyuri Kitashirakawa and Yumemi Okazaki, who have come from the real world in search of proof of magic. As a reward for defeating her, Yumemi gives Reimu the housekeeping robot Ruukoto.

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  1. носовой платок — nenäliina. кольцо (юв.) — sormus. ремень — hihna. пуговица — nappi
  2. A large number of divine spirits appear, threatening the flower viewing, so it's up to Reimu to figure out what's causing it. She visits the Netherworld first; while Yuyuko Saigyouji isn't the culprit, she points the shrine maiden towards the Myouren Temple. After forcing her way to the graveyard, she discovers the spirits all flocking to the Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum. Once inside, she defeats the newly resurrected Mononobe no Futo and Toyosatomimi no Miko in battle. When she finds that the temple is bringing in a youkai from the outside world for war against Miko, she finds and defeats Mamizou Futatsuiwa.
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Reimu's shrine has become a hotspot for youkai, so she doesn't get many human visitors to do patronage. She receives a foreboding threat from a mysterious human visitor, who demands that the Hakurei shrine be shut down and submit to another god. Reimu, always the optimist, decided to go to Youkai Mountain to face the goddess who's making these threats. She fights her way up to the Moriya Shrine and defeats its shrine maiden, Sanae Kochiya, as well as its resident god, Kanako Yasaka, thus saving her own shrine. Afterwards, Reimu summons everyone to the shrine to watch the autumn leaves, where she vouches for Sanae and Kanako and tells Nitori and Aya that they should invite them over for drinks sometime and generally get along. Sanae also tells Reimu that youkai are a good source of faith. A while later, Marisa brings Reimu the rumor that a second god is actually living at the Moriya Shrine, and she goes to check it out. She then meets Suwako Moriya and defeats her. Katso sanan sormus käännös suomi-ranska. Ilmainen Sanakirja on monipuolinen sanakirja netissä. Sanan sormus käännös suomi-ranska Pärl ja ametüst sõrmus. Vajuta et pilt avada hüpikkastis. Sõrmus mis on hõbedasse põimitud Ametüst kristallide ja kauni Pärliga. Marilyn Kerro You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation.

Reimu Hakurei (источник: s.weibo.com/) www.mediafire.com/download/nv4qhc61cluq9if/Reim... - из игры Touken Ranbu есть..   正直言って、神社に桜が咲いていても困らないし、   今までも異常気象はよくあったので大して問題だと思っていない。   その慢心から異変の本質を見誤ってしまう。 Occupation: Miss Shrine Maiden Birthplace: Gensokyo Residence: Hakurei Shrine Ability: The Ability to Float Hobby: Feasts Recent Dream: The Annihilation of Youkai Flavor Text It was there, within the mountain distance away from the human village, in the far off country in the East—Gensokyo. It has been a while since it was separated from the outside world by the Barrier, which the youkai made. Things that were forgotten from this world, things that were no longer needed, have been gathered around at the place. Due to such nature, Gensokyo should have become a paradise for the youkai. Reimu Hakurei is too, one of the people residing in Gensokyo, who makes her living by exterminating youkai. "Huh? What's this, an interview? Do I have to say something? I mean, who're you anyway?"

    博麗神社の巫女、生まれ付き霊力はあるが修業不足。お札による攻撃と、霊力の放出による‘霊撃’。それに、‘陰陽玉’の力で妖怪を退治している。     性格は楽天家である。靈夢の周りでは変なことが色々起こるが、本人はそれを楽しんでいる。     ちょっと感情的で単純なので、よく魔理沙におちょくられている。 Sometime not long after the events of Mountain of Faith, Reimu is recruited by the members of the Scarlet Devil Mansion to power their rocket to the moon. The group is defeated by the Watatsuki sisters, who keep Reimu on the moon for a short period of time to clear their names before returning her unharmed to Gensokyo. Unbeknownst to almost everyone involved, their voyage was simply one part of a complex ploy by Yukari to intimidate the residents of Eientei. Puhelin Sormus. Homma menee seuraavanlaisesti: jos kirjailet hienon tuotearvostelun, josta voi olla hyötyä myös muille, julkaisemme sen. Jos kirjoitat kattavan tai muuten vain.. Sormus on sormessa koruna tai jonkin symbolina pidettävä rengas.[1] Sormuksen rengasosa on usein tehty arvokkaasta For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Sormus

Reimu's Armpits, also known as Touhou Armpits, refers to a partialism towards the armpits of the main character in the Touhou Project videogame series, Reimu Hakurei. The fetish's dominating presence in Touhou fanart compared to fanart of other series made it an infamous characteristic for the Touhou fandom.    性格は楽天家である。靈夢の周りでは変なことが色々起こるが、本人はそれを楽しんでいる。     ちょっと感情的で単純なので、よく魔理沙におちょくられている。

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  1. The company reveal pre-registration rewards when certain amount of players have registered: 10,000 players: 5★ Reimu Hakurei 20,000 players: Sealing Crystal x5 & Gold..
  2. ates youkai by attacking with amulets, firing her spiritual power called Spiritual Attack and releasing the power of Yin-Yang Orb. She's an optimist. She faces some strange incidents, but still she enjoys them. As usual, she (somehow) fights riding on the turtle. This time, she feels somewhat suspicious, yet she's excited about the incident.
  3. Olettaen ettei se sormus liiku yhtään vuosiesi aikana tai sit on vaan pari päällekkäin olevaa <Flatronokia> Toimii jos kytket ittes kiinni vaikka pistorasiaan niin palaa koko sormus kiinni sormeen
  4. g speed is somewhat bad, she has more success carrying it up to the enemies and then throwing it.
  5. Northern Viking Jewelry®-Sormus Riimu Vegvisir. Vegvisir: Voimariimuin koristeltu laiva odottaa poukamassa. Aurinko on värjännyt merenpinnan oranssiksi
  6. Reimu has made a guest appearance as the second Extra stage boss of Seihou Project's first work Shuusou Gyoku, a danmaku game series by the junior doujin circle "Shunsatsu sare do?", where ZUN also contributed music and art to the game. It seems like ZUN put her in the game along with Marisa Kirisame. Her title was "Eternal Shrine Maiden" and her theme was "Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Ancients". To add to this, Yuuka Kazami made a guest appearances in the following work, Kioh Gyoku.

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Türkiye'nin en büyük soru cevap platformunda istediğini sor cevap bul. Zaman kaybetme haydi hemen başla Yukari Yakumo describes Reimu's job as not being that of a youkai exterminator, but rather a "balancer between humans and youkai", who prevents youkai from attacking humans and humans from becoming youkai.[10] Shortly after the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom, Aya Shameimaru attends a flower viewing at the Hakurei Shrine, where she meets Reimu, who's in a foul mood since no one wants to help her clean up after event. Aya plies her with sake and questions her about the incident, commenting in the article that "Reimu just seems to be a laid-back drunkard". In the follow-up interview, Reimu claims Aya's paper is full of lies and insists her account of the incident is true, though Aya still doesn't recognize Reimu's deeds. Shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, She has some spirit-power by nature, but lacks training. Her weapon is the mighty Yin-Yang Orb, but her control is somewhat unstable. But anyway, with her spirit-power, she got quite some skills. Her usual attacks -namely amulet-attacks, spirit-power discharging (霊撃 -Spirit strike-), melee skills- are useless to current enemies. She's in some trouble. Currently, she's the only person in the shrine.   博麗 霊夢(はくれいれいむ)   主に空を飛ぶ程度の能力を持つ。   基本的に巫女さん。幻想郷の境にある博麗神社の巫女さん。博麗神社自体は、幻想郷と人間界の両方に位置する。           ・・  その境が博麗神社境内である。どちらからみても、人里離れた山奥に存在し、大きさもさほど無いし、御利益もゆかりも何も無い小さな神社なので、どのみち参拝客は殆ど来ない。   この神社の中では、殆どの結界は無効化される。それだけ、幻想郷と人間界の境、博麗大結界の力は大きいのである。   幻想郷で唯一、博麗の者だけが規律を持つ。その為、霊夢は一応制服のような物を着用している(他にも規律はあるはずなのだが・・・)紅白の服を着て、幻想郷の端っこから、幻想郷の空を見つめつつ、お茶でも飲むのが日課である。   元々、霊夢は不思議な力を色々使えるが、それを活用したり自慢したりはしない。すべては在るがままに、である。


Basically, she's a shrine maiden. The shrine maiden of Hakurei Shrine, which is located on the boundary of Gensokyo. The Hakurei Shrine exists in both Gensokyo and the world of humans at the same time. The boundary is the home territory of the Hakurei Shrine. From both sides, it's located at a very remote place from human villages, and is also kind of small, and has no known history or benefits. So it's no wonder that it rarely gets any visitors. Inside the shrine, almost all foreign boundaries has been nullified. That alone should say that the Hakurei Boundary, the boundary between Gensokyo and the world of humans, is amazingly powerful. Reimu Hakurei (博麗 霊夢 Hakurei Reimu) is the main protagonist of the Touhou Project series along with the deuteragonist, Marisa Kirisame. As the shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine.. They’ve also worked together on numerous occasions, such as when they chased down an enenra, or worked to exterminate a vengeful spirit. Though generally, they solve incidents at their own pace. Micrasterias coronula Ehrenberg. Micrasterias croasdaleana C.E.M.Bicudo & L.Sormus. Micrasterias crucigenia Kützing. Micrasterias cunningtonii G.S.West

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Reimu's different color palettes from Touhou Hisoutensoku. The middle top corresponds to her second color palette in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, while the right top corresponds to her Immaterial and Missing Power palette Bosie naarmuuntumaton titanium/tungsten sormus 4mm TI&TU023. Bosie sormus, naarmuuntumaton keramiikka 6mm CE115      性格は楽天家で、今回の様な非常時でも全然心配などしておらず、自分の霊力で何とかなると思っている。      今回は、(なぜか)亀に乗ってたたかう。 Reimu Hakurei as a Shrine Maiden in Highly Responsive to Prayers is based on the character Sayo-chan, who's the protagonist of KiKi KaiKai.[12] The Bakebake are also based on this game. In general, ZUN thought it was a good idea to include a shrine maiden in an STG compared to other typical futuristic STGs simply because it was unusual at the time of her creation.[citation needed]

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A geyser appears behind Hakurei Shrine, and at first Reimu is happy, since its heat will alleviate the cold of winter. However, evil spirits begin emerging from the earth and loitering about Gensokyo. Reimu is sent to investigate with either Yukari Yakumo, Suika Ibuki, or Aya Shameimaru, depending on what shot type the player chooses. She communicates them throughout her trip via her Yin-Yang Orbs. She heads straight to the Underworld, and fights her way deeper and deeper until reaching the Palace of the Earth Spirits. There she meets Satori Komeiji, whose two pets apparently have something to do with it. Reimu defeats Rin Kaenbyou, then reaches Utsuho Reiuji, who, with her newfound powers, is maintaining the hellfire that heats the Underground, and is responsible for the geysers that let the evil spirits leak out. She defeats her as well, then returns to the surface. Rin starts frequenting the shrine, though mostly for food, and eventually they make the geyser behind the shrine into a hot spring. Utsuho later explains how she came to possess such power, and it seems to point straight towards Kanako and Suwako, so Reimu sets off for the Youkai Mountain again. When she gets to the shrine, however, she meets Koishi Komeiji, who was apparently also looking for who gave Utsuho those powers. Suwako comes out to meet them after they fight and explains it's all part of their "industrial revolution project". Последние твиты от Reimu Says (@ReimuSays). Gensokyo's former sweetheart and current disgrace. Hakurei Shrine, Gensokyo After defeating Hakurei Reimu in the extra stage you will receive this achievement. Leave It As You Found It. Throw all vending machine cans in the trash

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Hardcore Gamer is the serious gamer's source for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, 3DS, PS Vita reviews, previews, news, features and videos Последние твиты от Roomet Sõrmus (@roomet_sormus). Chairman of the Board of Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce / Member of European Economic and Social Committee Рэйму Хакурэй / Reimu Hakurei. Персонаж аниме, манги и ранобэ. Все персонажи. Reimu Hakurei. КосплейАрт с имиджборд Reimu appeared in Fairy Wars as a cameo on the Route B1 ending. As Cirno and the Three Mischievous Fairies were terrorising Reimu when she's unaware of who's attacking her, she gets angry and shoots bullets omnidirectionally. Touhou Project's iconic main character Reimu Hakurei,[1] the shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, was first introduced in the first game in the series, Highly Responsive to Prayers,[2] which was released in 1996 for the Japanese PC-9801 platform. Initially Reimu's outfit shared its design with a traditional shrine maiden outfit (shown below, left),[1] but her design made a change by the 6th installment in the series, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil,[3] first released in August 2002, when the series switched to Windows. Since then Reimu's outfit is a more custom shrine maiden outfit, composed of a sleeveless red sailor fuku top alongside a pair of white detached sleeves, which leave a wide arm-gap revealing her armpits and the side of her sarashi bra (shown below, middle & right).[4]

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Hakurei Shrine's shrine maiden, and the protagonist. Her mind might appear normal, but in fact it's like spring in full bloom. The shrine is always haunted by youkai, and they're very friendly to Reimu as well. She's hardly performing the role of a shrine maiden at this point. She hates training, and because of this, lacks ability. So her skill is quite so-so. She hates to do her very best at anything that falls upon her. That's because she doesn't believe that effort will be rewarded. Because of that, the Hakurei Shrine's paper fortune doesn't have "Least luck" (末吉) [Typically, a shrine's paper fortune has Best luck (大吉), Medium luck (中吉), Little luck (小吉), Least luck (末吉), Misfortune (凶) and Worst misfortune (大凶). "末吉" is usually interpreted as "You'll get exactly as your effort"] She seems to have no view towards the Seihou World; she doesn't know that there's no vegetation and has no thoughts about scientific machinery. After VIVIT defeated Marisa at the Hakurei Shrine in Gensokyo, Marisa was then thudded by Reimu for fighting at the Hakurei Shrine. Reimu attacked her with two purification rods before she could explain what she was doing. After Reimu lost, VIVIT told her that she was looking for the Holy Grail, causing Reimu to become confused and start asking questions.   博麗 霊夢(はくれい れいむ)   Hakurei Reimu   種族:人間   能力:主に空を飛ぶ程度の能力   毎度お馴染みの巫女さん。博麗神社の巫女さん。   何者に対しても平等に見る性格である。ただ、仕事は妖怪退治である為、妖怪に対しては厳しいポーズを取っているが、実際は人間にも妖怪にもさほど興味はない。   全般的に妖怪に好かれやすいが、特に力の強い妖怪に好かれる。 Reimu-Desu. Resia. revurii

  博麗 霊夢(はくれい れいむ)   Hakurei Reimu   種族:人間   能力:主に空を飛ぶ程度の能力   毎度お馴染みの巫女さん。博麗神社の巫女さん。   何者に対しても平等に見る性格である。ただ、仕事は妖怪退治である為、妖怪に対しては厳しいポーズを取っているが、実際は人間にも妖怪にもさほど興味はない。   ただ、今回は神様を巡っての騒動である。神様の代弁者としても、ただの妖怪退治とは勝手が違って、戸惑い気味。   武器は御札と陰陽玉。信仰心は薄そう。   攻撃性能は、全体的に無難な挙動で安定感のある装備となっています。 In Wild and Horned Hermit Chapter 8, The Unnamed kitsune offered to help Reimu gain worshipers after being caught disguised as Marisa during a party at Hakurei Shrine. She was, however, deceiving Reimu by letting her use the powers of her kuda-gitsune. Using her ability, they gathered worshipers. Kasen Ibaraki discovered that these fox youkai had been consuming Reimu's willpower and wealth as payment for their help. However, they managed to walk away from the Hakurei Shrine with all her wealth. The Hakurei Shrine is suddenly destroyed by an earthquake, but upon consulting with Marisa, Reimu finds out that no one else felt it, so there must be something odd going on. She goes around to various suspicious characters, including Komachi Onodzuka, who Reimu initially suspects. However, it's not her, so Reimu ends up making her way towards Heaven, where the celestials Iku Nagae and Tenshi Hinanawi reside. Tenshi reveals she started the incident simply because she was bored watching everyone else getting involved in incidents and wanted to start her own. She also claims she destroyed Reimu's shrine so Reimu would be motivated to resolve the incident; Reimu promptly resolves the incident by defeating Tenshi. Afterwards, Tenshi has a legion of celestials help rebuild her shrine. Nahkariimut ovat vahvoja, kestäviä ja tyylikkäitä niin kilpailuissa, kuin tallikäytössäkin. Ylellisen laadukkaat, pehmeästä ja joustavasta nahasta valmistetut nahkariimut näyttävät klassisen tyylikkäiltä. Erinomainen laatu ja yksityiskohdat, kuten kolminkertaiset tikkaukset tekevät Horzen nahkariimuista ylellisiä, pehmeän tuntuisia unohtamatta äärimmäistä kestävyyttä ja taidokasta valmistustyötä. Ylimääräiset yksityiskohdat, kuten messinkiset metalliosat, kiinteät pikalukot ja säädettävät turpa- ja niskahihnat takaavat Horzen nahkariimuille kaikki ne ominaisuudet, joita odotat saavasi laadukkaalta riimulta. Yhdistä nämä elegantit riimut pitkään ja pehmeään nahkaiseen riimunnaruun ja taluta hevosesi itsevarmasti tarhaan tai kilpailualueelle. Pehmeät vuoraukset viimeistelevät nahkariimujen upean tyylin ja tarjoavat hieman enemmän luksusta hevoselle.

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Erilaisista materiaaleista valmistetut riimut tarjoavat erilaisia ominaisuuksia ja etuja hevosen käsittelyyn ja koulutukseen.  博麗 霊夢(はくれい れいむ)   Reimu Hakurei   種族:人間   能力:主に空を飛ぶ程度の能力   毎度お馴染みの巫女さん。幻想郷の境にある博麗神社の巫女さん。   博麗神社自体は、幻想郷と人間界の両方に位置する。   何者に対しても平等に見る性格は、妖怪の様な普段畏れられている者からも好かれる。逆にいうと、誰に対しても仲間として見ない。周りに沢山人間や妖怪が居たり、一緒に行動を行っても、常に自分一人である。実は冷たい人間なのかも知れない。 Leveä sormus vaatii noin puoli numeroa suuremman koon kuin kapea. Jos haluat samankokoisen sormuksen kuin jo ennestään omistat, saat koon yksinkertaisimmin.. 構えを取って相手の打撃を受け止めて隙を作り、 大量のお札で包囲して圧殺する霊夢の最終奥義です。 0距離であれば問答無用にガード不能で発動するため、 カウンターを恐れて萎縮する相手を突き崩すことも容易です。   幻想郷の境にある(恐らく)由緒正しき博麗神社の巫女さん。   感情的で騒々しく、どんな場所でも存在感があるのだが、すぐに馴染む。   彼女の能力は空を飛ぶこと、つまり無重力。   地球の重力も、如何なる重圧も、力による脅しも、彼女には全く意味が無い。   身も心も、幻想の宙をふわふわと漂う不思議な巫女である。   相手がどんなに強大だとしても、彼女の前では意味をなさない。   相手の肩書きを平坦化する彼女は、時として人間、妖怪、種族を選ばず惹きつける事もある。   武器は御札と陰陽玉。虫にも刺されやすい。     備考     今回は八雲紫と組む。     低速移動は単独使用時のみの性能である。     威力が若干劣る事もあるが基本的に使い     やすく、敵の場所を覚える必要も少ない。     かなり(雑魚に対しては特に)強い。     一言で言えば、卑怯。


  1. Reimu Hakurei. 31. Sakuya Izayoi
  2. When book-lender Kosuzu Motoori of the Human Village begins dabbling with demon books, Reimu finds herself frequently having to sort out the incidents caused by the youkai that are released from them. In contrast to Wild and Horned Hermit, which is fairly lighthearted, Forbidden Scrollery depicts Reimu as a shrine maiden who struggles to maintain the image of a protector for the Human Village while maintaining the masquerade set in place by the youkai.
  3. Sormus was a Mobquet medium transport belonging to the Imperials. Sormus was part of the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Corrupter's vital resupply convoy lead by the Nebulon-B Frigate Monitor to the Corrupter in the Mev system. Sormus' cargo was 'Probe Droids'
  4. Reimu, not the main character, is only playable via selectable character to play with. In Sanae's scenario, Reimu fights Sanae in the Underground Geyser Center, but is defeated. Later on, she reads about Hisoutensoku later on in a newspaper in the ending. Also in Meiling's scenario, she doesn't actually appear here, to which is in fact a pseudo-Reimu who was sent by the Giant Catfish to assassinate Hong Meiling in her dreams, but was defeated.
  5. The music playing during the battle with Reimu Hakurei in 'Touhou: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody'
  6. PROTIP: Press 'i' to view the image gallery, 'v' to view the video gallery, or 'r' to view a random entry.
  7. g up with various schemes to make money, which generally fail due to her own lack of foresight.

She sets out with a certain hermit to investigate the Perfect Possession incident, but quickly realizes that the incident can't be dealt with via usual means.   地獄から大量の動物霊が攻め込んできた。   人間に協力的な動物霊が力になってくれると言うので地獄に行くことになる。   動物霊の言っている事を全て鵜呑みにしては居なかったが、単身で行くより   強力だし、いざとなればその動物霊ごと倒せば良いし、自分にはマイナスは   ないと判断した。

Axe Earthshaker Pudge Sand King Sven Tiny Kunkka Slardar Tidehunter Beastmaster Wraith King Dragon Knight Clockwerk Lifestealer Omniknight Huskar Night Stalker Doom.. In the PC-98 game era, her name was written with a slight difference. 博麗靈夢 was changed to 博麗霊夢 from Shuusou Gyoku onwards. "靈" is an uncommon form of "霊" with identical meanings. In the Japanese community, "博麗靈夢" is used to refer to Reimu in the PC-98 era specifically. Incidentally, Chinese (Taiwanese) fans who use the Traditional Chinese characters also adopt this style to refer to Reimu in general (old Japanese kanji form and traditional hanzi are basically identical). When the treasure ship appears in the skies of Gensokyo, Reimu decides to go after it. She forces her way into it only to discover that there's no treasure inside. However, Minamitsu Murasa tells her they're headed to Makai to revive a "saint" of some sort. She follows them there and meets Byakuren Hijiri, a Buddhist monk that loves youkai and humans equally. That certainly won't do, so Reimu beats her up. She and Byakuren later fly around the skies on the ship, but afterwards the ship is landed and renovated into the Myouren Temple. A little later, she follows up on the strange light that was following her during the journey, and it turns out to be Nue Houjuu, a straggler from Byakuren's group. Reimu defeats her and persuades her to visit the temple. Reimu is nothing but a nice person in the world. I'm usually pretty stoic about these things, but seeing Reimu cry, the guy that molested Cat Girls on his screen started to.. Hakurei Shrine's Shrine Maiden. A human that lives on the boundary. She has the ability to fly in the air.

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A typical shrine maiden from Hakurei Shrine. She always lives on ideas off the top of her head, and doesn't consider something seriously. The only thing she does that actually resembles a shrine maiden's duties is enjoying tea and life on the veranda. Reimu's spirit power guage is longer than the other characters', so her maximum spirit power is increased. She can use more ranged attacks and special attacks, and even if she loses some spirit power while guarding attacks, she'll still have more in supply. She treats everyone the same. However, since her job is youkai-hunting, she acts particularly strict with youkai, but she doesn't really care much about humans or youkai.

Not much is known about Reimu's history prior to the events of the games. Her earliest mention in the Gensokyo timeline is four to five years prior to Chapter 22 of Curiosities of Lotus Asia, which took place in 2006. ZUN does mention in one of his Shanghai Alice Correspondence documents that there was a previous Hakurei Shrine Maiden, and it's generally assumed that there's a line of them. What does sormus mean in Finnish? English Translation. ring. More meanings for sormus #sormus. Top. Views count

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The shrine maiden of Hakurei Shrine. Talented, but lacks training. Basically, she doesn't like to train. They say she has fought plenty of magicians, evil spirits, youkai and even gods with her strong spiritual power (for no particular reason). She's always involved in some strange affairs, though she seems to be dragged into most of them due to Marisa. Reimu pretends not to notice this. She sees Marisa as essentially a hopeless case. Character Information. Playable Characters: 11 (Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, Alice, Patchouli, Youmu, Yuyuko, Remilia, Yukari, Meiling, Suika). Description Reimu views Byakuren Hijiri and the Myouren Temple as a rival of sorts to herself and the Hakurei Shrine. In Ten Desires, Toyosatomimi no Miko points out that Reimu is friendly towards Byakuren. Although Reimu says they're religious rivals, she doesn't seem to deny it. In one of her Undefined Fantastic Object endings, Reimu is depressed at how quickly Byakuren's temple is picking up followers compared to her own shrine. By the time of Strange and Bright Nature Deity, Reimu is angry at the temple for stealing away her shrine's followers (ignoring that her shrine never had (m)any followers in the first place), but Byakuren seems unaware of this.   博麗神社の巫女さんで主人公。のんびりしてるようで、実にのんびりしてる。   人がほとんどこなくなった神社に住んでいて、本人は世間離れしすぎている。   本人は降りかかる火の粉を払っているだけなのだが、結果としてそれは、幻想郷の住人が人里に行かないように、また人間が幻想郷に迷い込まないように、という役目になっているらしい。   武器は御札と陰陽玉。あとは、空を飛ぶ程度の能力を持つ。 As the Hakurei shrine maiden, Reimu can handle the Hakurei Yin-Yang Orbs, and is trained in youkai extermination techniques as well as standard duties like performing blessings. Reimu is also capable of invoking Gensokyo's native gods into her body, but she isn't well-trained enough to do so reliably.

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In the PC-98 canon, Reimu used a turtle as a means for flight until the end of Mystic Square; that turtle was Genjii. Reimu calls him "gramps". Reimu is often the target of pranks by the Three Fairies of Light, and Reimu tends to exterminate them on sight whenever she catches them (unless Marisa's escorting them). As of Oriental Sacred Place, the three fairies moved into a tree near the Hakurei Shrine and become Reimu's neighbors, increasing the amount of pranks even more. Reimu aims to evict the fairies, but cannot find their treehouse, which is actually located on the Hakurei Border. Eventually, in an attempt to befriend Reimu so she'll no longer threaten them, the three fairies challenge her to a battle, reasoning that Reimu tends to befriend many youkai after fighting them. After an intense battle, Reimu finally defeats the fairies (instantly), and points out that their line of reasoning is utterly ridiculous. Despite this, Marisa finds that Reimu befriended the fairies after all, and as of the end of Oriental Sacred Place, the fairies now happily openly spend time at the shrine while helping Reimu out with various chores. Taidetakomo Riimu. 686 likes. Metallitaidetta ja taontaa. Huomenna kai mietitään nimiä koulutuksessa tarkemmin, mutta minustatuo Riimu on oikein hyvä nimi Meimu is a character from Hakurei Reimu. She was created by some Chinese Touhou fans as a reaction to Reimu's then-recent loss in a Touhou character popularity poll A large outpour of demons are appearing throughout the land from Makai, and Reimu sets out to exterminate them. She reaches the creator of Makai itself, Shinki, and defeats her in battle. Afterwards, she learns that the youkai and demon overflow in Gensokyo is the fault of some kind of Makai travel agency. Shinki promises to do something about it, but the demons make their way back to the shrine anyway.

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Reimu displays great aptitude with magical barriers (beyond that normally associated with shrine maidens), presumably related to her work in maintaining the Great Hakurei Barrier. Among her techniques are barriers that explode, push enemies (or herself), or act as portals for her other attacks. Reimu is capable of dismantling barriers and seals too complex for Marisa Kirisame[6][7] and Patchouli Knowledge[8] to understand, with what Marisa calls her "cheat technique".[9] In the PC-98 canon, she obtains a robotic maid named Ruukoto as a servant at the end of Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream though no reference has been made to it since. Ruostumaton Terässormus Sormus - Osta nyt EMP:ltä - Lisää Perusvaatteet netissä Ruostumaton Terässormus. Sormus on yksinkertainen, laadukas ja trendikäs samaan.. Despite her antagonistic personality, Yukari Yakumo mentors Reimu by pushing her to increase her spiritual powers, such as learning how to invoke the gods in Silent Sinner in Blue. In that case, Reimu followed her instructions and orders to train hard despite Yukari not informing Reimu why she needed to do so, displaying how much Reimu either trusts Yukari or has decided it's pointless to argue with her (or both). Yukari occasionally seeks Reimu's assistance in resolving incidents in Imperishable Night and Subterranean Animism. In this regard, she is an employer of sorts, as she remarks about compensating Reimu accordingly during the Imperishable Night incident. Yukari is also secretly a benefactor as well, donating to the shrine behind Reimu's back. Reimu is unaware of that, however. Even though it's May, spring shows no signs of coming, leaving the inhabitants of Gensokyo in a cold winter weather that only gets worse. Reimu, noticing cherry petals blowing from the Netherworld, decides to set out and stop the perpetrator from holding spring hostage. After making her way into the Netherworld, she comes to Hakugyokurou, where the ghost Yuyuko Saigyouji spends her time administrating the spirits of the dead. She was gathering the essence of spring to try and make the Saigyou Ayakashi bloom, but Reimu stops her before she completes it. Later on, Yuyuko asks Reimu to go deal with her friend Yukari Yakumo, as she's the one who has been weakening the boundary between Gensokyo and the Netherworld, and she does so, after fierce combat. Yukari then restores the strength of the boundary.

Want to discover art related to reimu? Check out inspiring examples of reimu artwork on DeviantArt, and get inspired by our community of talented artists There is nothing special about her being a shrine maiden. Or rather, she's a shrine maiden only because the Touhou series has become the "Shrine Maiden Shooting Game" series. It feels like the cart has been placed before the horse to me.

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Reimu has remained one of the Touhou Series' main characters since the first installment in the series, and thus has become one of the series' most well known and iconic characters. Due to Touhou's large fandom, Reimu is often seen as the catalyst for the rise in popularity of the armpit fetish in anime fandoms; although the partialism is still commonly associated with the Touhou fandom. On Google Trends, the search trends for both "reimu" and "armpit porn" started around the same period and have both been gradually growing since. Check all the information and latest news about L. Sormus (Pärnu Fem). Biography, Age, team, best goals and videos, Injuries, photos and much more at BeSoccer In PC-98 canon, she possesses a robot called Ruukoto, given to her by Yumemi Okazaki as a reward for defeating her. Ruukoto has not been seen outside of Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream.

  職業:巫女さん   出身地:幻想郷   住処:博麗神社   能力:主に空を飛ぶ程度の能力   趣味:宴会   最近の夢:妖怪の殲滅   フレーバーテキスト 遙か東の国の人里離れた山の中。 幻想郷が妖怪の作った結界により外界と隔離されて久しい。 そこにはこの世から忘れたれた物、不要になった物が集まっ ていた。その性質で幻想郷は妖怪の楽園となる筈だった。 妖怪退治を生業とする博麗霊夢も幻想郷に住む一人である。 「え? 何これインタビュー? 何か言わないといけないの? というかあんた誰?」 Reimu knows next to nothing about the god dwelling in her shrine, making her unable to provide it with faith despite her efforts. Byakuren stated in one of the endings for Undefined Fantastic Object that the god is mad due to this. Yukari isn't able to sleep and discovers the full moon is nowhere to be found; it has been replaced with a fake moon, and the night appears to have stopped. She convinces Reimu into investigating the cause with her. After dealing with a few youkai, and Marisa Kirisame in particular, who demands to know why they've created this eternal night, they reach Eientei, a house hidden in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. Once there, they either confront Eirin Yagokoro or Kaguya Houraisan. Eirin explains that she actually sealed the Earth away from the Moon in order to prevent the Lunarians from taking Kaguya back. Kaguya, however, has tired of hiding, and so challenges Reimu and Yukari to complete her five impossible requests. Once they're defeated, they undo the seal (and thus "return" the real moon to Gensokyo). Afterwards, they all decide to have a moon viewing. Later on, Kaguya sends them into another part of the Bamboo Forest of the Lost as a "test of guts" - but her true intentions are revealed to be trying to annoy Fujiwara no Mokou, another immortal human, and her eternal rival. Saavut seuraaviin kilpailuihisi eleganttina, kun puet hevosellesi Horzen ylellisen ja laadukkaan nahkariimun.A shrine maiden of Hakurei Shrine, who possesses natural-born spiritual power but lacks training. She exterminates youkai by attacking with amulets, firing her spiritual power called Spiritual Attack and releasing the power of Yin-Yang Orb. She's such an optimist that she doesn't worry at all even in this emergency, and believes she can solve all incidents with her power. This time, she (somehow) fights riding on the turtle.

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The normally calm humans and the always-energetic youkai are both in a state of excitement. Their blood is boiling for one reason. From here on, the shrine maiden and her rivals will be battling it out. Emerge victorious in this battle, and acquire unwavering popularity!   博麗 霊夢(はくれい れいむ)   Hakurei Reimu   種族:人間   能力:主に空を飛ぶ程度の能力   毎度お馴染みの巫女さん。博麗神社の巫女さん。   何者に対しても平等に見る性格である。ただ、仕事は妖怪退治である為、妖怪に対しては厳しいポーズを取っているが、実際は人間にも妖怪にもさほど興味はない。   宝船と言えば七福神。神様と言えば彼女の出番と思っているが、七福神の殆どが日本の神様ではない。本当の目的は金銀財宝。

Reimu Hakurei Shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, and protagonist of the Touhou series. She appears quite carefree on the outside, and indeed deep down, she really is carefree. She lives in her shrine and is rarely visited by anyone, which causes her to be out of touch with current social norms. Even though she only extinguished certain sparks of conflict because they seemed to befall her without warning, her actions have generally resulted in preventing the residents of Gensokyo from visiting human settlements, and keeping outsiders away from wandering into Gensokyo. From Proto-Finnic *sormus, equivalent to sormi +‎ -us. Cognate with Estonian sõrmus, Karelian sormus, Livonian sūormõks, Veps sormuz, Votic sõrmuz. IPA(key): /ˈsormus/, [ˈs̠o̞rmus̠]. Rhymes: -ormus. Syllabification: sor‧mus. sormus. ring (jewelry). kihlasormus. sormi. vihkisormus. sormus. ring However, her best known design is that of the Windows era. She has brown-black hair which varies in length and style between games (tending towards long and loose in later works), and her eyes vary from brown to red to even blue depending on the game, but she still wears a red ribbon and matching tubes on her sidelocks. She's still seen in her "shrine maiden uniform", but it now bears little in common with the standard uniform beyond the red-and-white colour scheme (which ZUN has acknowledged[13]). This uniform consists of a red skirt (rather than the standard hakama), a sleeveless red top with a white collar, tied with a yellow ribbon (a red ribbon in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil and Perfect Cherry Blossom, a blue one in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Subterranean Animism, Hopeless Masquerade, Urban Legend in Limbo and Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom), and a pair of white detached sleeves which expose her armpits and sarashi. Due to the color scheme, she's occasionally called the "red-white shrine maiden"[14]. Her shaman clothing and her purification rod came from Rinnosuke Morichika, but it's unknown who designs them. In chapter 7 of Strange and Bright Nature Deity, she used chopsticks with her left hand, and it was stated that she was left-handed (this statement was deleted in the collected edition), but she held a pen with her right hand in Subterranean Animism. It has been speculated by fans that, assuming this wasn't an art error, she may be ambidextrous or just used to writing with her right hand. Sormus on kyllä ollut käsittämättömän tarkka ja alkaa selkeästi antamaan juuri sellaista dataa unesta kuin odotinkin, oikeastaan enemmänkin ja olen alkanut ymmärtämään eri..

Unless specified, Reimu has always held the role of a playable character in the majority of the games. In Symposium of Post-mysticism, Reimu appeared on part 6 of the symposium. It was stated that Reimu was hiding and hearing over the whole symposium, that was attended by Hieda no Akyuu, Marisa Kirisame, Kanako Yasaka, Byakuren Hijiri and Toyosatomimi no Miko. When she was revealed by Akyuu, Marisa noticed that she had an angry look on her face (although she seems to not be angry with Akyuu). That's because she's not happy with the discussion the group was having, believing that it's all nonsense. She slammed a pile of newspapers in front of them to prove how bad the youkai are and tells them to stop the symposium immediately. She was requested by the humans of the Human Village to stop this as they were aware – and felt uncomfortable – of "non-humans" discussing on changing the way of Gensokyo's life. The group were unhappy with her personality and her way of "fight-first, ask-later" attitude towards youkai, and can't even spend another minute finishing their sake. Sormus

reimu hakurei touhou. 10 notes. hwheels draws touhou reimu hakurei JUST IN TIME FOR THE DIRECT   博麗神社の巫女さん。   境界に住む人間。空を飛ぶ程度の能力を持つ。 おなじみ博麗神社の巫女さん。神社に参拝客が増えないか、今日も思案中の様である。欲の塊というわけではなく、基本は天衣無縫な人柄。人間にも妖怪にも分け隔てない。 Kosuzu Motoori, the daughter of the book-lender in the Human Village, has a great deal of respect for Reimu. She is convinced that no harm will come to her from dealing with the youma books, because she is sure that Reimu will come save her if anything happens.   博麗 霊夢(はくれい れいむ)   Reimu Hakurei   種族:人間   能力:主に空を飛ぶ程度の能力   毎度お馴染みの巫女さん。   普通に寝ていたが幾ら寝ても夜が明けない。幾らなんでもこれは異常すぎると思って、神社を飛び出してきた。夜中の出動は珍しくないが、十分すぎるほど睡眠を取った後の夜中の出動は珍しい。でもこの暗さはなんとなく眠く感じるものである。この騒動に決着がついたら、また一眠りしよう、と考えながら強い妖気を目指して竹林まで来たのだが、そこで見た犯人は良く見知った人間と妖怪だった。

Listen to Ashwyn Sormus | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what Stream Tracks and Playlists from Ashwyn Sormus on your desktop or mobile device The shrine maiden of Hakurei Shrine, who possesses natural-born spiritual power but lacks training. She exterminates youkai by attacking them with amulets, firing her spiritual power in a Spiritual Attack and releasing the power of the Yin-Yang Orb. She's an optimist. She faces some strange incidents, but still she enjoys them. Due to her slightly emotional and simple character, she's always made fun of by Marisa. The lunar emissaries have at last arrived for real. Their goals are unknown, but as she's fighting entirely away from home, it's obvious that this will be the first truly difficult battle for her in a long while. Her Occult Attack is “The Gap in the Great Hakurei Barrier”. It’s a projectile-type attack that opens a gap in mid-air, where from wreckage flies towards the opponent. Since Reimu herself moves independently from the gap, she can also attack simultaneously.   ついに本格的に月の使者が現われた。   彼らの目的は判らないが、完全アウェイとなる彼女にとって   久しぶりに辛い闘いになるに違いない。

The song Sormus sormeen was written by Raul Reiman, Guido Morra and Maurizio Fabrizio and was first released by Kisu in 1984     性格は楽天家である。靈夢の周りでは変なことが色々起こるが、本人はそれを楽しんでいる。     例によって、(なぜか)亀に乗ってたたかう。     今回もいかがわしいと思いつつ、ついわくわくしてしまう。 She also possesses a great amount of ofuda, sacred paper charms with anti-youkai properties that she uses to fight, seal or exterminate youkai of any kind in her danmaku. Apparently, she can also use them to create barriers and even clones of herself.[11] Like the Yin-Yang Orbs, she uses them in most, if not all, games she has appeared in, either as a normal shot (usually with homing properties) or as bullets for her spell cards. Aside from this, the other projectile she uses is a large collection of throwing needles hidden within her sleeves. In Double Spoiler, Reimu appeared as a stage Ex target, where she uses a few spell cards and had Aya Shameimaru and Hatate Himekaidou take photos of her and her danmaku. Puhelin Sormus. Homma menee seuraavanlaisesti: jos kirjailet hienon tuotearvostelun, josta voi olla hyötyä myös muille, julkaisemme sen. Jos kirjoitat kattavan tai muuten vain hyvän selonteon..

Although Reimu often shows up as the main character, she doesn't participate in mundane activities to the extent Marisa Kirisame does, limiting her familiarity with most of Gensokyo's population. Nevertheless, she has interacted with almost every other character that has ever made a physical appearance, with a few exceptions such as the Giant Catfish, Renko Usami, and Maribel Hearn. Osana Reimu Rumia and Reimu's friendship Reimu making friends with Marisa Reimu seeing her mother's face for the first time. Mixed with a Tear Jerke

sormus Reimu appears as a playable character in Urban Legend in Limbo. Reimu finds Marisa Kirisame at Kourindou and wanted her to taste some mushrooms for poison, but Marisa attacked her with occult power. Reimu was confused, seeing a bizarre ball of sort. She then met Kasen Ibaraki who seemed to know about the ball. She finds out that Reimu has an Occult Ball, to which she tries to take off her. After she was defeated, she warns that the ball is dangerous. Eventually that night, Reimu encounters a mysterious figure. Pairing › Reimu x Sanae. Touhou Project Reimu is the shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, and one of the main "incident resolvers" in Gensokyo. She and others characterize the time she spends at the shrine as largely boring and uneventful. While she is sometimes serious about her duties, she can't seem to get many worshippers at her shrine. It appears that youkai extermination is her only method of earning even a thin salary. Kanako Yasaka has stated that if she was to acquire a tremendous amount of faith, she could become a goddess, but at the moment she acts more like a youkai. Reimu finds her shrine frequented by a mysterious hermit going by the name of Kasen Ibaraki. Wild and Horned Hermit follows the various escapades and adventures of Reimu and her friends in concurrence to the timeline of the games. Reimu in WaHH is generally short-sighted and obsessed with making a profit.

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